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Happy When it Rains

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Anna's kitsune is still trying to escape, but this time, she seems to have gotten strong enough to communicate with her handler inside of her mind.

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Chapter Thirty-Three: Happy When it Rains:

March 17th, 2010.

She feels her trying to get free. Anna had just put the dishes in the sink when her chest began to hurt. She gasped aloud in pain.

/She’s here!/, the woman thought. The kitsune this time had gotten stronger. Anna’s heart speed up into four times the speed. She breathed harder to keep up.

No!/, Anna thought. /I won’t let you! Stay back! Stay where you are!

Why should I?

Anna paused with breath and wide eyes. Nerves crept into her spine.

Who… are… you…

Take a guess, sweetheart.

Chills took over her body. No…

Close your eyes to see.

Anna felt her stomach turn. This looked like an invitation for a trap. But what could she do? Her body felt weak and tied down to weights. Anna drew in another breath. Anything to stop the pain.

Anna drew her eyes closed. Heat blasted her face. More like bullets to her cheeks. Steam made her feel damp and icky. She could still barely move. Anna tried to look around.

Well, where are you?

Look within yourself.


Can you feel me?

Anna put her hands to her chest. She felt her heart tear inside. A realization chilled her bones.

It’s you!/ /A ball of fire floated in front of her face. Anna looked puzzled.

“That’s not your real form,” she said.

I know. And I wonder whose fault it is!

“Hey! I did it to protect me!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, he couldn’t, could he?

Anna made a puzzled look at the flame. “No… What are you saying?”

/The flame tried not to laugh./Oh boy. There is so much you don’t know.

“What are you saying?” Anna asked.

You poor, clueless soul.


The flame floated around her. You have so much to learn.

“Is that right?” Anna smirked to herself. “Okay then, enlighten me.”

The flame snickered. Let me out and I’ll tell you.

“Uh, no.”

Hm. Fine then.

“At least a little hint.”

Why should I?

“Oh… no reason. Just I own you in a sense.”

So you say.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

The flame came closer to her face. Anna felt stunned at the lack of heat coming from the body. The grin from it held her attention instead.

I could own you.

“And how so?”

How do you think you own me?

“By my own instinct.”

And that’s all?

Anna nodded in confidence. “That’s all I need.”

The flame laughed at her. You are an interesting person. Fine, I’ll give you a little hint. The flame flew behind her head. Anna stayed calm and tried not to laugh.

He knew that the shield wasn’t strong enough to hold me.

Anna paused and whipped around. “What?”

But, the flame disappeared. She opened her eyes and looked around. She had returned. Her body settled back to normal. Anna didn’t move however. She took a moment to settle her brain. This couldn’t wait anymore. Anna lied down on the kitchen floor. She pressed her lips together and shut her eyes.

I have to tell Asato-kun/, she thought. /I really have to now.

So much for protecting him from worry. Her heart ached thinking about it.
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