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A/N; Omg this is it, I'm not gonna like blab all up here, just enjoy some sexy time and I'll be all sentimental at the end. Oh, but it's sexy and cute, I always had the ending planned like this so.. Xo

Here's the thing with Frank Iero, he loved pain. He get pleasure from pain. Not severe amounts of pain, just the right amount. Like someone scrapping their nails down his back, or digging them into his hips. Frank just hoped Gerard was the same.

Frank knew this was his last shot; his tenth attempt. He made Gerard keep a clear schedule on this date; march 21st. They were having a 'sleepover', but if Frank had his way, there would be minimal sleeping.

"Frankie?" Frank heard Gerard call from downstairs, but didn't reply, Gerard was a smart boy, he would work out that Frank was in his room sooner or later. And Frank was proven right when 2 minutes later Gerard walked into the room and sat on the bed next to Frank.

Frank, who was eager to get this done tucked his thumbs into the waist band of his jeans. Pulled them down his legs and kicked them off. Over the past however many weeks or months Frank had learnt that if he was impulsive then Gerard would respond.

Frank moved onto his boxers, gripping the waistband and watching as Gerard stared eagerly, biting his lip. Frank however stopped and walked over to Gerard and sat in his lap. Moving his hips, causing friction between their crotches.

Gerard let out a low moan and Frank stopped grinding and began to undo Gerard's tight jeans, then removed his shirt, leaving both boys in just boxers. Frank wasted no time in grabbing hold of his boxers and pulling them down, exposing an impressive looking boner.

Frank then remember his pain task, because hello that was the whole point. Okay, maybe not the whole point, but a major part of it. Frank ran his hands down Gerard's sides and then dug his nails into Gerard's hips, causing Gerard to moan. That was all Frank needed for his task to be complete.

"Are you happy now?" Gerard asked, pushing Frank away from him, because okay he could deal with being used, but not by his best friend.

"Wha-What do you mean?"

"You think I don't know about all the tasks Frank? You think best friends do this to each other? I don't think so. So thanks for using me like some cheap whore. This is exactly what I didn't want," Gerard shouted.

Frank shook his head vigorously, "No, it's not like that! First it was kind of a game, but then I realized I do love you."

Gerard tried not to smile, "You promise?"

Frank nodded, then pulled down Gerard's boxers. Then, he lowered himself on too Gerard and started to move up and down immediately, getting the worst of the pain over and done with, and holy fuck, he was having sex with Gerard.

“Oh fuck," Gerard moaned, and Frank could have died right now because this was happening to him. Frank changed his angling trying to hunt out his prostate. “Fuck!" He screamed, throwing his head back and rolling his hips when he found it.

Frank then reached down and began to pump himself in time to Gerard's thrusts. Minutes later, his stomach tightened pleasure washed over him. Frank came over Gerard's chest, while Gerard released inside of him, followed by a louder, deeper moan. Gerard pulled out of Frank and just lay there for a moment, trying to catch his breath.

"You promise that wasn't you using me Frank?" Gerard whispered, he put a lot of trust in Frank just now.

"I promise, I want this to be something more. But first could you answer me one thing?" Frank asked.

"Sure sugar."

"Why did you not let anyone else like touch you? I mean, was it a pride thing or were you scared?" Frank inquired.

"I wasn't scared Frankie," Gerard said and continued when Frank frowned in confusion, "I was just waiting for you."

A/N: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OMG IT'S OVER, THAT'S IT, DONE. I've been writing this for 8 months and I honest to god love every single one of you who has read, commented, kept me motivated to write this and who took the time to just be some of the nicest people ever. There was 3,200 views on this (minus this chapter) and that's just more than I ever imagined I'd ever have when I started this. Thank you for putting up with my shitty paragraphs and writing back when this started too.

You can read some of my other shit, if you want to stick with me, and if you don't than just thank you again.

There will be no sequel as of yet, or I doubt there ever will be. So thanks, and this is the end of 10 ways to seduce Gerard Way! Xo
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