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Chapter 1

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Ever wonder what really happened during Robin's time as Slade's apprentice? Clearly the episodes left a few things out and I'm going to fill you in! New twists turns and an interesting OC. Friends ...

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DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE TEEN TITANS While I did create the OC Apollo for my own use (basically my own alias in the world of the Titans), everything else in this story- the back story and the characters- are the soul property of their respective characters.
A.N.This is my first story, hope everyone likes it. It basically picks up somewhere right between Part 1 and Part 2 of Apprentice. For the most part, the storyline really doesn't change, except for a few key points which, I believe will aid in my future stories. Please review and tell me what you think so I know how to progress after this. Hopefully we'll see Apollo in the future ;)
“Here,” grumbled a hostile voice as its owner coldly hurled a small device across a table at the shadow waiting on the other side.

“Excellent work Robin,” praised the shadow as it slowly rose from its seat. Holding the small object up to the light, the shadow carefully examined the object, allowing the face behind the ominous voice to be revealed- Slade. “You have done well my apprentice. It would appear that your first mission was a success…” Angered at the idea of this only being his first caper under Slade, Robin grudgingly turned away from his oppressor and looked up at the surveillance videos revealing an empty safe- the abandoned sanctuary of his stolen prize. As he continued to stare at the screens, Robin continued to overflow with anger and resentment, not just for Slade, but for himself as well. After learning of Slade’s true and sinister motif, his very real threat to destroy the teen titans, Robin helplessly agreed to do whatever Slade wanted and unwillingly became his new apprentice. Regretfully ignoring his friends and their distress calls, he was forced to begin a new life of thievery for his Master. After presenting his targeted object to Slade, Robin found himself being judged for his first ‘trial mission’. In response to the malicious taunting, Robin angrily lashed out and tried to attack Slade. The two of them began to battle and throw each other around, fighting with intense fury. Robin grew more enraged and determined as Slade began to critique him and make comments… analyzing his every move. Then, just as Robin prepared to strike again, he was suddenly blindsided by a crippling kick in his side. Lying on the floor for a second, the apprentice looked up at Slade who dominantly remained above him; as he sprung up in another attempt to attack, he found himself mysteriously struck again, this time causing him to trip and fall to his knees.

Confused and sore from the ghost blows, Robin leaned forward and lowered his head to catch his breath. While staring at the cold concrete ground, he noticed the faint outline of a shadow approaching from behind. Puzzled, he began to turn around just in time to see a sleek black figure walking towards him and Slade. The new presence stopped and stood next to Robin for a moment, coldly staring down at him before walking over to Slade and proudly standing beside him. “Well done,” praised Slade, first looking at Robin’s attacker, then down at the fallen boy. As Robin continued to pull himself up, Slade introduced the individual in black as Apollo- his first apprentice and Robin’s new partner. Studiously, Apollo stared at Robin with a hostile gaze that bore an uncanny resemblance to Slade’s. Angrily, Robin lowered his head in submission, accepting Slade’s command. “I understand that this will be a step up from your original team of misfits; but I can assure you… it’s for the best,” Slade purred as he began to walk away. “I’ll leave the two of you alone. Talk, strategize; with the missions I have planned for the two of you, you’re going to need it…”

As Slade slithered out of the room, Robin was left alone with Apollo. The two stood and stared at one another for what seemed like hours. Teeth clenched, Robin studied his new ‘partner’. Dressed in black, Apollo stood before him menacingly. With a sleek, ninja- like mask resembling Slade’s, all but Apollo’s left eye was shielded from view; yet even with only one eye showing, the stare Robin felt remained just as deep, but strangely not as cold and empty as before. “Don’t expect me to accept you or anything else here,” Robin growled. “I will get out of here, and Slade will pay!”

“You say that now…” replied Apollo with a deep and unnatural monotone, most likely altered by the thick metal mask shielding the scourge’s identity.

“And I mean it! I promise you, I’ll stop you, Slade, and his plans!!”

“Ha, whatever...” mumbled Apollo, slowly turning away in a calm and uninterested manner. Just then, Slade returned with new missions for his apprentices. The two walked forward together, only to be parted by their Master- claiming that they still weren’t ready for a dual mission. First approaching Apollo, he whispered something in his ear, then stepped back as Apollo strode forward and slowly disappeared into the

He then moved on to Robin, “And now,” he said menacingly. “I have a special mission for you…”
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