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Chapter 2

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Gerard POV

Im sitting at the edge of the kitty pool watching all of the little kids splash around, i have no idea why i applied for this job, i hate going outside, and little kids tend to annoy me, but i really need the money. Some of the parents are already here so i decided to call the kids out of the pool 10 minutes early today. "You know the drill guys, buddy up." the kids scrambled to their partners and linked hands to walk to the parking lot, there was one girl left without a partner so i had to hold her hand while we walked to the parking lot. I dont see any reason that the kids need to hold hands, but the manager of the pool requires it. When we got to the parking lot the kids met up with their parents and left. After the last one was gone i went to the locker room and got changed. On my way home i went to the comic store to pick up a book i had ordered. When i got home i went straight to my room in the basement and blasted Helena by the Misfits, while i drew and read comics. I dozed off and woke up around 5 because Mikey was shaking me by the shoulder. "Whaatt do you waant!" I yelled into my pillow.
"Mom has been calling for you for the past couple minutes, dinners done, get up lazy."
"I'll be there in a sec." i said as i stretched across my bed. I trudged up the stairs and was greeted by a burning smell when i opened the door. I sat down at the table and looked at my burned... rice and chicken?... i dont even know, but i just push it around my plate making it look like i ate something.
"Eat." my mother said sternly before she took a drink of her water.
"I am eating. I'm just not very hungry is all.." i said, "By the way, im going a friends house tonight, i probably wont be back until later." not that anyone cares, i added mentally, my parents could really care less about me, the only person that i talk to in my household is Mikey, because he listens and gives good advice, even though he can be an annoying little brother. Once it hits 8:30 i call Frank and tell him to meet me at the pool at 9.
I got to the pool and sat on the edge swaying my feet in the warm water. I didnt know what i was going to cover tonight with his lessons so i got out some pool floaties to help him.

Frank POV

When i got to the pool i saw Gerard sitting on the edge looking into the water. I was so nervous, for two reasons... #1- The obvious, im afraid of water.... and #2- i was about to be getting swimming lessons from Gerard Way... You can do this Frank, i told myself as i creaked open the chain link fence. Gerard got up when he heard me open the gate and walked over to me.
"Hey!" he said cheerfully
"Hi" i squeaked back, i know it sound cheesy but he looks so beautiful in the pale moonlight. His eyes sparkled a bit and his pale skin seemed luminescent.
"Well lets start!" he said grabbing me by the arm and pulling me to pool. When we got to the pool i stopped in front of a pile of pool toys, "What are these for?" I asked
"I thought you would want some swim wings.." Gee said with a grin
"I am not wearing fucking swim wings, what am i? Five?"
"Well, then lets get in." Gerard giggled, he had the cutest giggle ever. Frank, stop, hes probably straight, you'll never have a chance. I watched Gerard get into the water at look at me expectantly.. "Oh yeah!" I said sitting on the edge and easing myself into the pool, the water was to Gerard's chest and i was a head shorter than him, i forgot how short i was and got scared for a second when i slipped and my head went under. Almost immediately after i went under i felt Gerard's arm around my waist and he pulled me up against his chest, looking down at me he said "Sorry, i should i have warned you about the depth.."
"S'okay," i said, "Just dont let go until im ready?"
"I got you.." he whispered into my ear squeezing me a little closer. Kiss him, kiss him, my head said. It was so tempting, his perfect lips were right there, all i had to do was look up and turn my head a bit, as usual i chickened out.

Gerard POV

"What are we going to do first?" Frank asked seeming a little distracted.
"Uhm,i guess we could work on floating?"
"Sure." Frank agreed
"okay, so lay down on your back and i'll hold you up, after you get relaxed i'll let you go." Frank did as i said and failed a few times before he had just had enough and wanted to stop. "I cant do it." he said sounding defeated.
"Do you want me to just hold you for a little bit until you get used to the water and all?" Im trying to be smooth, its not working, God Gerard, why do you have to be so lame?
"That would be nice." Frank said wrapping his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist. I suppose this wouldn't be such a bad time to make a move to kiss him... I walked around in the water a little bit swaying back and forth. Frank looked up at me and was about to say something, but i cut him off by placing my lips on his, not hesitating one bit. I moved my hands up his back to his hair and began to play with it in between my fingers. It was a slow passionate kiss, that i thought ended too soon. Frank placed a few kisses on my jawline and trailed down to my neck where he lightly nibbled and sucked on my neck for a little while then ran his tongue of the spot. Frank pulled away and smiled at me before he buried his face into my neck. "Never let me go...promise me..." he whispered into my neck. I put my face in his now damp hair and whispered back, "I promise."
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