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Bio for characters and introduction

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I started this fanfic last summer and it has been quiter sucessful on other sites. It is set like actual eastenders but only includes storylines involving my 3 characters: Ruby, Stacey and Jay (a c...

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I will start posting the fanfic soon but first here is a bio of the character Jay that i wrote in may 2005:

Bio for character
name: Jason di Marco
age: 15
D.O.B: 3.3.1990
father: Vonreco di Marco
mother: Tanya di Marco [deceased]
siblings: 1 - Sarah di Marco
occupation: still at school
additional info: Jason [nickname Jay] has lived in walford since he was born. his dad got his mum pregnant when they were both only 16 and when Jason was four months old his mum ran out on them leaving him to be raised by his dad. His dad is a womaniser and has been linked to many walford women some of which include Tiffany Mitchell, Sam Hunter, Kat Slater and Chrissie Watts. Vonreco [his dad] is also the 'other' son of Den Watts but he didn't know that up until last august. In 2001 Jay's dad adopted Jay's sister [Sarah.] After jason's mum ran out on them neither of them ever contacted her till she came to the square in january 2004 claiming that she wanted to see her son. She then got back together with Vonreco and moved back in with them but in early march 2004 Vonreco caught her packing her bags saying she was taking Jay away and when there was a confrontation she admitted that she found out she was dying so she came to find Jay and she wanted to take him away as she only had 3 months left to live, Vonreco reluctantly agreed. Tanya died on the 17th June 2004 and Jay then moved back with his dad. but since then he has been rebeling, he has been hanging around with dodgy gangs [including the well known walford mugger], bunking school, fighting and has been involved in drugs. He also started dating Stacey Slater in February 2005. Although Vonreco + Jay have always been very close they do have one very big secret, Vonreco knows that Den is dead and he has obviously kept it from his son and it is slowly tearing their relationship apart and as the story unfolds and Chrissie and Sam depart Vonreco may have to leave the square causing his and his son's relationship to take another knock.
Additional family include: Beppe, Gianni, Teresa, Nicky, joe and Rosa dimarco. Vonreco is cousins with Beppe, Gianni, Teresa and Nicky [hense the name di marco] just incase you were wondering. obviously Jay has took a liking to Ruby since she arrived in the square and they have been involved in a few passionate clinches [one of which Stacey knows about] but nothing serious has happened [not yet anyway.......] This should give you a brief idea of what the characters like. As i started the actual fic last year it will start from May 2005 but each episode will have an original date on it from when it was intended to happen.
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