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Part 3

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Part 3 originally posted on the 26th May 2005. When Ruby went to visit Jay in hospital.

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26th May 2005

part 3

Ruby enters the room and closes the door. Jay is laid in his hospital bed with his eyes closed, Ruby walks over to the bed.
Ruby: Hi
(Jay opens his eyes)
Jay: hey
(Ruby sits down next to the bed)
Ruby: I bought you some stuff (She lifts up a bag and starts looking in it) just some magazines, CD's, grapes things like that.
(Jay rolls over and groans)
Jay: Great
(Ruby looks down then puts her hand on top of his, she looks up at him, then he smiles at her)
Ruby: How are you feeling?
(He stirs again)
Jay: About as good as i look.
(she smiles)
Ruby: You always look good. (There is an akward silence) So has Stacey been to see you much?
Jay: worst luck
Ruby: How'd you mean?
Jay: I don't wanna see her.
Ruby: why not?
Jay: I just don't (He snaps) it's her fault i'm in this mess.
Ruby: Who did this to you Jay? (He looks away) You know don't you? Who was it, was it the guy who mugged me?
Jay: Yes it was Daryl, alright
(She looks shocked)
Ruby: Well have you told the police? (He laughs sarcastically) Well you need to.
Jay: Are you stupid or something? If i tell the police it was him then he will come back for me again, these sort of people don't care Ruby, this was his revenge for me reporting him as the mugger, now were even, that's it it's over he got what he wanted, if i tell them it was him who stabbed me then he'll come back and who knows what he'll do. It's better this way, its over.
END of scene

Next - Ruby is sat reading a magazine and eating grapes while Jay is laid in bed looking through some CD'S
Ruby: So what are you going to do about Stacey then?
(Jay sighs)
Jay: I don't know...she wasn't there for me when i needed her (He puts the CD's down next to the bed and looks at Ruby) and honestly i think...i think, i love you more.
Ruby: What?
(Jay smiles and grabs her hand)
Jay: I said, i think i love you more.
(Suddenly the door opens and Johnny walks in)
Johnny: um sorry Ruby but we've got to go i've got to get back to the club.
(Ruby looks at Jay)
Ruby: ok
(She stands up and walks towards the door, then she looks back at Jay before leaving)
END of scene
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