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Chapter 8

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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Marmalade Roses: Chapter 8

Denise Marmalade leapt out of the way as Mayor Light used the mecha to punch the ground that she stood on a moment ago. The auburn-haired woman winced as the shockwave from the attack caused her to stumble and fall hard on her chest. She could have sworn that she heard the sound of police sirens from behind the building of the casino, but surely it must have been her imagination, right?

As Mayor Light was about to grab hold of Denise, the chief of police grabbed hold of the PROT2 Robo-Suit's arm, and using the same Judo move she had used on the Gustaff years before, she threw it several feet away, which landed hard against the casino building.

Denise immediately regretted what she had done when she heard a pained groan that came from the PrOT2 as she approached it. She remembered how little defense the mecha had as that lady pirate had attacked her, which really did hurt a lot.

"Mayor, are you alright?" the chief of police as she helped the man out of the PROT2. If she wasn't as concerned whether she had injured the man she had considered her grandfather, she would have noticed the deadly glare he had given her.
"..." after Denise had helped Mayor Light to his feet; he dug in his pants pocket to pull out the relic and pointed it at the auburn-haired woman.

"Now I've got you, you brat!" Mayor Light sneered as he aimed the relic at Denise's head. The chief of police was about to comment that the relic was cracked and obviously broken when the Captain and the rest of the police-force suddenly approached the pair from behind the casino building that they were hiding as they were ready to make their move.

"Mayor Light, put the gun down and put your hands over your head! Now!" The Captain ordered over the megaphone. The elderly man grudgingly did as he was told and was handcuffed by one of the police officers.
"Tom Light, you are under arrest for several felonies that you had committed. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you..." Denise stated in a strict and stern voice as she realized the Captain was watching her with hawk-eyes.

After one of the policemen had driven back to the police-station with Mayor Light, the Captain approached Denise.
"Captain! It's great to see you again." the chief of police smiled from ear-to-ear as she shook hands with the older woman.
"It's great to see you too, Denise. But--"
"I think we need to discuss some things that we need to change now that Tom Light had been arrested."

To Be Concluded...
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