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Results :)

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Results are in! Thank you for auditioning :)

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Hello all, the results for Runaway are in, and I have chosen parts for everyone!

Nowww, as for Girl 3, I changed her description, because I really just wanted someone who kept to themselves a little and wasn't really that close with anyone. So, yeah, but anyways...


Main Girl: Danielle Devito (bloodbunny15)
Girl 2: Nicole Roberts (Pretty-Odd-Lion)
Girl 3: Anna Carlisle (Mikeys_Glasses)
Brendon's Sister: Harlequin Ash Urie (Bella_Jinx)
Girl 5: Jadelyn Nevada Williams (Obsessive-Fangirl)
Jon's Girlfriend: Sam Benjamin Alexx (XEvil_AngleX)

So, thanks for auditioning, and make sure to look out for Runaway when I get it posted! :)
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