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Chapter One

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Ryan moves to a new town.

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Ok so before you reaad on this is VERY IMPORTANT. This is not my story. This story belongs to DaniAtaDisco. For some reason ficwad is letting her post her own stories so she asked me if I could for her and I certainly don't mind so I said I'd be happy to oblige. :) I hope you all enjoy the hard work she's put into this story. She's got a few other's that I'll post at a later date I just kept forgetting to. Now without further ado please enjoy her first fic. :)

"The I.V. and your hospital bed

This was no accident,

This was a therapeutic chain of events." Brendon's silky voice singing as he played the guitar, Ryan playing lead guitar and backup vocals, Jon on bass guitar once in awhile singing some back up, Spencer Smith playing the drums. My boys, I couldn't be more proud to be their friend. Then, it happened.

Ryan's POV

"Ryan! Wakey, wakey! Don't want to be late on your first day of school! Ryan? Ryan! RYAN WAKE UP!" my mother shouted at me. "Ryan get your butt out of bed this instant!" I didn't move one bit. "Ryan what type of pancakes do you want?"

"Chocolate chip! W-w-what? Mom, d-don't leave, no. Don't leave me! Mom! Where, where are you going don't leave me!" My mom hugged me tightly.

"Shush, shush, it was just another nightmare, nothing more, I'm not leaving you alone with your father, I'm not going anywhere Ryro; not anywhere do you understand? No where."

"Don't go." I sobbed into her shoulder, hanging on to her for dear life. "" I wipe my eyes and push her aside "I-I'm going to get dressed." I put on a FOB shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans, and black converses and... white finger-less gloves. I did my makeup with a cool spiral. Black eyeliner swirl, and purple eye-shadow sparkles.

I looked in my mirror. God I was hideous. My dad was right. I was too pale, too skinny, my hair was too long. I was a monster, I hated looking at myself, I always picked out every thing that was wrong with me... which was EVERYTHING!! How could people stand the sight of me? I didn’t know why my mom loves me so much? Why? I was just this hideous monster who listened to every insult my father told me and thought they were true. No one ever told me otherwise. Unless you count my mother, but moms are supposed to say that you’re handsome.

Nothing could hurt you more than yourself. I guess that's way I started cutting myself, it was the only way I could get over the pain I felt inside. Sure it didn't really help anything, but the physical pain made the emotional pain hurt less. God, I'm such a screw up. I hurried downstairs ate breakfast, grabbed my stuff than left. It was my first day at a new school in a new town. I was a junior in high school, going to Las Vegas Public High School, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I walked to my locker, opened it, threw in my unneeded things, and rushed to class, taking my seat.

"Hey look there’s a new freak in town!” Someone joked to one of his friends, gesturing to me.

The boy walked over to me and introduced himself. “I’m Jon. And you look like you’d be a faggot.” He laughed, “Nice make up.” He teased with a smirk on his face.

"I am not gay!” I exclaimed, and it was true…for the most part.

"Oh yeah, what are then?" He inquired.

"N-none of your concern." I stuttered.

Thankfully, the teacher entered the room. "Class, settle down, looks like we have a new kid in our class, Mr. Ross is it?"

"Y-y-y-yeah..." I stuttered again.

"Well then stand up and introduce yourself."

"H-hi. I-I'm George Ryan Ross III. C-call me Ryan."

"Why George?" Someone asked.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THE SAME NAME AS THAT JERK! NEVER! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!" I shouted. I didn’t mean to, but when someone calls me the same name as my dad I, I just lose it.

"Whoa, dude chill. Chill." I was still standing, staring hard at the ground. I clenched my fists and try to calm myself. Relax Ryan, they didn't mean to, they don't know what you go through at home, none of them do, they never will. I repeated silently to myself and I sat down.

After class was over the guy named Jon came up to me. He swung his arm back and hit me right in the jaw. He hit me pretty hard, but that didn't stop me. It didn't hurt as much as George’s punches did. He hit me once and my face was full of bruises, blood and insults. The bullies looked confused. Jon hit me harder, I stepped back but that was it.

"You guys want to do some more damage, you need to try harder, I've been through worse." That earned me a blow to the gut. I fell to the floor, clenching my stomach. Never (and I do mean never) was I punched that hard in the abdomen, it was always my face, my back, my shoulder, or my legs. They laughed in joy then walked off.

I felt hands grab onto my shoulder, sitting me upright. "Hey, hey, you okay? Here let me help you up." The voice sounded familiar, "My name is Brendon." Oh, so that was Brendon. He stretched his hand to me.

"No, I think I'll stay here." I was still on the floor.

"Like I'm going to let that happen." He pulled me up and I run to the nearest restroom, go into a stall and throw up what little I ate for breakfast. I don't eat that often; food and I just don't get along. I rarely eat due to the fact that whenever I do eat it always comes back through no fault of my own.

"Hey, are you okay Ryan?" Why did Brendon care so much for someone he doesn't even know? "Sorry about the way Jon was treating you. He‘s a big dickhead. Picking on the kids who are weird. Can't let him get to you."

"Too late." I looked up at him so I could actually see what he looked look. He was drop dead gorgeous. Chocolate brown, melt-worthy eyes, pink full lips, dark brown hair that was all over the place, and eyeliner that made those puppy dog eyes of his pop out even more. I looked away and hid my blush. "Hi, I‘m Ryan, I guess you don't want to hang with the freak who pukes out anything he eats, and wears a ton load of make-up huh. Not to mention the fact I am a hideous monster that no one could ever like, let alone love." I looked down at the toilet.

"Hey, hey. You are not hideous, you‘re handsome. I would be proud to be your friend. I say we go somewhere for lunch whatcha say?"

"O-okay?" It came out more of a question than what I meant it to be.He thinks I'm handsome... but... I'm not... He just met me and he thinks I'm a wonderful person? Wait ‘til he catches the scars on my wrist... if he ever finds out about them. I walked with Brendon... to the cafeteria. Classy. I hid timidly behind him.

Hey Brendon! I see you‘re already boyfriends with the new freak! It was always like you to befriend the weirdos! You’re such a freak!" Jon shouted.

"He isn't my boyfriend" Oh how I wish that were a lie "He’s my friend and if making a new friend that happens to be weird makes me a freak then go ahead and call me names. But at least I'm not a jerk who picks on people to make himself feel better."

"Brendon! Shhh!!! I don't want anyone to get beat up on account of me! Shh!" I hissed at him. "It's bad enough that I got beat up today, I don't need a second one from someone I don't know."

"Ha, listen to the kid Music Nerd. You really like to go against me and my friends? We could kick your butt any day of the week. I and my friends would like to see you try."

"Uh... Jon, sir, it's 'my friends and I' not 'I and my friends'." I speak up.

"Oh, look Brent, we got ourselves a little grammar nerd. Lets rough him up."

"Uh... if I am any type of nerd, it'll be a music nerd. Music is my entire puny pathetic little life." They smiled and the last thing I remember is Brendon’s cute worried face.


I try to run to the cute helpless boy Ryan, who seems to have gotten knocked out, but I couldn’t tell. But I know for a fact that his life isn’t puny, pathetic, or little. I met him, just this morning. He’s cute, I want him to be mine but… who could ever love me? I am out of my mind. I punched Jon in the face, and kicked Brent where it counts.

“What the fuck has gotten into you animals?! Beating up the new kid because he corrected your grammar?! If I were you lousy people I would thank him for correcting me! Now I must take him to the nurse so please leave us be you big fat jerks.” Wow… I’ve always wanted to say something like that to them. Even when they beat Spencer up I didn’t burst like this… Yeah, there was something about this kid that made me a stronger person to stand up for anyone… I picked him up… man! He was very light. He must weigh about 90 pounds!

I looked down at his chestnut hair, his beautiful baby face with a cool make-up design. I wish I could do that. His skinny jeans, his Fall Out Boy tee, his shoes, even his white fingerless gloves. He looked perfect. I just wish he were gay like me… “Um… nurse?”

“Yes darling? Oh, Brendon it’s you! What did Jon do to you now?”

“Um… not me…” I ended up in the nurse’s often. “Jon beat this kid… his name is Ryan Ross, he‘s the new kid… and I think he‘s knocked-out…. just my guess.”

“Well put him down on the couch and start go back to class.”

“No… I’d, I’d like to stay here with him.” I looked at him as I set him down [so] gently, I was afraid to break him… I couldn’t help it. I think I am in love with the new guy. I kissed him softly on his head and sat in a chair. “Oh, Jon and Brent might walk in here soon. I might have punched Jon and gave Brent a swift kick where it counts…”

“Brendon!” Luna (I was on a first name basis with the nurses.) says sternly “Did you hurt them? I’m proud you finally stood up for people! Just next time try and be nonviolent. Okay?”

“I’ll try.” I looked over at Ryan who was beginning to wake up.

Jons POV

Ow! Brendon had a good arm. Ow! “I’ll kill that bitch if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Ow, no joke!” Brent squeaked. He was bent over in the fetal position I guess Brendon kicked him in the balls. Ouch that had to hurt…

Ryans POV

“Ow! SON OF A BITCH… My head hurts!!! What happened?! W-where am I?!”

“Um, you‘re in Luna’s office. Luna is the nurse.” Brendon replied. Before I woke up I could have sworn that he kissed me on top of my head. The thought of that being a possible memory made me blush a light shade of red.

“Did, did you bring me here?” I asked, not making direct eye contact with him.

“Yeah, I did… how much do you weigh dude? 90 pounds?”

“Um, actually…” I paused. Should I tell him I weigh 82.9 pounds? Well I love him so I should tell him the truth… I hope I don’t scare him away… “I actually weigh 83.9 pounds…” I could see worry lingering in his eyes. Worry for me… a pathetic little nobody that nobody loves. Who could love me? I am out of my mind… I just hope he loves me to.
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