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Chapter Thirteen: All I need is my friends

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Devin realizes that all she wants is to be loved.

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Patrick awoke the next morning and rolled out of the hospital bed. He washed his face and made himself a cup of coffee, and sat down next to Devin, watching her sleep. He smiled to himself. Everything was going to be alright now, he knew it. Devin would come home, and the whole gang would have a pool party. Devin stirred and opened her eyes.
"'Morning, Love." Patrick greeted her softly.
"'Morning." She answered.
A nurse came in and changed her bandages.
"You're wounds are healing up nicely, dear," she said, "But there will be some severe scaring."
Devin nodded. She had already figured that much.
"Your doctor would like you to get counseling after you're out of the hospital."
"No, I don't think so."
The nurse glared at her.
"And you think you know best?"
"I am not spilling my feelings to a complete stranger. I've got my friends for that." She smiled, looking over at Patrick. He smiled, and the nurse glared at him as well.
"Very well. We can't force you." And she turned and left.
Patrick took her hand, careful of her wrists.
"So you're gonna talk to us?"
"Yeah. When I get home."
"You're house. Sorry, I guess it's home for me."
Patrick smiled.

Pete awoke and peered around the room. Patrick wasn't there, and he remembered him leaving the night before. He stood up and padded into the kitchen. After a cup of coffee, he picked up the phone and dialed the police. Devin wanted to press charges, and he might as well call for her.
"Hello, I'd like to report domestic battery?"
"Peter Wentz...I'm calling for my friend Devin, who's in the hospital after a suicide attempt."
The officer listened while Pete explained about the stitches in Devin's side and all she had gone through, as well as the murder threat towards Patrick.
"And she attempted suicide?"
"Yes...she's in the hospital right now. She's going to live."
"Thank you for your call."
Pete and the officer bade each other good bye and Pete got up, and dressed. He phoned Joe and Andy, and they all went to the hospital to see Devin.

The three friends walked into Devin's hospital room, and were pleased to see her sitting up and talking with Patrick. He was helping her with her breakfast, because it was difficult to eat with her wrists and all.
"Devin! You look so much better." Joe exclaimed.
"I feel so much better. Life's being put in perspective now." She grinned.
"I called the police." Pete announced, pulling up a chair.
"You did?" her face went slightly pale.
"Dev, you would just put it off, being to afraid to call." Patrick argued, bringing her fork to her mouth, and she took the bite of pancakes off the end, chewing thoughtfully.
"I guess you're right." She sighed.
"An officer will stop by to confirm that he's been arrested and all, and to examine you."
"Examine me?"
"For evidence."
She sighed as Patrick pushed another bite of pancakes towards her mouth.
"I didn't know it was this complicated. Anything to keep him away from me, I suppose."
The others nodded.
"I just want to get home," She said, "And we can have a pool party."
"And play gamecube!" Joe added.
"Of course, Joe, we can't forget gamecube." Devin laughed.
The rest of the day was passed in Devin's hospital room, happily laughing and talking. Devin was realizing she had so much to live for; her friends and her boyfriend. To think she had almost thrown all this away! Something about Patrick singing to her last night had made her very happy. Something about him saying he loved her made her feel on top of the world; Kevon had told her that a million times and had never said it as emotionally as Patrick had. She realized all she needed to be happy was to be loved. She had been searching for it forever, but she had it already with her friends.
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