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Quick Note :)

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Exactly what you think.

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  • Auditions!!!!!

    (#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-06-16 10:20:28 AM

    Name- Rae Manning

    Age- 17

    Part- You said you needed characters, so you can use this one for whatever :3

    Hair- Wavy, Ashy blonde, goes a bit past shoulders, curls at the end, and has slightly choppy, straight across bangs. 

    Eyes, Skin and Makeup- Pale grey eyes, a beige skin tone a little darker than her hair, and doesn't wear makeup.

    Personality- Curious, soft spoken, polite, willing to help anyone, normally calm, doesn't like attention, can be very shy at times.

    Piercings/Tattoos- none. 

    Relation to Frank- Her parents were friends of Frank's parents. 

    How she was murdered- She was pushed into a small river, but it had a strong current so she eventually drowned. 

    How she reacted to the murders- She didn't know what was happening. She was homeschooled, and is always somewhat in a fantasy world of her own, not really paying attention to the outside world. 

    Sorry if she seems boring to you, I tried to make a more curious, innocent character. She might work as a ghost, no? :3
  • Auditions!!!!!

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-06-16 10:47:28 AM

    :D Yay! Thank you so much. xx
  • Auditions!!!!!

    (#) dancingdragon 2012-06-16 02:12:02 PM

    Name: Jenna Jinxx

    Age: 19

    Part: Gerard's best friend (aka "doll-maker) And if not any other part you need but preferably that one :3

    Looks (refer to this picture): ;except, not bloody all the time and not dressed as alice in wonderland :3

    Eyes, makeup and piercing: Nose piercing, grey/ light blue eyes, usually cate eye, mascara, and foundation makeup.

    Personality: Very shy, usually zones out until someone shakes her or "wakes" her up, her heads always in the clouds and her feet off ground, mumbles and talks to herself or dolls (if she literally makes dolls)

    Relation to Frank (or Gerard): Their families all know each other, and they've known each other since birth.

    How she reacted to murders: if you need her as a victim she finds them exciting (more like interesting)

  • Auditions!!!!!

    (#) TOLOVEISTODESTROY 2012-06-17 11:14:08 AM

    Name- Macks Mckenzie

    Age- 18

    Part- Ghost (Good?)

    Looks- A lot like Francisco Lachowski:

    Personality- Fun and energetic. Flirtatious but almost completely oblivious to the female and male attention, sarcastic but gives the best hugs and can easily cheer someone up. oh and bi.

    Piercings/Tattoos- '夢想' on the left side of his collar bone, it means 'dreams'... I think.

    Relation - pen pal who decided to move?

    How he was murdered- It was a week after he moved from Brazil (speaks in broken English). he was walking down a street when the murderer/s were captured by his beauty. They followed him and used chloroform to kidnap him. when he woke he was tied to a bed in a bare room with nothing but a table of surgical tools. He was raped multiple times (you can change this). firstly, they sewed his mouth shut. secondly, the kidnapper did not want to spoil his beauty so they injected a chemical into his blood that would corrode everything inside until he was basically and empty shell. While he went through this pain the murderer also decided to remove his eyes and sew his eyelids shut. when this happened he screamed and ripped the tore the stitches, and his lips. the murderer was annoyed that his beauty had been ruined so they slit his throat.

    How he reacted to the murders- he did not fully understand what as happening because he knew little english.

    thank you!
    Peroxide Bridex

    oh! and also as a ghost his face would return to normal :)

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