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Don't waste your feelings and your hopes on love. [ONESHOT]

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Oneshot for the Music & Words challenge. Gerard comes back from a long trip and finds Frank in a bad mood,what will he do to calm him down ?

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A/N : This is my entry for CosmicZombie's challenge,with the song Blood Is Sharp by Lostalone.
Okay,this is not my first story ever,normally I used to write in French,but this is my first one shot in English.if there are some mistakes don't eat me ! 
Alma x 

I wanted to do a surprise to Frank by coming back to Belleville from my world trip a day earlier. 
I had called him a day ago,to say that I would be back tomorrow.Life went well for him,he was with Jamia,they were happy,and even if our band made a little break before the new album,the CDs sold enough copies for us to live without worries.

I had been traveling all around the world for a year to do art,to give art classes in schools in different countries,and,overall,to get some fresh air.
Not that I didn't want to see my wife or my band mates,but seeing Frank with her made me want to throw up all my guts and I was tired of playing this sick little game with Lindsey,because I was in love with him,not her.

Anyway,today I came home like 10 minutes to leave my stuff and change to proper clothes before going straight away to Frank's.
I knocked on the door of the apartment,but no one answered.When I pushed the door,it was open.Strange.
I shut the door behind me and entered the house,looking for him.
There was no one in the living room,no one in the kitchen.
I looked in the corridor.
The bathroom door was open.I came in,and saw my little Frankie curled up into a ball on the floor.I sat on my knees,taking his hand in mine.
-Frankie,my little pumpkin,what happened ? Why are you crying ? 
-I...She left.I am miserable,Gee,he said,still crying.
-What a bi- I mean,why ? 
-She found out...
-She found out what ?! 
-She found out that I cheated on her all of these years with this guy...
This guy ? It couldn't ? 
-Really ? oh,Frankie.Stop crying,this is not going to help your situation.
-I know b-b-but...I miss her as fuck...I regret everything I have done with this boy...I just want her to come back...
A little piece of my heart died.
-What...what have you done ?
I hated seeing him like this.
-We had a strong,real relationship.He gave me the strength to breathe and live again.But when he called to break up,she answered and understood everything...I lost everyone.
Theses sentences broke my whole heart and I felt like a pain in my stomach.As if  I was stabbed by a knife just there,and that the killer was turning the knife in my stomach.I wanted to leave him here,but I couldn't.I was his best friend,after all. 
-No Frank,no,I'm here,don't forget that.
-Y-y-yeah but I mean,I lost the love of my life...
-I know how you feel.It happened to me,too. I sighed.
(Yeah,it just happened,you fucker,I thought.)
An awkward silence came between us.I let go of his hand,and rested on the wall.
-Gee ? He said,breaking the silence.
-Yeah ? 
-Sing for me.I know it will calm me down.
-But I-
-Okay,I nodded.
I thought a few times,and then started singing a song by Lostalone.

"Don't waste your feelings and your hopes on love
Become the physical embodiment of lost love
Blood is sharp shivers through my veins
Be still my heart alleviate the pain
Oh I tried so hard to find a pulse again
Red in the dark a cycle of same
But I lost the plot me and myself
Fell through the dark estranged and caged
Oh I tried so hard to find your pulse again
But we're off the chart this was not my intention
Don't waste your feelings and your hopes on love
Become the physical embodiment of lost oooh love."

When I was done,I felt like leaving and never coming back in NJ. 
Learning that Frank liked someone else killed me inside,and I didn't want to see him.Never again.I stood up,and picked up a razor blade,which was not use yet,from the floor.
-And don't forget,Frankie.Blood is sharp,I said,putting the blade in my pocket.
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