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Hello there Im New Here

by TeddyGotKnife 11 Reviews

Im new to ficad(as you can read) so heres a little about me :)

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  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-07-04 01:05:54 PM

    Hello! :) My name's Hozzie! :D Nice to meet ya! :3

    Author's response

    Ha hello hozzie nice to meet you too n_n
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) TeddyGotKnife 2012-07-04 01:07:08 PM

    haha Hello there hozzie ^-^
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-07-04 01:11:02 PM

    I'm Ash but that's not my real name hehehe.
    It's always good to have another new author here!!
    If you need anything, don't hesitate to email me at:
    See ya round!!
    -Jinxxy xx

    Author's response

    Ha thanks ash! And I'll be happy to email you for help ^-^ thanks for the review!
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) BipolarUnicorn 2012-07-04 01:19:36 PM

    Hola! My names is Abby or whatever you wanna call me! Nice to meet you :D

    ~Bipolar xxx

    Author's response

    Hello there abby n_n
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) MyNomDePlume 2012-07-04 01:27:06 PM

    Hey, welcome to the big family of ficwad! My name's Liz but you can call me... um, Liz. Anyway, It's great to see another writer on ficwad! Don't worry about any of the trolls or drama, that's all gone now (I think).
    You can email me at if you need anything. And by anything, I mean /anything/.


    Author's response

    Alright I will! :) And Yes Im very happy to be an author on this site its actually my dream to be an author, when I grow up, so this is kinda like a first step and pratice which I Love! Hope to make many stories on this site
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) Mynameisnotimportant 2012-07-04 01:30:04 PM

    Welcome to the Literary Parade!

    There are a few trolls/empty profiles on here, but don't worry about them. You can just quip them into submission.

    Author's response

    Thank you for the advice and I'll stay sharp of the trolls
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) FabulousRevenge 2012-07-04 02:38:12 PM

    Hello and welcome to Ficwad :)
    I'm Eve, which is actually my middle name but I got landed with the shittiest first name of the 29th century. So around here it's Eve, nice to Internet meet you!

    ~ A+E xo
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) MCRkilljoy 2012-07-04 02:46:06 PM

    Hi :) I'm, uhh, sheela waves Welcome the the glorious land of Ficwad. Hope you enjoy your stay :)
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2012-07-04 04:00:51 PM

    Hi! I'm Jasmine but you can call me Jazzy.

    Welcome to Fuckwad (hehehehe.) Just kidding. Welcome to Ficwad.

    I hope you enjoy it here!
  • Hello there Im New Here

    (#) CyanideSuicide 2012-07-04 04:24:27 PM

    Highlo :)

    I'm Mazy and Welcome to Ficwad.

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