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Chapter Four; It's Really Something

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"I was starting to like my new, spontaneous, reckless way of thinking" Taylor's POV

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It was 11 am in the morning. The Nashville sky was clear of clouds and the sun was shining bright, but the heat scorching hot. It was the perfect time and day to get on a plane and escape to a different state. The Nashville Airport wasn’t too crowed today. That added to this day’s perfection.

I had my two carry on items with me; my laptop in it’s messenger bag, and my blue koi fish guitar in it’s gig bag. You never know when you’ll need to write song. I had my headphones in and my iPod handy. The current song playing into my ears was Early Sunsets Over Monroeville by none other than My Chemical Romance. I felt extremely creepy and awkward for what I’m doing. The day before I decided to buy all of their music from iTunes. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to educate myself. This is the best way I knew how to bring my closer to the band, and most of all; Him. I planned to do more “research” on the plane; interviews, performances, and most important of all; good old Wikipedia. I was in for a very, very good flight.

From what I noticed from their first album is that each song had it’s own sound. I can tell that they were experimenting and trying to find their voice and sound at that time in their lives. The 11:30 flight was called so I grabbed my stuff and made my way to the flight dock, practically skipping to the entrance onto the plane.
I seated myself in my designated spot. Window seat; My favorite. I settled in my seat. Phone, laptop, Coffee, and ipod. I was so set for trip. I opened my laptop smiling and dancing in my seat. I really shouldn’t feeling this giddy. I’ve never really done anything like this before. I was so interested in this whole band. But most of all…Him.

I wish I knew why him. But I wasn’t going to question the forces of the universe. If I’ve ever learned anything over the years it’s that you shouldn’t question or regret the things given and taken away from you. I couldn’t help but wonder though…I learned only recently that all of the men in the band were roughly ten years my senior. And as for the music, it was new to my world. Well, kind of anyway. I was currently on their second album. It was more collective and had a certain feel to it; you could totally tell that they finally found their sound. The song Helena played. Gerard sure did have a unique voice. It was rough and full of feeling, yet can be gentle and full of melody. That’s what made these songs so powerful.

I finally gave my laptop some much needed attention. I opened my browser and googled “My Chemical Romance Wiki”

“New Jersey Based Band, Alternative, Post-Hardcore, Rock, Emo”

I inwardly laughed at the mention of Emo. I remember when that was popular. I vaguely remember their song “I’m Not Okay” being in that category. I also remember not liking it back in my high school years; I was more of a Fall Out Boy fan. As If on queue, the song came up on my iPod. I’m starting to wonder why I didn’t like the song back then; the lyrics were brilliant. I don’t blame myself though, I was a very very different person back in high school.

I kept on reading on about everything. The band members’ lives, influences, stories of each albums, controversy in pop culture, and everything else in between. What stuck the most were the one personal hardship of the lead singer. My heart went out to Gerard for using music as an outlet for overcoming his issues with drugs and depression. My heart also stuck to what the original goal was for the band; to save lives.

Before I knew it, I heard my phone rudely interrupt my work.

“Twitter: @yelyahwilliams mentioned you.”

I smiled. Oh Hayley. I unlocked my phone to see the surprise patiently waiting for me.

”Cat sitting for @taylorswift13”

There was a picture attached of Hayley and Meredith snuggly cuddling on my couch in my living room. I giggled. Then the thought instantly struck me; the fans will wonder why I’m not home myself with my furry little friend. Then, an idea also struck; twitter. Yes, it’s time for a tweet. I opened my instagram app and pressed my menu button on my iPod, making the screen light up with the album cover of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I shot a pick of my hand holding my iPod. I then posted on twitter.

“Listening to my new love @MCRofficial on my way to New Jersey. :)”

There, that should do it. I smiled, very content with my decision. Now, back to work.


After about an hour, I was lost in the music of the Black Parade, and the stories that went with it. The concept album was truly a treasure and I felt mad at myself for not hearing it sooner. I read about the music videos and the long two year tour. Two Years, I can’t even do one for one without feeling out of whack. That’s dedication to fans. That thought drives me to do more for my beautiful fans.

As I look for more things on this era, an article strikes my attention.

”Mikey Way suffers mental breakdown.”

my stomach couldn’t have dropped any faster. Curiosity took over my and I clicked on it.

“During the recording of the album; The Black Parade. Mikey Way had a mental breakdown. He turned to drugs and alcohol, but the rest of the band issued an intervention before the problem could get any worse . Way sought professional help and was eventually diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.”

My heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest. My breath hitched and my eyes watered up. The empathy and sorry coursed through my whole being. I couldn’t wrap my head around what I feeling and my thoughts were worse. I felt the strongest urge to reach out and care for him. Gosh, what was this? I barely knew this man, yet I feel like I’ve known him for years…I mentally groaned. This was too much. I closed my laptop; that’s enough research for a while, or ever for that matter. I watched as my phone lit up. “Mikey sent you a text message.” it said.

”From Mikey:
I hope you didn’t forget about me picking you up today.”

I smiled. How could I? I prepared my reply.

”The plane is landing in 30 minutes. I’m eager to see you.”

I sent it with no doubts. I didn’t care if it sounded too forward, it was the truth after all. I was starting to like my new, spontaneous, reckless way of thinking.


As I walked off the terminal, my nerves skyrocketed. It was like I finally realized what I was doing. I flew across the country for a man that I barely knew, just to see him. With no game plan at all either. Well, it doesn’t so bad, people do things like this all the time, right? nonetheless, I couldn’t turn back now. I’m here, and I might as well take the risk.

I feel slightly guilty (okay really guilty.) for not telling my mother what I was doing. Heck, I haven’t seen her in so long, that I haven’t even told her about the events that went down in LA. I can just hear it now. “Taylor Alison Swift, this is crazy and irrational and you know it!” I laughed at the thought. Sorry mom, I have to have some kind of fun once and a while. I looked around the airport. I thought it would be much more busier than this, considering it was the one closest to the biggest city in this state. I heard my phone beep; it must be him.

“From Mikey:
What kind of coffee do you want?” How sweet of him.

“To Mikey:
Surprise Me.”

I hope my reply doesn’t sound too prissy sounding. I watched my phone anticipating a reply.

”I already did.”

I looked up and melted inside. There he was in a Journey band tee, ripped up jeans, some chuck taylor’s, and his good old sunglasses pushed up on top of his head, reveled with his blond hair. He handed me the warm cup of coffee and I thanked him. “I can carry that for you,” he said, pointing to my guitar. I blushed and handed it over to him. What a gentleman. I took a sip of the a sip of the coffee and was taken aback by the flavor. Oh. My. God.

“Is this a mocha latte with whipped cream?” He looked over down at me. Oh, those eyes[//]. They glittered with so much feeling. They seemed so…Alluring. Yet, I saw something else as well; exhaustion.

He chuckled a little. “Yeah, I couldn’t of anything to get you, so I just got you my usual.” he said. I stopped in my tracks. “No Way!” I said letting out a giggle. “This is my usual!” I watched as him smile the most beautiful smile and the color in his eyes danced. I felt that feeling again. Oh my goodness, what is this feeling? “I shouldn’t be feeling this.” I thought.
”Um baggage claim?” his voice snaps me out of my thought. “Oh, um yes. Let’s go!” I said, adding a little more “unf” in my step. I was on some kind of high.

I was on a Mikey Way high.


Mikey was a true gentleman. I’ve never met a boy like him. Well…it was probably it’s because he’s not a boy; he’s a man. I blushed thinking thinking about it. The fact that he wanted to spend time with me made the butterflies flare up in my stomach. I could feel myself smiling as I stared holes into my lap.

“So, where do you plan on staying?” He asked, as he sat across from me eating a burger and salad. We were eating lunch in the sweetest little cafe/diner in the city Newark. I told him to take me to a place her knew, and I’m not disappointed at all.
“Well…um.” I hadn’t really thought this part at all. “I know you offered to let me stay with you but I can’t possibly do that.”
“Oh please, I’d love to have you stay, I have a guest room and everything.” He said. I looked up at him and saw something strong in his eyes. It was was like he was desperate from some company…I knew there was no way I could resist.

“Well, okay. But only because you begged.” I said, playfully pushing at his hand that was resting on the table. I felt the warmth of his hand come straight off of it. I watched him look at his hand and I could’ve sworn I was his cheeks turn to a tint of pink. We looked at each other once again.

“Well, who wouldn’t want to a charming, young woman to keep them company?” he said giving me a very charming look. Was..was this flirting? Oh goodness. I felt myself blush like I’ve never felt a blush before. “You’re much too flattering.” I said.

”Hey, let’s get out of here. I’ll show you around?” he said, getting out his wallet and leaving a tip on the table. He got up and lent his hand out to me.

A true gentleman. A charming amazing gentleman.

I grabbed his hand and let him whisk me away to let him show me into his secret of his home state.
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