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Akane's New Clothes

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When Akane gets the foolish idea that she could defend herself from future kidnappers, Ranma comes up with a cunning plan to show just how dangerous it could be to get abducted by an evil perverted...

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Prisoner of the Iron Mask
Akane's New Clothes

Ranma had been up early. After checking in on Akane who was sleeping the sleep of the just, he had gone back to the Tendo Dojo to get some stuff. He had managed to escape before either Nabiki, her demon-headed father or the stupid panda could question him about rescuing Akane.

When he had come back home he had found Akane still asleep and decided to let sleeping tomboys lie while he prepared his next step a few doors down the corridor.

The next step would involve working on Akane's temper. Akane had to be made to realize that getting angry in a fight was a weakness. Telling her that it made her predictable and careless would be futile. Akane would not listen, she had to be shown.

That was why Ranma had brought his old training props. Cologne had never asked to get her harness back. The thing had admittedly gotten a bit broken during his Soul-Of-Ice training, but Ranma had kept it nonetheless.

Ranma was mostly interested in the cords that contracted when exposed to hot chi. They would react very well to Akane's hot temper. He had unraveled one of them to gain some thinner threads and was now sewing those into the clothes he had made for her.

Telling her that anger was bad would not work, but wearing those clothes would hopefully drive the point home for Akane that anger equaled being exposed and vulnerable.

And if she could not stand showing a bit skin every time she failed to keep her calm, she could always give up and allow Ranma to rescue her.

When Akane had finally woken, she had discovered that she had been moved to a new cell. It was larger and much more comfortable having an actual bed, an empty dresser, a chair, a desk and a small window from which she could see part of the courtyard. There even was a small niche containing a sink and toilet which was a great improvement over a chamber pot.

Apparently Akane was going up in the world. All that she needed now was something to wear. Ashes who had been by with her breakfast earlier had been a bit vague about what had happened to her clothes and when Akane would get them back, but had assured her that the tailor would come visit her later.

The sound of the door unlocking send Akane for the cover of her bed sheets.

"No need to hide from me, child," an old woman with a tape measure and a notebook informed her as she entered.

"You are the tailor?" Akane asked from the safety of her bed.

"I am Mrs. Brave the Tailor." The woman affirmed. "I have come to take your measurements."

Mrs. Brave did not look like much of a threat to Akane. A small old woman, but not quiet as shrunken and old as Cologne. Like the other Lichtenburger women Akane had seen she was wearing a veil, but thankfully the rest of her clothes was far more modest. Long robes with several layers of vests and overcoats hid her body from view.

"Come on child I don't have all day. Come out and step on this chair so I can measure you." The old woman demanded impatiently.

Akane reluctantly let go of her cover and stepped on the chair. What was one more Lichtenburger to see her naked at this point.

"I see, you have already made friends with Severa," the old women commented suggestively when she saw Akane's manacles and collar.

"Those are training aids!" Akane defended her bindings blushing heavily.

"And what nice 'training aids' they are," the tailor soothed, "You have every reason to be proud that Severa choose you to be bound with them."

"It is really not like that at all. I am not like that," Akane tried to explain," Mistress Severa is just my trainer...."

"I am not passing judgement on you, Child. It is really nothing to be ashamed of. Just make sure that you don't 'train' to hard with your Mistress," Mrs. Brave told her with a knowing smirk.

Unlike Ranma Akane knew when to stop talking and make matters worse. Trying to correct the old woman's assumption would be futile now. And what did it matter what an old women thought about her and mistress Severa, anyway?

Still blushing heavily she silently stood on the stool as the tailor measured everything about her that was to measure. Lengths and widths and heights and circumferences of all of Akane's body parts. Akane really hoped that not all of these measurements would actually be used in the making of her new clothes as she could not picture some of them being useful for anything but really perverted clothes.

Mistress Severa must have been this closely measured to get her skintight leathers, Akane imagined, while Little Ashes probably only rated a one size fits all uniform.

When told Akane wordlessly knelt down so that Mrs. Brave could reach the rest of her for measuring. Her blush increased as the tailor frankly appraised Akane's built and the suitability of her hips for childbearing or gave her words of comfort about still growing and late blooming when measuring her bust.

Finally after the tailor had scribbled several pages of her notebook full with throughout measurements of the various dimensions of Akane's body she was finished.

"That would be all for now," Mrs. Brave told her upon leaving, "your clothes will be ready later today."

And with that she closed and locked the door and Akane was again alone in her cell.

Ranma was working herself ragged. She was trying to be too many people at once. Changing in and out of costumes all the time, it was a wonder she had not slipped up yet. Ashes as Akanes main contact was an easy enough roll to get into. The costume came on and off with just a few moves. The mistress Severa costume took a lot longer to get into. An entire body worth of skintight leather being harder to dress in than just a few loose wraps of sheer cloth.

The tailor had been overdoing it. 'Old Women' might be one of the easiest rolls to play, and the character had allowed Ranma to needle Akane in ways that Little Ashes never could have, but it had taken a long time to dress and undress. Ranma likely would not use Mrs. Brave again after Akane had her clothes.

Going back to Akane as Ashes and asking if she perhaps wanted to write a letter to her family had been a stupid waste of time. Ranma's hopes that Akane might use the opportunity to call for help had been dashed. The tomboy had been too stubborn to write much more than that she was fine and that her family should not worry. Nothing at all in the letter that could be interpreted as a plea to be rescued by Ranma or anyone else. If Akane had not been still naked while she was writing the letter, Ranma would not have stayed and watched.

And while Little Ashes had patiently waited for Akane to finish her letter, nobody had cooked lunch.

Ranma had thought that she could save time, by not changing again and simply shrugged of her Ashes costume and cooked in the nude.

One hot grease splatter had taught Ranma the error of her ways and the importance of wearing aprons. Unfortunately while Ranma was having her 'learning experience' — jumping naked around the kitchen in pain — the meal had burned.

So much for cooking a genuine European meal for Akane. It had been time to call for takeout.

Finding a place that would deliver the right sort of food had been a bit difficult. Tokyo was a large City and you could get almost any kind of ethnic food delivered anwhere within the city. The trick was knowing who to call. Halfway through the Tokyo business listings Ranma had found no less than fifteen different places that included kosher locust on their menu, but not a single one that advertised itself as making Lichtenburger food. Ranma had been almost ready to give up when she had come across the small entry of Light-Castle Restaurant that billed itself as serving traditional fatty Lichtenburgian cuisine.

After she had placed an order by phone Ranma had to bring Akane her new clothes.

Ranma was so far behind on her schedule there was no way that she would dress as the tailor again. Ashes would have to do. She picked up her costume and the package for Akane and hurried off.

Running while she put on her clothes and veil Ranma made for Akane's cell.

Akane was startled when a haggard looking Ashes burst into her cell. The poor dear looked out of breath and slightly panicked. It was hard to tell with her clothing, but it looked like she had the bottom of her uniform on inside out. And was that red spot on her left breast a bruise?

"I am sorry mistress Akane I am late with your clothes," the maid offered her a parcel of cloth as she said this, "You have to get dressed fast or you will be late for your meal with the prince."

Akane took the proffered item and unrolled it. There certainly was more of it than she had feared and it was not nearly as sheer and see-through as the maid's clothes. With the help of Ashes she put it on.

Akane observed herself in the mirror with relief. Her clothes were modest, loose, non-transparent and not nearly as perverted as those of Ashes or mistress Severa. Really not much worse than her school uniform. A skirt that reached to her knees and a loose sleeveless top that covered her upper body down to her navel Even the color of light yellow appealed her as it reminded her of her gi.

Of course there was no underwear included in the outfit, but unlike with Ashes sheer or Mistress Severa's too tight clothing nobody would notice this fact unless she did a handstand or something similar revealing. The manacles she still wore were jarring the picture somewhat, but there was little that could be done about this. What should Akane do; ask her trainer to take the magic training devices of her because they looked unfashionable?

While Akane was admiring herself, Ashes came up behind her with a small extra cloth, some leather belts and some ribbons in the same light yellow color. When she put the small cloth over Akane's face and tied it behind her ears it turned out to be a veil like the other Lichtenburger women she had seen had worn. It was light and almost transparent. Akane had no trouble breathing through it and it even looked good on her in an exotic sort of way. But Ashes was not yet done.

With deft movements Ashes slipped a yellow leather belt though the loops of her skirt and matching smaller leather garters around Akane's upper arms and thighs.

"Mrs. Brave said that you were so proud of your bindings that she decided to incorporate them into your dress for you." Ashes explained.

Then she took the ribbons and used them to connect Akane's shackles to the leather bands on her arms and legs and the rest of her outfit.There seemed to be a compilicated sytem to it and Akane payed attention and tried to memorize it so that she would be able to correctly dress herself later Ashes started out in the small of her back and threaded one ribbon from the back of her belt to the wrist-manacles. From there the ribbon went up her arms and through loops on the leather garters on her upper arms. Both ends of the ribbon finally met agin when Ashes secured at the half-ring on the back of her collar. The other shorter ribbon was similarly secured on her ankle manacle and ran up the outside of her leg underneath her skirt were it was threaded through a loop in the garter on her upper thigh. From the garter it was connected to the side of her belt on the inside of the skirt an run around her back only to be threaded back down her other leg the way it had come.

Akane watched herself in the mirror. having the maid fasten the ribbon inside her skirt had been a bit embarrassing, but now that she was finished Akane could not believe the effect that a few ribbons of colored cloth had. They had transformed her manacles from bondage devices to fashion accessories. Akane almost looked like a magical girl with them. Akane would have to thank the tailor when she next saw her.

But Ashes was less satisfied instead of admiring Akane's new outfit she was uncomfortably shifting from one foot to the other. Before Akane had time to adequately admire herself, Ashes took her hand and led her from her cell. She seemed to be in a hurry. In a big room that Akane thought might be some kind of banquet hall Ashes finally stopped.

Ashes told her to wait for the prince and or food and gave her a strange warning about keeping her calm around the prince. Then she left her alone in the empty room.
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