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You Are What You Eat

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Sometimes when you spend so much time with someone, you start to look alike. Sasuke Uchiha and Sai were no exception.

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Viridian met cyan as the only two members of Team Seven that were capable of displaying an emotion besides anger exchanged glances. They stared at the onyx-haired boy in front of them; with his hair pointing in different directions and his clothes falling off his limb body. In fact, you couldn't quite say that they were his clothes.

Naruto recalled the utter shock that he felt when he first found out about this…this thing, the two stoic males had. His shock eventually subsided and he learned to accept their relationship, though the two males continuously denied it. Besides the other members of Team Seven and Tenten, no one in Konoha knew of this…'relationship'. Were they dating? Not at all. Outside of the bedroom, they didn't even talk to each other. Friends with benefits? No. They weren't friends. Fuck buddies? Nah, it was more than that.

Sakura remembers the fateful day she discovered their…um, situation. Like Naruto, she was surprised. She was sure that the boys hated each other. After the small pang of hurt she felt—she had feelings for both the boys at some point, and she sometimes wondered what made them attracted to each other instead of her—she too accepted it as it was. Sometimes she, along with Naruto and Kakashi, would have discussions about the two boys as they watched them argue during training sessions. They analyzed and analyzed, but still couldn't figure out what this relationship was.

Tenten, being the observer that she was, noticed it even more quickly than Naruto and Sakura had. She couldn't say that she was friends with either of the boys, but like Team Seven, Team Gai often went to Ichiraku to hang out. Maybe it was the fourth or fifth time seeing team Seven that she noticed it. They weren't even sitting together; in fact, they both sat on either side of Sakura. Still, Tenten couldn't help but shoot glances at them every few seconds. Tenten, Neji, and the boys didn't speak much whenever they went to Ichiraku. Most of the conversations were between Naruto, Sakura, and Lee. After a while of the trio's babbling, Tenten straightforwardly announced the resemblance between the two stolid males.

Sai had remembered all too well the first time he had ever felt the emotion known as 'shock'. He had read about it in his books, and he could never entirely grasp the concept of it. But, on that faithful day at Ichiraku with team Gai, Sai finally understood the full meaning of bewilderment. His lips had parted into an 'o' shape and his eyes widened slightly, but he returned to his normally blank expression seconds later. He didn't know how to respond to the strange proclamation from the bun-haired girl, so he let someone else take care of it. When said person did, though, he immediately regretted not opening his mouth.

Sasuke didn't realize the mistake had made until the statement was already floating in the air. This was before Naruto and Sakura had known about them, and he knew that his two teammates were too stupid to figure it out based upon his statement. Lee was too, but this information was barely reassuring. Tenten and Neji were smart though, even smarter than him—not that he'd ever admit that. Tenten's observational skills were the reason he had made the statement in the first place, and the matching smug expression that she and the Hyuuga both wore was a signal to him that her observational skills had just figured out the secret that he so carefully buried. He wished that he could reverse time to back when he was still a criminal, that we he could kill Konoha's weapons mistress without being reprimanded. She deserved to die, anyway. Maybe that smug expression would be wiped off her face as he dug his sandal into her face.

It was a wonderful day in Neji's life, seeing as he only lived for three things. One was to become the head of the Hyuuga clan after his uncle. Two, was to protect Tenten with his life. And three, the most important of all, was to humiliate the last Uchiha at every chance he could get. He would be sure to hug Tenten and thank her for this beautiful day sometime in the future. That small proclamation that she had made really turned his average day into an extraordinary one. "Oi, Sasuke-san, Sai-san. You guys really look alike!" It didn't seem like that big of a deal, what Tenten had said. None of them thought of it that way, not until Sasuke opened his mouth and doomed himself forever.

"Haven't you ever heard the saying that when you spend too much time with someone, you start to look alike?"

Naruto smirked at the onyx-haired former ROOT member as his mind brought him back to the present. He had knocked on the door of the Uchiha household expecting Sasuke, but wasn't surprised to see Sai, with a tired expression on his face. The boy who was standing in front of him only wore a black shirt that was obviously too large for him and boxers. He flashed a false grin at his two teammates as he led them inside. Naruto, who was becoming more observant since he hung out with Tenten a lot more lately, took note of the hand Sai held on his lower back and the slight limp in his step.

Sakura bit her lip and cursed herself for the inappropriate thoughts that filled her head. When she first discovered this thing, she didn't know who she hated more. Sai, who stole her first love away from her, or Sasuke, who stole away her more current love. She cursed them both to hell because she knew that she hated neither. They completed each other, in some strange way. She noticed the difference in smiles between the ones Sai normally gave and the ones that he directed towards Sasuke. She noticed how the glares Sasuke shot at Sai were often less disturbing then the ones he shot at everyone else, and how the threats he directed at Sai held less venom than his usual 'I'll-kill-everyone-you-love's. Sakura noticed these little things, and wondered how long it would take for the two boys to notice them as well.

Tenten spent a good amount of time around Team Seven, and she could read them all so easily. Sasuke was usually mean to everyone, except for her and Sai. She didn't understand his kindness towards her, and others might have mistaken it for hidden feelings. Of course she knew, the only hidden feelings Sasuke had were the ones of pleasure when Sai moaned his name at night. Some people might have found it strange that Tenten knew such personal information about the Uchiha, but just as he had said, when you spend too much time with someone, you start to look alike. In her case, it was that you started to think alike. Tenten had her own form of the Byakugan, and she could easily read someone's emotions just by looking into their eyes and studying their body movements. Tenten observed how the Uchiha relaxed ever so slightly when Sai was around, and she didn't ignore the glances he shot at Sasuke every once in a while.

Sai didn't display emotions often, but when he was feeling them he sure as hell knew when to hide them. He knew that someone was reading him like a book. It was Naruto's best friend of the week…that bun-haired, weapon throwing tomboy. Goddamn her. He could barely understand his feelings, and it made him angry that someone else was able to. What did she know? She just played little training dummy for her stupid boyfriend, that white-eyed girly man. Of course, Sai couldn't be so hostile towards the girl. She wasn't to blame for his feelings. It was that damned Uchiha. It was his fault. At first, everything was fine. He'd go to Sasuke's house, Sasuke would stick it to him, and he'd leave right after—limping himself back to his humble abode. But soon, it became more frequent. It started to be an every night occurrence. Then, he began to spend the night at the Uchiha's home. He would usually be gone before Sasuke could even think about the previous night. But now, he would wake up in Sasuke's arms. If he even dared try to leave, the Uchiha would just cling to him possessively. Sai couldn't recall when he had become an item, because he wasn't aware that a person could belong to someone. The last straw was when the Uchiha had whispered that disgusting m-word into his ear.

Sasuke hated Sai. He didn't like him. He thought he was disgusting. He wanted to kill him. He despised him. He dreamt of him being killed. He hated him. Or, at least, that's what he repeated to himself every morning and night as he wrapped his arms around the slightly smaller boy's waist and pulled him instinctively close. Sasuke didn't know when he had become so needy, it was disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting. He was starting to become like that blonde that used to be obsessed with him…what was her name? Ino. That's right. The way she clung to her girlfriend—that Hyuuga girl, was quite similar to the way he often clung to his boyfriend. Wait, what? His boyfriend? No, that's NOT what Sai was to him. No, no. FUCK no. He thought nothing of the boy. He was nothing more than a meaningless fuck, that's all, right? Yes, that was all. That bun-haired girl didn't know what she was talking about. She didn't know anything of his feelings. Sasuke had no feelings for the slightly older, slightly more innocent boy. That's idiotic. Sasuke didn't have feelings for anyone. He was only in it for the sex. Wasn't that what everyone said? Well, he was being honest. He didn't feel anything for Sai. The only thing he felt was confusion, when he had whispered that simple word into the ROOT member's ear. The only thing he felt was uncomfortable, when the pale boy slipped his hand into the Uchiha's. He didn't mean it, no no. Of course not. He lied. He wasn't being possessive and he certainly hadn't said it. No, not at all. He couldn't even bring his mouth to formulate that sinister word….the m-word…
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