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  • Auditions!!!!!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-06-17 03:48:48 PM

    Name- Sam Benjamine Alexx
    Age- 16.5
    Part- Victim I guess
    Hair- Long, (goes to her lower back), coloured like Hayley Williams (bright red/orange), worn messy and down
    Eyes, Skin and Makeup- Clear blue eyes, pale skin and makeup (she does designs like Ryan Ross did)
    Personality- Bubbly, parinoid when something bad is going to happen, can be quiet but loves to be loud, has a low self-esteem
    Piercings/Tattoos- Left lip ring, has 'Reinvent love' on her right hip, 'Here we are, fighting and, trying to hide the scars' on her right ribcage, wings (more punk) going from her shoulders down to her chest
    Relation to Frank- Well she knew him (not like best friends but they were friends)
    How she was murdered- Got knocked out, woke up in a dark, cold basement, tied up to a pole by her hair, and left to hang there (on a rope that if she slipped or stepped off, it would let her fall only held by her hair), they tied up her limbs also (so if she fell then she would be torn apart, literally)...she shivered (no clothes) and got frightened by someone trying to help her and slipped up (falling and dying a horrible death)
    How she reacted to the murders-
    Fearfully, just wanted someone to give her a hug and make her feel okay, felt horrible for the families and those who were murdered :)

    OH and if you still need a ghost (my character above) but she wears a touqe and a long flowy gown
  • Auditions!!!!!

    (#) detonationmouse 2012-06-18 09:47:12 PM

    Name: Allie O'Connor
    Age: 15
    Part- A bad ghosty. X3
    Hair- Dark cherry red, to my shoulders, I have a ton of small ringlets- I usually have a ribbon of some sort in my hair
    Eyes, Skin and Makeup- Big, Anime-like, navy blue/ a porcelain colored pale/ No makeup but I do have dark circles under my eyes and the pupils are bigger than normal.
    Personality- shy at first, bubbly, childish, quirky, easily amused or excited, very anxious, observant, not extremely trustworthy, playful, gullible or easily led into things
    Piercings/Tattoos- I have a plastic bracelet on my wrist with the symbols MH. (It stands for Mercy Hospital)
    Relation to Frank- Cousin
    How she was murdered- Was a schizophrenic, parents couldn't raise me (They tried to put me down once, called me a monster), as a child I had an imaginary friend who told me to do dangerous and cruel stunts. I was sent to a hospital for children with mental and emotional problems. I was one of few people with schizophrenia and as a cruel joke some patients thought it'd be funny to push me into a cellar and lock me in there until I said I was a freak and that I touched myself. (Whichbi did not) I refused. They had me in there for a good 16 hours when an accident occured and the hospital set on fire. I was forgotten. I was half asphyxiated when I managed to get the door open but the fire consumed me.
    How she reacted to the murders: I was murdered myself so I was angry, confused, hurt, and I guess agitated. That's why I'm a 'bad' ghost.
    I hope you enjoyed this. :3

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