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And Through it All We’ll Find Some Other Way to Carry On

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“It just isn’t fair.” I wanted to understand her pain, but I knew I would never be able too.

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A/N: Holy shit, thank you guys for being so patient, I have been so lazy with this, and I am so sorry. But I am gonna try and keep up with the story, I hope you guys like it! R&R I love your feedback! Much love (:

Chapter 11: And Through it All We’ll Find Some Other Way to Carry On

Sarah’s POV:

Holy shit, did that just happen. There is no way I am moving in with these guys I have just met. This is crazy! But I guess this was the only logical thing to do right now. Because there was no way I was going to one of those battered woman shelters, Peter would find me there in a heartbeat. He would also eventually come and check Molly’s place, and I didn’t wanna involve her in this anymore than she had been. So I guess this was actually happening.
I was a little bit excited to be staying with Frank, there was definitely something there, but right now wasn’t the appropriate time to explore that. If something is supposed to happen between us it will.

“Okay but this is only for a little okay. Until I can get a job and support myself, okay?” I said, I hated leaning on people, I like being independent, I hated that I had let that slip away when I was with Peter.

“Sarah you stay here as long as you want.” Frank said sincerely.

“This is gonna be interesting.” Molly laughed in the corner. “The three of you in this apartment, hilarity is sure to ensue.”

“Oh shut up Molly it won’t be any different than living with you.” I laughed.

“Which is also hilarious because you fall every time you get up.” She laughed a little harder.

“Not tru—actually you’re right.” I chuckled; I was the clumsiest person ever.

“It’s okay I still love you.” Molly smiled widely and attacked me with a huge hug that was cutting off my circulation.

“I love you too. But if you don’t let me go there won’t be anything left to love.” I said as I squirmed for air.

Molly released and I took a big gulp of air into my lungs, I looked over at Frank who was smiling at me. I wonder if he was happy to have me here? Or did he feel like it was too much. But it was still nice of him and Gerard to offer. So I figured I should do something nice for them, just to show how appreciative I was.

“So I think I wanna make you guy’s dinner tonight.” I looked over at Frank and Gerard.

“I forgot why it’s nice to have a woman around, so that they can cook me food.” Gerard said aloofly.

“Oh yes Gerard, nothing better than having a woman around to cook, but I think we should give Frank a break for the night.” I let out a small chuckle and grinned at Frank, I could hear Gerard erupt out in laughter.

“HEY! Just because I like to make a good baked ziti does not make me the woman of the house!” he yelled out defensively.

“Yeah, whatever, but let me correct myself, let me buy you guys some Chinese, because I still can’t really cook that much.” I laughed again.

“Sounds great to me!” Frank smiled.

“That does sound good, but Molly and I are gonna go grab a bite out tonight.” Gerard said as
he put his hand around Molly’s waist.

“Okay, well guess it’s just me and you.” Frank grinned shyly.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” I smiled back.

Peter’s POV:

“WELL WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE!” I could feel the blood coursing through my veins, as I smacked the lamp above making the light swing throughout the black room.

“I..don’t…know…” the man sitting in the chair stammered.

“I didn’t hire you to tell me something I already fucking knew!” I knew I shouldn’t have hired this guy to do something I could’ve done myself.

“I’ll find her, there aren’t many places she can be. If she isn’t in any woman’s shelters or
at her little friend’s house she is somewhere and I will find her.” He said with his voice

I placed both of my hands on the metal table and moved my face closer to him.

“You better, because if you don’t, this is gonna be your last job.” I whispered
threateningly from him.

“I will…I promise.” He swallowed deeply.

“Good, now get to fucking work.” I walked out of the room and slammed the door shut.

I don’t know who the fuck this bitch thinks she is. She thinks she can just up and leave me like that. I gave her everything. I gave her roof over her head. I gave her all the money she could need. God fucking knows I gave her more than enough intimacy. She is so fucking ungrateful and when I get my fucking hands on her she is gonna wish she would’ve stayed where she was. I don’t think she understands how fucking lucky she is. Well I am gonna make her realize.

Frank’s POV:

“Will you just try the tofu?” I sighed looking at Sarah, she had been refusing to even to take a nimble.

“No, it looks gross.” She squirmed.

“Well you’re just being quiet the hypocrite.” I huffed.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, taking a bite of her chicken lo mien.

“Well you nagged the shit out of me to try ketchup and eggs, and I did try it.”

“That’s completely different.” She scoffed.

“HA! No it’s not.” I had to laugh at her.

“Yeah I guess not. Okay, I’ll try it, but only a little bit.” She smiled shyly. Her smile was so pretty.

“That’s more like it.” I accepted my victory happily.

I stabbed a piece of tofu with my fork and held it up to Sarah’s mouth. She looked at it funny, and then smelt it. Just like I always do with food I’m not familiar with. She took the smallest bite of the tofu that she could, and quickly swallowed it.


“S’okay.” She laughed.

“Whatever it’s amazing.” I scoffed.

“Not as good as chicken.” She smiled.

“I just can’t believe it.” I muttered out.

“What? That you don’t eat chicken anymore?” she asked.

“No, I can’t believe that someone would want to hurt you.” I looked at her arms. I could see
lacerations on her arms, and whenever she stretched there was a huge bruise healing on her stomach.

“Well people aren’t always what they seem.” She sighed and looked down at her bruises.

“It just isn’t fair.” I wanted to understand her pain, but I knew I would never be able too.

“Well life isn’t fair. But that’s what makes it life. All of this is gonna make me stronger.
There is a reason I am going through this.” She said calmly, it seemed like she had this all sorted out. Or she was just good at seeming like it.

“Do you think there is a reason you met me?” I asked her as I grabbed her hands.

“I do, I just don’t know what that is yet.” She smiled.

We moved closer to each other, I could feel her breath on my lips. This was the perfect moment, I placed my hand around neck and pulled her closer. Our lips were just about to touch when her phone rang.

“Shit, I am sorry. Just let me grab that, it’s probably just Molly. It’s probably on speaker so you can say hi. Because I already know she is gonna wanna make sure I am not alone. “ she sighed and grabbed her phone, and quickly answered it, without looking at the ID..

“Hey Molly can I call you back?”

“This isn’t Molly.” I heard a deep voice on the other end.

“Peter?” her face turned white.

“Hey baby.” I heard the voice taunt on the other end.
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