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Ryan and Brendon go to the club and Spencer and John go off when they realise something..

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We all start walking onto the pavement, leading to god knows where. We are right next to beach which is beautiful. Not as beautiful as Ryan though, I can't stop looking at him. We are all walking in a line. It goes Me, Ryan, Spencer and John but I keep staring at him and I wonder off into a day dream thinking about Ibiza and then Ryan next to me.

"Dude, are you okay?" I wake up from my day dream and shake my head like a wet dog. We are still walking, but now I don't know where we are.

"Yeah I'm fine, why did you ask?" I say looking confused.

"Well, you have been starting at me for over half of the walk down."

I blush and remember that I was staring at him until I went into a day dream.

"well, I went into a daydream about the alcohol and what a good time we are going to have tonight."

"Oh, okay well we are nearly at the club anyway so lets all go have some fun, yeah?" Ryan says.

I nod and we all cut out of our line we made. "Nice save" Spencer whispers behind me into my ear and I make a little chuckle.

We walk down a road which is like a massive path and we see girls in small skirts and skinny dresses, with big high heels, eww. They look horrible, no woman should plaster themselves in make-up like that, I mean come on you cannot see there faces. I don't mind them if they have a little bit of make-up on but seriously? they look like the Joker out of Batman. And don't even get me started on the boys. They all look like something out of The Only Way Is Essex. too much tan. They look like oranges!

It all of a sudden go darker around the sky, obviously night time.

"I am going to go off with John and look around okay?" Spencer says and he winks at me. He really wants me to be with Ryan doesn't he? god it's so awkward. Me and Ryan walk into a club and its quite full. The dance floor is covered with girls and boys grinding around closely so me and Ryan walk past them all into the bar, we sit down and order drinks.

~~Ryans POV~~

We all are walking down the the Ibiza streets but I can't help that Brendon is staring at me. Its very awkward.

about 10 minutes pass now and he is still looking at me, look away dam you! I look at him full on and he doesn't say anything or even look away.

"Dude, are you okay?" I say and he shakes his head weirdly.

"Well, I went into a day dreaming about the alcohol and what a good time we are all going to have tonight"

I know he was day dreaming, but it obviously wasn't about alcohol. He hates the stuff, he only drinks it weather he is depressed or looking for something and what I mean by looking for something, I mean like in his mind, or heart. Wow, I know a lot about him.

We get to the outside of the club when John and Spencer had to go off, of course they would. John knows that I am confused about Brendon.

we don't say a word when we get into the club until we get to the bar.


"John?" Spencer says whilst walking with John up and around streets.

"Yeah?" he says looking at me for an answer.

"Well, do you know about Ryan and Brendon?" Spencer says not sure what to say.

"What, are you on about how Ryan is confused about Brendon?" John covers his mouth with his lips and looks shocked as soon as he says that.

"Oh god I wasn't supposed to say anything!" John says, still has his hands over his mouth.

"OH MY GOD! Brendon likes Ryan literally like likes him. I confronted him about it when you two were getting the keys to the room. He really does like Ryan but Brendon is scared because he thinks Ryan only likes girls" Spencer said, John's eyes widen.

"We need to get the together, they would make the cutest couple ever." John says.

"Lets do it" Spencer said, almost as if he is getting ready for a war.


"Ryan do you want anything to drink, I will pay if you want" Brendon smiles.

"Uhh, sure I have no money on me at the moment, I left it back at the hotel but I will pay you back soon, yeah?" he looks up down at Brendon who is sat on the bar seat.

"Yeah, that's fine, I don't mind"

The lady comes over holding a glass. "How can I help ya sweetie?" she says.

"Oh can I have 2 beers please" Brendon says as he hands over the money.

"Sure, be right back"

2 minutes later..

"Here you go, have fun tonight" she says and she goes of to help another customer.

"Here you go." Brendon hands over the 2 beers to Ryan.

"I'm not thirsty tonight and I know you like your alcohol." Brendon says as he hands over the cool glass with condensation all over it.

"Oh, um thanks." he takes a swig and he asks for more, Brendon likes Ryan, how can he refuse?

"Sure" Brendon buys him about 6 drinks and Ryan asks Brendon for more, but this was taking it a bit to far.

"Ryan, you have had a lot to drink, take it easy now" Brendon says sounding concerned.

"B-but whyyyy? I- I likes d-drinks." he looks at Ryan's eyes and you can tell that he is drunk.

"Because, you could do something stupid. And besides its not even 10PM yet. and I wonder where Spencer and John have gone. We should look for them"

Ryan nods his drunken nod and Brendon and Ryan go out in search for Spencer and John.

Helloo, sorry its not much, I have been caught up with homework and shit, I am also working on other stories, feel free to check them out ;D Thank youuu
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