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Kingdom Hearts 2; LeonxSeifer. Seifer breaks rules.

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Kingdom Hearts II


Rating: PG-13

For my darling little love-muffin.


Seifer stood on a chair, wondering why the cabinets in the kitchen were so goddamned fucking high and why the only clean cups were at the very top. One day, he'd gotten on the train after having an argument with Fuujin and Raijin and Hayner, the fucking twit, and jumped onto the first departing train after grabbing what munny he could without a care of destination. And then he got caught and lost in this place, Hollow Bastion, and a man who called himself Leon looked at him strangely before letting him live in his home. Where the cups were kept at the top of the cabinets.

He heard footsteps- granted, very light footsteps, and he wouldn't have heard them if the other person hadn't been wearing very, very heavy boots. Leon wore very, very heavy boots.

"Goddamnit, Leon! Why the hell do you keep all your fucking cups at the very top!?"

Leon didn't pause in his steps as he pulled back a stool and presumably sat on it. "Yuffie."

Seifer cursed his still-growing stature and climbed onto the counter, wobbling in his unlaced boots and almost getting his sleeveless coat caught on the blender. Finally grabbing a glass, he spun to proclaim a snide victory when he wobbled a little too much.

And then he found himself in Leon's arms, the moody brunette staring down at him with a raised eyebrow and murky gray-blue eyes.

Seifer blushed immediately, thrashing as he yelled too loudly, "Hey! Put me down, you ugly bastard!"

Leon's expression didn't change much, but the eyebrow dropped and then Seifer had the distinct impression that Leon was staring right through him, into the sexually confused youth he really was. Beyond the barriers that were shoved into place with brash, arrogant words and posture, and underneath the stormy gaze he shuddered.

He forgot that he wanted a drink- actually, he had planned to sneak some vodka mixed with some cola- and he forgot that his mother told him that loving boys was wrong and that he should marry as a virgin to a nice, pretty virgin girl to have little babies that would grow up and marry as virgins themselves. Of course, he "forgot" about the virgin part a while ago, but hadn't yet gotten around to the "girls only" rule.

Leon was staring at his lips, his gaze had slid slowly from his eyes and soul to his lips, parted slightly with surprise and indignation.

And then Leon was pressing his lips against him, strong arms twisting his body into an upright position and pressing him against the nearest hard surface, which happened to be the island counter, and lowering his body to press against him and ohfuck was it supposed to feel like that?

Leon's tongue slid inside his mouth, and Seifer decided that yes it was supposed to feel like that because what else was it supposed to feel like? A porcupine? A fucking--- He stopped thinking when Leon rubbed roughly against his erection, breathing in sharply and feeling the smug little grin Leon had on his face against his lips.

"/Brat/," Leon muttered against his lips, fumbling at the zipper on his vest before quickly sliding it down and removing his weight long enough to strip him out of it and press kisses against his smaller chest. Seifer moaned and locked his fingers in the brunette's shaggy hair, tossing his head at the new sensation. Fuck, with the other girl it had just been wet-condom-in.

Leon's fingers raked down his sides, leaving pink welts on his skin and tugging at the knot of his pants first before easily sliding off his boots, leaving them to fall on the floor, closely followed by the baggy dark gray pants and Leon's own jacket and white shirt. Leon was breathing heavily, stormy blue-gray eyes hooded with his lust and his sensual touches not leaving Seifer the room to think of why a man so much older and wiser than he even wanted to do "this sort of thing."

A larger hand pressed against his clothed erection, inciting a moan from the blonde boy laying nearly naked on the countertop.

"Just say 'no'," Leon whispered, lifting him off the counter after deciding something in that quiet way of his.

Seifer didn't.

And then broke the "girls only" rule.

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