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Break begins, descions are made, and hearts are broken. R&R pleasee

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“Hello, Sunshine.” I wake up, the smell of coffee filling my nose and a creepy Face with a wide grin in mine.
“Holy shit!” I scream out, throwing a punch at the face.
“FUCK!!” A female voice scream out. “C’mon Em, I was just playing with you, you needn’t abuse me.” Whined my roomate, Tally. As my vision became focused, I realized she was sitting at the end of my bed, pouting. I huffed and rolled my eyes.
“Sorry Tal, you scared me and I just.. Followed my reflex..” I apologized.
“It’s ok... You want some coffee?” She perked up, as did I, at the word coffee. It was one of those mutual addictions we shared.
“Hell yeah!!” I laughed. We ran over to her new coffee maker, which was really cute 'cuz it was all red and black, and got started making some high caffine Starbucks home brew. While we were making it I noticed Tally was fidgeting alot. Like with the coffee, bag, opening it more than necassary.
“Tally... Are you nervous about something?” I asked.
“Well kind of. I have a question.” After she finished her sentence, my stomach dropped. I wanted to know what was she going to ask. For some reason, questions scare me. I feel like they will be bad, and get me in trouble.
“Um, shoot?” For some reason, I was scared of what she would ask. I had nothing to hide though.
“Do you mind staying and hanging out with me all day today? ‘Cuz I wanna just hang with you a bit before Christmas break. Please?” She begged, with puppy eyes and all.
I held back a bit of laughter. She was so nervous because of that?
“Ok sure! I’d love to!I need some girl time anyways haha. And I suppose you’re going home for Christmas?” My heart sank a bit. I knew Gee would but I hadn’t expected Tally to.
“Yeah. Are you?” She asked, swirling her feet in little circles.
“No. I’d ruin my family’s fun.” I scoffed at the idea of it. I could just see it now. My sister and brothers and parents all in their festive green and red wear telling tales of a fat pedo crawling down innocent victums chimneys ,while I sat in the corner, imagining what nutcrackers would be like if they were alive, liked meat, and had teeth, while eating all of 'Santas' cookies in my red and black ‘festive’ wear. Nope, don’t need that.
“Won’t it be a bit, erm, depressing being here alone?” She questioned further. I just shrugged and took a long sip of my coffee. It wouldn't bother me. I actually started to smile at the thought of all the alone time.
“Well-” She started again.
“I don’t care, honestly. I’ll live.” I snapped at her. I didn't like when people questioned my feelings, it ruffled my feathers. She squeaked and nodded. Striding over to my bed and I pick up my bass. Flipping on my baby amp, I let my fingers dance around the strings. After about 3 songs, I looked up. Tally is sitting there staring at me, smiling.
“Erm, did you like that?” I asked. She had been acting so weird lately.
“Yeah. Your gonna go far kid.” She said, quoting the name of one of our favorite songs. “Promise me that you’ll never forget me? And that you’ll write a song about me?” She asked. Her eyes lighting up, but not quite the same as normal.
“Of course! But… You aren’t going anywhere. Right?” I knew she’d lie. She had something up her sleeve. Maybe she was going to have to go back home... And stay.
“No, of course not!” But as she said it, grief filled her eyes. We spent the rest of the day singing, laughing, talking, drinking coffee, and smoking only a bit. I decided maybe Pip was right. My voice has started to sound a bit worse as my smoking progressed. But it was hard, giving up smoking. Anyways, the high we got from each other plus from the marijuana was just to good. Around 7 someone came knocking on our door.
“I’ll get it!” I jumped up and ran to the door. Too much caffeine and drugs.
“Hey!” I opened the door to the smiling face of a fallen angel.
“Oh hey Gee!” I was excited to see him but worried Tally would be upset. She was really looking forward to a day of just us, and I assumed she planned for it to go through to the night.
“Is Tally here? Oh by the way, I brought some Chinese food.” My stomach growled at the mention of non-ramen noodles and I made up my mind.
“Come on in!” He grinned his lopsided grin and followed me into the bed room. We sat down and ate. A lot. As in everything in the whole fuckin' bag. When we were done, Gerard brought up the topic of Break.
“So your really just staying here?” He was appaled.
“Yes.” I replied curtly.
“No you aren’t, your coming home with me. I’ll just make Mikey leave his hoe outside.” He decided, nodding.
“So are you ready to go?” I asked Tally, smiling. She looked over at me and I saw tears streaming down her face. I ran over and gathered her in a hug.
“Oh hon, don’t cry! I’ll see you next year!” I winked at her. She sobbed even harder, her entire body shaking.
“Sure. Next year.” She laughed sarcastically. “Em, I just want you to know that you are one of my closest friends. No matter what, you couldn’t stop me.” At those words, something snapped into place.
“From what?” I question catiously.
“Staying in my town!” She sobbed harder than ever. He body shaking so hard her hair shook like jello.
“Oh.” At the news that Tally wouldn’t be here anymore my heart broke. I looked at her, big tears waiting to be cried filled my eyes. I grabbed her and squeezed her tighter, refusing to let go. We cried together until the people collecting her bags forced her out. I sat in my window and waved at her like crazy until I couldn’t see her car anymore. Once I lost sight of her, I sat in the window a bit longer before trudging over to my bed. I would invite Gee over but he was packing. I was done packing and had nothing else to do. I sat a bit longer, letting my face go back to it’s normal color, then grabbed my bass and went outside. I carried it with me around campus until I found a nice little area to sit under a big willow tree. I sat and played a few songs Mikey taught me. Mikey. My ex. Who I was going to be living in the same house as for 2 or so weeks. Fun.
“You know, that sounds like a song that I once taught someone I love. But I messed it up and lost her. To my own brother.” Came a familiar voice from behind me, sounding unfairly heartbroken.
“What do you want? And why are you here?” I said, my tone coldered than the snow that was beginning to build up around me.
“I want you back. Sami was a mistake and I know that now. And I'm here to see if you need help with your bags. I thought I’d surprise you and Gerard.” He said, trying to sound as innocent and as sweet.
“I’m with Gerard. Anyways, who’s to say that the minute I leave you won’t get back together with Sami or any other girl? And yes I do but I’m going to wait for Gee.” I replied trying to get him to go away.
“MIKEY!! There you are! Leave Emily alone. Now come with me, both of you please.” Gerard huffed as he jogged towards us. His body was deciving. The boy was not in shape.
“Fine. I’ll meet you at the apartment. And Emily, you know that he won’t date you forever. I’ll always be here for you though.” He made a last attempt to persuade me as he walked away. He wasn’t being truthful about Gee.. Was he?
Tally's P.O.V
As my car pulled away from the school, I gaze out of my swollen red eyes at the drifting snow. The small, cold ice flakes build up on my window. I look to the school where my only friend lives. As I realize I'll never see her again, i swallow hard. I swear to myself that I will watch her, from my perch in heaven, and let no more harm come to her. I know she has been broken once, and I don't want her to end up like me. Heart broken and abused, wishing for a new life. I pray she will never let herself get to where I am. I pray for the duration of the car ride, the foreign gesture seeming so important to me. When I pull up to the airport, it hits me where I'm about to go. Back to my home, the one with the parents who have verbally abused me since I could walk. The huge house, with no one but my self in it unless it was a weekend. The town where I was known for my drugs, and I was nothing but a pathetic emo who proved to be the best bad example. This time though, I swore I would escape it once and for all. After all the world is ugly, so whats the point of staying?
A/N: Sooo what did you guys think?:D You got to know more about Tally, and feel free to pull your own comclusions of whats next to happen:3 please please please R&R i would really appearciate it xD
Murderous Music
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