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gerard and faith. yeah, there was something there.

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Mikey looked nervously around the living room of his apartment that he shared with his brother. He felt highly uncomfortable. He always did whenever Gerard had one of his "spells" going on. That was his reason for calling Bob over. Even though Bob hadn't been in the band long, he was glad that he could confide in him so easily, especially since his only confidant had been Faith and she had disappeared without a word.

Right now, he didn't want Faith to know anything. He knew about Gerard and Faith. Oh, yeah. He most definitely knew everything. Gerard was a talker when he was on his"spells." When he wasn't, Gerard tried to keep everything secret. That was just the type of person that he was. He tried to keep things on hush around Frank mostly. He knew Frank would not take it well if he ever found out that Gerard deflowered his precious twin sister and continued to have relations with her.

Mikey jumped when he heard the crash of a glass-something coming from the bathroom. Just as he wished that Bob would hurry, there was a light knocking on the door. Mikey rushed to open it and was shocked to see that it wasn't Bob at the door.

"Mikester!"Faith said gleefully, smiles and all. Mikey tried to smile back but it came out as more of a grimace.

Faith farrowed her eyebrows at her best friend. After three years, you'd think that he'd be excited to see her.

"Can I come in? I brought cookies!" she said, raising her hands up to show a pack of Chips Ahoy! cookies. Mikey looked back into the apartment with a nervous glance. There was another glass shattering sound.

"Fuuuuuuck!"a distorted Gerard hollered.

Faith peeked around Mikey, trying to see what happened.

"Mikey... is Gee alright?" she asked, sudden worry in her voice.

Mikey coughed and pushed Faith slightly out his way so he could step out.

"Yeah, yeah. He's fine. He's perfectly fine. Let's go for a ride, shall we?" he mutter quickly, closing the door behind him.

Faith, confused, followed after Mikey. She wondered if Gerard was okay. He seemed alright when she talked to him that morning. He even invited her over. Why was Mikey in such a rush to get away? She had the urge to run back and see if he was okay, but Mikey had already led her away some yards to his car.

Thanks for reading. Sorry this is short. More to come, I promise. R&R, please (:

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