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no disrespect at all to any of the TMBeasts, just thinking about how I would feel if I was Ash... and all this is made up, these people in this are nothing like this in real life... at least I don'...

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Rose and Ash had officially been together for 5 months before it started to deteriorate.
They both decided to keep their fling on the down-low, no one knew about them, not even Amber.
Rose had decided to call Ash back after the first date, and they met numerous times for casual fucks. They became an item, and both wanted it to be on the down-low, not to tell anyone, not even their best friends in the world.
Rose felt as if she could be with Ash forever. She felt safe with him, like she belonged like this, here in his arms, forever.

And the sex was great.


Ash sat there, eyeing up the girls giggling at him. He loved it when girls giggled at him. One perticuarly caight his eye, she wasn't with anyone, by herself, drinking her frappuccino, looking at him, and quickly looking away.
Ash stood up, left his coffee, and made his way to this girls table.
"Hi I'm Ash, but I'm guessing you know who I am?"
"Hello, I'm Amber, I certainly do, the whole fucking country does!" she replied
Ash liked her confidence, she was almost cocky, he liked it. She wasn't another one of the girls who just crumbled at his feet with nerves.
They got talking, and arranged to go on a date together. Tonight will be good, Ash thought to himself.
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