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Episode 1 - Mr. Way's Ways Part V

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How do things end?

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Hellooooo. If I have to say 'sorry for the wait' in another one of my authors notes, I'm actually going to shank myself so I can't imagine how you guys feel. Anyway, sorry for the wait -cringes- it won't be as long next time because, when I get my science coursework done at the end of this week it's bye bye school, hello summer! I cannot fucking wait. Enjoy the chapter, it's the last of this episode!

Gerard's heart was pummelling his ribs, breathing fast as he heard the footsteps grow louder and louder. His eyes were squeezed shut in apprehension, fear swirling in his stomach, creating a symphony of fright. His whole body was tense, pressed up against the wall like he was glued to it, and each second dragging on like a hot, stuffy summers afternoon.
His mind was racing; what if he died? Right here, in this flat. No-one would ever know. Killed by an alien, though. The thought probably would have made him laugh if he wasn't so terrified. The urge to run, legs ready and itching, was overcoming him, the footsteps almost booming in his ears, when-
Pop! Zap! Thud! Silence.
Gerard creased his eyebrows in confusion, eyelids still firmly closed to the scene in front of him.
'Ah, that should keep him out for a little while, just a stun shot,' the Doctor said, accompanied by the sound of rattling machinery.
Gerard's eyes bursted open, vision going white and patchy for a second before the scene unfolded before him.
The Doctor was crouched down next to the old man, checking he was okay. What looked like some kind of handheld alien death machine was laid down next to him on the floor.
'Gerard! Hello,' he said, jumping up and smiling at the red headed man, who merely smiled back slightly nervously.
'H-hey Doctor...' he replied, voice sounding smaller than he wanted it to, 'is, er, is he okay?' Gerard asked curiously.
'What, him?' the Doctor asked, turning his head to look at the unconscious alien on the floor, 'yeah, he's fine, just taking a nap is all.' The Doctor sniffed as he turned to look back at Gerard smiling.
'Come on then, we'd better find Hannibal,' The Doctor said, peering round the corner before beginning to walk, leaving a slightly bewildered Gerard to slowly follow behind.
'Did you find anything, by the way?' The Doctor asked, turning his head slightly to glance back at Gerard. The red head shrugged.
'Corridors,' he replied. The Doctor offered him a smile before stopping abruptly at a T-junction and checking the small, handheld screen.
'What even is that thing anyway? How did you get to me so quickly?' Gerard inquired curiously.
'Well, obviously this is a tracker,' The Doctor said, turning to face Gerard with said tracker, 'but this, is a teleport.' He pulled another device out of his jacket pocket.
'Connect the two together and bam! You can find anyone who's holding the tracker.' Gerard nodded.
'Wow...a teleport. That is so space travel,' he remarked. The Doctor quirked an eyebrow at him and Gerard raised a defensive one back.
'Right...take my hand,' The Doctor said suddenly, offering his open palm to Gerard. He shot him a quizzical look before placing his hand over The Doctor's.
Before he could ask why The Doctor had requested such a strange thing, the Timelord had pressed a button on the panel, causing the room to twist away from Gerard's body, leaving him feeling like he's in some kind of vacuum, his entire body compressed and sucked to the point of near pain, but not quite. Colours were passing by his vision in a blur of endless black, nothing but a static sound occupying his ears, his whole body tingling.
Before any of the sensations could really grab hold of Gerard, he was standing again, albeit rather unsteadily, and facing Hannibal who had a huge smile on her face. Gerard had to place his hand on the wall to steady himself, his head spinning as The Doctor leaned in and hugged Hannibal.
'Took your time!' she commented. The Doctor pulled back and smiled at her.
'Yeah, sorry.' She turned to face Gerard, smiling at him before raising and perfectly formed elbow.
'First time teleporting, huh?' she asked, a caring tint to her tone. Gerard nodded and The Doctor went over to his side.
'You okay?' he asked, concerned. Gerard nodded and pushed off the wall, standing shakily but feeling better than he had a minute ago.
'Okay, so, what now?' Hannibal asked. The Doctor pointed ahead and gestured to walk, which they both did as he joined them.
'So, instead of just casually roaming these corridors, I've been strategically placing bombs all over the flat. They each have a perception filter encased in them, so no-one walking passed will even glance at the explosion. They've also been restricted so they'll only blow up this one flat. I have the detonation button with me,' he explained.
'I thought you didn't agree with weapons?' Gerard asked, a slight edge to his voice. The Doctor turned his head slightly to look at the man.
'Thats why I'm going to give him a choice, leave Earth or I kill him. It's the entire human race or one alien, which would chose?' The Doctor questioned. Gerard avoided his gaze.
'I guess you're right.' The Doctor nodded before turning to see Hannibal's amused expression. He mouthed 'what?' to her but she merely shook her head and he returned to facing the front.
He stopped at the end of the corridor and placed a small, metallic, round device onto the wall before flicking a switch on the side, causing a beeping noise to emit from it.
'How many more?' Hannibal asked.
'Last one,' The Doctor replied, 'we're really near the actual flat, didn't get far, did you?' He glanced at her with a eyebrow raised.
'I went round in a huge circle, actually,' she responded, The Doctor offering nothing more than a sceptical look in return.
Gerard watched the two with a feeling close to fondness finding it's way into his chest; he's so glad he met the two extraordinary strangers.
'Well, I guess this is it. The old alien man has gone back into the flat, he's registering on here as a life form. Must be the only way out, so he waited for us.'
'We've gotta face him then?' Gerard asked nervously.
'Well, yeah, that's the general idea,' Hannibal said, slightly patronisingly. Gerard fake glared at her and she beamed at him.
Down this corridor, to the right and we're there. Ready?' The Doctor asked. Gerard nodded as Hannibal took a step forward.
'Ready,' she responded. The Doctor smiled at both of them before they began to walk forward, nervousness slithering its way into Gerard's stomach at the thought of facing the alien again.
They rounded the corner at the end of the very short corridor and the flat was in sight, more specifically, the front door. Gerard could just run straight through it, leave The Doctor and Hannibal to deal with the alien on their own, am aching, nagging part of him wanted to. But as he turned to look at the two people walking next to him, an even bigger part of him wanted to stay, stay with them and defeat the goddamn alien. Besides, he doubts he would make it to the door in time and there's nothing left in Jersey for him anymore...
They stopped at the end of the hallway and The Doctor put a finger to his lips, signalling silence, before leaning slowly round to glance into the aliens living room. Without giving a warning to the other two, he stepped straight into the room, both Gerard and Hannibal staying where they are.
'Don't shoot, don't shoot!' he said, raising his hands in front of him as if to surrender, 'I just want to talk.'
'And why should I talk to you?' the alien questioned with a strong venom in his voice. The Doctor cocked his head.
'Fair question...maybe because I'm The Doctor and I'm talking,' he replied, much to the aliens dislike.
'Who are you to come into my flat-'
'Its not your flat though, is it?' The Doctor interrupted, 'let me guess, you killed him and took on his appearance? All very clever, but why? Why all the corridors, why the big fancy alien weapons? What's your plan?' The alien smiled sadistically.
'Well, seeing as I'm going to kill you anyway, I guess I could let you know. I'm manufacturing an army of the strongest, cleverest, most equipped aliens ever. All the corridors you walked through contain doors, in the walls, behind which are huge storage rooms with thousands of aliens in. I'm going to take over this godforsaken planet and make myself the king of the people I created.' The alien spoke with a premeditated sense of victory in his voice. The Doctor nodded slowly.
'Well, it's an alright plan, but I once knew a guy like you who wanted reign king of the species he'd created, can you guess what happened to him?' The Doctor questioned. The alien didn't respond.
'He died,' Hannibal said, stepping out into the room and causing a flash of danger and fear to spark in the aliens eyes before fading again, 'I never knew him, but from what I heard, he wasn't very nice.' The Doctor smiled slightly as Hannibal stood next to him.
'Oh, and another question if you don't mind, why Earth?' The Doctor said, the alien growing impatient.
'The atmosphere's weak, it can be altered, and this race is nothing but a crawling, snivelling pathetic excuse for a species.
'Now hold on one minute,' Hannibal began, 'don't criticise humans, especially considering you currently look like one.'
Gerard listened to the conversation intently, wondering whether he should stay where he was or reveal himself. His palms were sweaty against the metallic walls of the corridor, sure to leave a mark, and his heart was fluttering slightly in his chest. Things were quiet in the living and, without thinking, he stepped into the room.
'Why start in New Jersey, though?' he inquired, the three occupants of the room turning their heads to look at him, 'I mean, it's not exactly paradise.' The Doctor and Hannibal smiled at him.
'I got stuck here, thought I'd make the most of it,' the alien said, slightly defensively.
'Well, I'm giving you a chance to be un-stuck. You have enough equipment to build a spaceship. Leave this planet, never return and we can pretend this never happened, try to go through with your plans, and we will stop you.' The alien laughed loudly, the sound echoing down the corridor behind them.
'You wouldn't stand a chance against me,' he spat.
'Oh yeah?' The Doctor asked cockily, 'Hannibal, Gerard...RUN!' He reached out and blasted the sonic screwdriver over to the lock of the door, causing it to burst open just as the alien got his bearings, shooting in their general direction with little accuracy.
They sprinted through the door and down the stairs, Gerard's heart beating, the feel of ray gun shots which never hit him heavy on his skin.
They descended the stairs as quickly as they could before tumbling out onto the grimy Jersey streets.
'Ready?' The Doctor asked, both his companions nodding in return. He pulled the button out of his pocket and pressed it, the flat devoured immediately by flames, contained within the externally small perimeter.
They watch it burn for a while, mesmerised by the obscure flames, before Hannibal spoke up.
'Come on, let's get back to the TARDIS.'

The interior of the ship was a welcome sight for all three of them as they stepped out of the drizzle coating the city. The Doctor hung up his jacket before approaching the console, fiddling with a few things before turning to look at Gerard.
'So, Gerard,' he began awkwardly.
'Would you like to travel with us?' Hannibal asked for him, giving The Doctor a look. Gerard's eyes widened.
'Errm, I, well I, I guess, I mean yeah, yeah I would, it's just...' he trailed off, averted his eyes.
'It's just...' Hannibal mimicked.
'It's just my brother and my...boyfriend,' he finished.
'Boyfriend,' The Doctor repeated, rubbing the back of his neck, 'right...'
'Problem?' Gerard asked.
'Not at all,' The Doctor replied, 'do you want to go and speak to them?' Gerard hesitated, thinking about Mikey and Frank. He just couldn't go back.
'I-no, no its okay,' he replied.
'Sure?' Hannibal asked.
'Yeah. And besides, haven't we got some alien ass to kick?'

yeah...couldn't resist the hint of Frerard, sorry. R&R and let me know if you like it or not? It really boosts my confidence about my writing. Ciao.
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