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Just a quick note about stuff

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Kay, so if you read my stuff or stalk my profile, you know that Vomit has gone green ~screams~ I'm still shocked.

The closest I've gotten to green is Hot Tub. I don't know what's with all the oneshots, but I went to AFW last weekend and got inspired.

I will be cosplaying an OC of mine from a story I have yet to put up on here at next year's con. I'm a good three chapters in and I can't wait to start posting them.

But AFW was amazing. I know I'm not the only Hetalian on here, so don't kill me. I hung out with England, America and France amd saw SOOO many USUK moments. The epic sad time moment is that they were 12-14. ~sigh~ Oh well.

I was also attacked by many Sebastians Saturday while in my cat cosplay. Not as bad as at Naka. One pinned me in a corner for a good five minutes and just kept petting me.

Which was great and awkward at the same time. Great, cause I mean, come on. Name ONE Sebby fangirl who HASN'T dreamed of being cornered by a Sebastian. Awkward, cause I had NO IDEA who he was. Amd his Ciel was yelling at him, which was just epic.

We also got America to strip as we sang thr Star Spangled Banner. England and France didn't know the words XD

Then the Rave was great and it was all just great. ~sigh~ I can't wait for Naka and AFW next year. My friend tried to get me to sell my hand-made Hetalia mochis. I was like.....uh NO! I spent a total 69 and a half hours on the five I made. That's with cutting, sewing, stuffing, adding hair and drawing on faces.

It's a lot of work, but I'm good at it. Anyway, off topic. Wait, I don't really have a topic. Oh well. I'm confused now.

Hugs and Fries,
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