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Day And Night

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Drabbles between Yuna and Lulu. Sorry if it seems a little out of character. YunaxLulu

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Final Fantasy X (cries) I'm not making any money off this story or any others for that matter.


Yuna felt the room spin, she gripped the wall for support. Faces peered at her, looks of happiness, anxiety, worry, concern. Yuna searched only for one gaze, a pair of crimson eyes outlined by black.
Her struggles in the room of the fayth vanished as she looked upon that pale face.
"I've done it, I have...become a summoner!" Yuna managed to whisper.
Looks of suprise, confusion, shock, panic.
Yuna felt her legs give away and the glorious feel of rushing air. A strong arm caught her in time gently cradling her like a baby. Definatly Kimirahi's.
Yuna woke up her, eyes fluttering upon Lulu.
Lu, worry only makes your face more beautiful....


Yuna stopped the flow of tears for a moment to look up into the face of the black mage, Lulu. Her vision was blurred from her hot tears but she could still she Lulu's beauty so clearly. Crimson eyes looked down at her full of love and hiding sorrow.
"I...I Hope I Did Ok." Yuna said softly almost ashamed to be caught crying. Crying is for babies, and your no baby. Your a summoner.
Lulu walked up to her a faint smile painted on her lips, she gently reached up a played with her hair. Yuna closed her eyes and imagined Lulu running her fingers through her hair, letting them trickle down her neck. She snapped herself out of those thoughts, blushing slightly at her imagination.
"You did very well. I'm sure they've reached the farplane by now. But no crying next time ok?" Lulu soothed.
Her voice was soft and sweet, full of caring words and false hopes.
I wish I could tell you Lu, I'm trying so hard not to....I love you, I love you so much.
Yuna's mouth tried to form the words but Yuna swallowed them. She nodded at Lulu, her heart breaking with every beat.


Dona's words were sharp and they stung like a blade, Yuna could almost feel it pierce her chest.
"You owe much to your father."
But Lulu, your words were like the shield that stops the crashing of the blade. You've always protected me, you've always been there. I'll need no one else but you, will you be by my side forever?
Dona stormed away her footfalls echoing in the sacred halls. Yuna met Lulu's gaze, Lulu's face was heightened by the thrill of a fight. Her eyes burning and her body taunt with anger. Yuna stood stunned in admiration as loved burned a hole in her lungs.
"Lulu thank you...for everything."
Lulu only smiled, reality set back in and the whole party seemed to breathe a little easier.
Yuna was overcome with emotion and ran up, engulfing her guardian in a tight hug. She could feel her heart beat aganist her own almost racing now. Yuna's mind threatened to explode, she wanted this moment to last forever and yet she knew it couldn't, nor would it ever go any further.
"I mean thank you...really."
Lulu returned the hug, more like a soft squeeze.
"I know you do."


I don't love him Lulu....I like him but I love you...
He held me there, I stood crying in front of him and he watched every last tear fall from my face. I felt his eyes on mine and I stopped and looked up. For the moment I saw your eyes staring back at me, full of love and regret.
He reached down and kissed me, and I imagined you. The whole time it was you...pulling me under the water. And I'll never forget it either, it hurt when I stopped myself and realized it really wasn't you.


I saw the pain you hid that day as I sent Lady Ginnem. Yuna and Lulu walked back in silence far behind the others. Yuna constantly stopped to steal a look at Lulu. She reached out and touched Lulu's face, stopping the flow of a single tear.
"Lu, I know its hard."
Lulu said nothing she was embarrassed, a little. Yuna's heart went out to the mage.
"You know you don't have to hide your tears with me."
Lulu broke out now, her shoulders shaking slightly with the force of her silent sobs. Yuna grabbed the mage and pulled her closer.
"Remember when I was little and you always stopped my tears with your singing? You always made sure no one else could hear you but me. That always made me feel special."
Lulu let Yuna's words wash over her and she pulled into Yuna, burying her face into Yuna's shoulder. Yuna began to hum the old Besaid ballad and slowly felt Lulu's sobs soften. Yuna stared into her guardian's eyes a felt herself be pulled in. In a moment Yuna let her lips brush past Lulu's, Lulu's eyes widened in surprise and Yuna stopped, fearfully waiting the results.
A smirk crossed Lulu's face which quickly turned into a kiss, pulling Yuna in. Yuna's was suprised by the intensity of this kiss, but he desire burned within - she had dreamt of this for a very long time. This kiss was over as quickly as it came. Lulu kept on walking, no trace of tears or pain across her face. She had moved on leaving old memories behind.
"Thank you Yuna...really."
This time Lulu's voice was filled with something much more then sisterly love and loyality.

yays...I hopes you like it!

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