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Oh Hell No!

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(Very short funny oneshot) While on tour, the bus breaks down somewhere in Washington. In a forest. The guys being, well, themselves, they get bored. What comes of their boredness?

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"How much longer?!" Frank whined loudly. Brian waved his hand and covered his other ear as he listened to the repair man. I closed my pencil in my sketck book with a sigh.

I covered Frank's mouth. "He can't answer if he can't hear." I whispered. Brian smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled back and nodded.

After a moment, Brian hung up. "He said about an hour. So if you want, go explore. Just stay close to the bus." He sighed, already dialing the next venue to tell them we'd broken down. As soon as he'd said that, Bob and Ray were off the bus.

"C'mon Gee!" Frankie tugged on my hand. I sighed and stood, letting Frank pull me off the bus. Mikey tagged along, running after Ray and Bobert.

"Lets go this way." I led Frankie in a different direction, into the trees. His fingers twined with mine, getting closer to me. I squeezed his hand lightly as we walked, smiling down at him.

About fifteen minutes of walking straight, we found a dirt path. "Wow." Frankie breathed. "What do you think it is?"

"An old trail, probably. Like a foot path." I looked both ways down it. It stretched on for miles, I'm assuming.

Fog lapped at the softer dirt and the trees about twenty feet out on either side. "Lets follow it." Frankie murmured, pulling me slightly.

"Brian said to stay close." I reminded him, a little voice screaming at me to drag him back to the bus.

"Just a little bit?" He begged, looking up at me. I sighed and let him pull me along.

About thirty feet off of our path, there was a soft cracking noise behind us. Frankie jumped and looked back.

"Lets go back." He whimpered. I nodded and pulled him quickly back up the path. We weere nearly jogging as another crack froze us in our tracks.

We turned around slowly, our eyes huge. A girl stood in the middle of the path, her hair swaying in a breeze that wasn't here.

She smiled at us, grabbing the skirt of her long, old fashioned dress. Her soft giggling wafted to us as she drifted forward.

Her pale green eyes were flat, her skin much to pale. Even for Washington.

She looked out of place, yet strangely in place in the foggy forest. Out of place in time.

Frankie and I backed up as she got closer. "Oh hell no!" Frankie warned her. She stopped and looked at us.

She held out her hand, dropping her skirt. Her eyes were focused on something behind us, full of fear. We looked behind us at a huge, shadowy figure. Something cold touched my hand as Frankie gasped.

We looked back to see the girl's pale hands on ours. She had a strange look on her face. In my jead, I heard a loud 'Run!' Frankie gripped at my hand with his shaking fingers. "Gee." He whimpered.

The girl opened her mouth and a gust of air slammed past us as she screamed. We looked back as the shadow flew away down the path.

Once it was gone, the girl let go of us, my hand heating up to a frightening temperature. She nodded and picked up her skirt again, running off into the fog.

Frankie and I looked at each other, our faces pale as hers. "Never speak of it again?" I asked.

He nodded. We broke into a run back to the bus.

R+R. I got shit to do that I don't wanna do ~sigh~

Hugs and Toasted Rice,
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