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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

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The lives of four boys are changed forever when one day, they wake up with no memory of the previous night and a dead man in their house. Forced to follow the advice of a less than sane ex-convict,...

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Hey! So, I'm here with another story which, hopefully, will appeal to more people than my other one. I'll still be writing This Title Has Been Censored, I'm just writing this one at the same time. Yup. I'm sure you could've figured that out on your own. Anyway, I got the idea for this story from two of my favorite songs, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison and The Ghost of You hint hint, so some elements of it will be completely based in one song or the other. So, disclaimer: I don't own either song, and I only sort of own the stuff rooted in them. Okay, technical stuff's done, enjoy!

It was a quiet morning on Hailstone Avenue- that is, until those loudmouth college dropouts woke up. Of course, it was always them that disrupted things. If you asked anyone, they'd tell you "Well, I don't like to gossip, but..." and then proceed to tell you every scandalous detail about the four boys. You'd learn that the house they lived in once belonged only to the Way family, but was now inhabited by Mikey Way, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero, a group of rowdy, horribly behaved eighteen to twenty year olds. You'd hear something along the lines of, "It's pretty sad actually. Mr. and Mrs. Way were such nice people, and Michael was just the sweetest little boy. I was never particularly fond of that Gerard though." Next you'd be told all about the awful car accident just two years ago that killed the boys parents, and about how Gerard went to jail only two months later for breaking and entering. Then you'd find out about how Gerard's friend came to watch after Mikey until Gerard got out so that he wouldn't have to leave the town he grew up in, and how that Iero boy started crashing there when his parents kicked him out. As if that wasn't enough, you'd also be told of all the times they'd come back in the middle of the night, completely wasted, or how the neighbors often had to call the police when the boys' house parties became too out of control. "Honestly," they'd say, "the three were worse behaved than a pack of wild boars. And that was only the beginning. Don't even get me started about when Gerard came back." Then they would get started telling you all about how much worse it got when Gerard came back. "From the moment he came back, everyone was nothing but nice to him," you'd be assured, "but we could all tell there was something seriously wrong with the boy. He was clearly mentally disturbed from those two years in prison." You'd wonder why two years would be enough to do so much damage to a young man, but you wouldn't ask, because everyone knows some things are better left unsaid.

Back at their house, Mikey Way was beginning to seriously agree with what the neighbors had to say about them. Normally, he'd decide it was just the hangover talking, but those times weren't like this one. Those were times when he'd woken up with a raging headache, instead of blood staining his clothes and skin. He looked down at himself, then at his two friends who still lay unconscious on the floor and were also covered in blood, and began to panic. What had they done last night?

"Guys," he said quietly, his voice hoarse. He cleared his throat and began again. "Guys!" The youngest, Frank, woke up only long enough to mutter, "Five more minutes Mommy," and roll on his side to face away from Mikey. Groaning, the youngest Way went over and shook both Frank and Ray awake frantically. Both woke with a start, and didn't realize until they were mid-way through some very creative curses how scared their friend was.

"What's wrong?" Ray asked, his annoyance quickly fading from his face.

"Guys," Mikey said slowly. "Take a good look at yourselves." Both boys looked down at themselves and saw the blood splattered all over them. Frank immediately jumped up while Ray ripped off his stained t-shirt and threw it to the floor in fear and disgust.

"What did we do Mikey?!" Frank exclaimed, beginning to pace and run his hands through his messy black hair.

"And more importantly," Ray said, "whose blood is this?" Mikey's eyes widened.

"Where's Gerard?" The boys all looked at each other and froze, considering what the blood and the disappearance of their friend could mean, then, all at the same time, they took off running through the halls.

"Gerard!" They all screamed as they ran, despite knowing that he wouldn't answer even if he was fine. You see, Gerard didn't talk, he hadn't said a word in a year and a half. Not since he and the boy he'd committed the crime with were attacked by their cellmate, ending in the death of both his friend and the prison guard who'd tried to help. It wasn't that he couldn't talk- the doctor Mikey took him to assured them he could- it wasn't even that he was traumatized. He just chose not to speak. No one but Gerard could even begin to imagine why, but from what he managed to convey to them, it seemed he'd just given up caring, let himself become too cynical and pessimistic to see speaking as anything but a waste of breath. Whatever the reason, no matter how frantic they sounded, he wouldn't respond.

They turned the corner into the hall to which all their bedrooms attached and sighed in relief. At the end of the hall, leaning against the door frame to the spare bedroom and covered in more blood that any of them, was a good looking black-haired boy with a wide, handsome grin on his face. Anyone who didn't know the oldest Way brother would think it was a friendly gesture, a sign he was happy to see his friends, but they all knew better. It was a smile of self-satisfaction, one that clearly read: How sweet. You idiots were worried about me. Mikey scowled.

"Wipe that smile off your face. It's not funny!" Gerard blinked innocently, as if he'd done nothing wrong. As usual, he didn't make a sound.

"Whatever. Do you have any idea what's going on?" Ray asked. Gerard smiled a gruesome smile and nodded, reaching into his pocket to pull out a bloody knife. Then he pointed to them and patted his pocket. They reached into their own pockets and sure enough, they each had blood-stained knives. "Oh god," Ray groaned, sounding like he was going to be sick.

"What did we do?" Frank asked in nearly a whisper. No one answered, although they all knew, because there was something far too final about saying it out loud.

"Do you know anything else?" Ray asked Gerard. He nodded, looking amused at their terror. "Well, what are you waiting for, what happened?!" Gerard shook his head. "Mikey, what's he doing?"

"He's not waiting for something, he's just not telling us. And I bet you anything he's standing there to block the door." Gerard simply shrugged when they all looked to him.

"Let us in," Ray said, more anxious to know the truth than his friends. He stepped forward and Gerard stepped aside with his hands raised as if to say It's not my fault if you don't like what you see. He allowed both Ray and Frank to pass, but attempted to block his brother. Mikey just pushed past, leaving Gerard glaring hostilely after him. This wasn't something he wanted his little brother to have anything to do with.

The three of them stared in shock and disgust at what Gerard had been trying to hide. Sprawled on the floor in a pool of its own blood was a body, mutilated beyond recognition by the stabbing wounds. It's face was pounded in, the clothes sliced to ribbons, the once blonde hair matted and drenched in redness. It took the boys a few minutes just to figure out that they were looking at another boy, probably about Gerard and Ray's age.

"Did we do this?" Frank asked quietly. Gerard opened his mouth, but didn't make a sound. It was something he did often, nearly forgetting his commitment to silence, and his friends had long since hoped for words to come out. Instead, he started patting his pockets, back and front, then looking around the room in annoyance. When he didn't find whatever the object was that he'd been searching for, he clenched his fists until his knuckles were white and knocked a mirror off the wall, then kicked the shards across the room.

"Calm down!" Mikey exclaimed half-heartedly, knowing better than to expect his brother to actually do so.

"Speak Gerard! Use your words!" Frank said, snickering slightly at his own joke. Gerard's face screwed up in anger and he advanced at him threateningly. Frank stumbled back and Gerard grinned, pleased with his ability to scare the poor boy. Then he turned to Mikey and held his hand out expectanly. Mikey sighed, pulled a pen out of his pocket that he kept in case Gerard couldn't find one, and handed it to his brother. Then Gerard grabbed Frank's hand and started scribbling on his arm. When he finished, he looked over his words carefully, found them to his liking, and stepped back. Frank held up his arm and read it. "'What do you think dumbass?'" he read. Then he looked up at Gerard, looking slightly put out by the comment. Gerard beamed with pride.

"Well that wasn't very nice," Ray noted. Gerard glared and then scribbled furiously on Ray's arm. Ray read it aloud. "'Neither is cutting a guy's manhood off, but we seem to have done that as well.'" After reading it, he looked up in disgust. "Nasty. We did that?" Gerard nodded. They all looked over at their pitiful victim and felt even more sorry. Then Mikey asked the question that was on all their minds.

"What do we do now?"

So, that was the first chapter. Hopefully it didn't suck too much. XD. Reviews would be really nice, I'd love to know what you guys all think!
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