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Lunch Time

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Well first period wasn't all that bad, besides Larry's unwanted gazes, and the typical gay jokes I got, chemistry went rather well.
The bell rung again, Mr. Bunsen dismissed us quickly, and everyone pilled back into the hall.
I looked down at my schedule again, Second period, Art Class, at least it was something I actually like.
I looked around for the right Room and found it since it had a big sign over it that said art.
I entered, again one of the first ones in there.
I looked around and to see if there was anyone I remember from earlier, and soon spotted that same blonde cat that bumped into me earlier, and to her side, uh, Larry.
Other than those two didn't recognize anyone in here.
Suddenly a bright flashy peacock walked by me, he was dressed in one of those fancy rich kid uniforms, and he walked with a so called elegant feeling.
I found a seat, and a leopard with a paint stained apron and white lab coat on, stepped in front of the board.
"Good morning everyone, my name is Mrs. Wax, and I will be your art teacher for the year." Her voice was sweet and calm.
"Now, in this box is a block of wood, I want you to carve it into the first thing that comes to mind to you. This will help define the way you see and think of art."
We all grabbed a block of wood and a carving knife and got to carving.
I had no idea what I wanted to carve, I just started hacking away at the wood.
I could hear the peacock kid complaining about the splintering wood, what a whiner.
I turned and looked at the girl from earlier she looked like she was carving some sort of fish or something.
I really wasn't paying attention at what I was carving, I looked down and saw it looked somewhat like a knife or something, suddenly my hand slipped, and I cut into the palm of my hand.
I walked quickly to Mrs. Wax's desk, my hand bleeding badly.
"Uh, Mrs. Wax" I said.
She looked up from her desk and I showed her my bleeding hand.
She quickly rushed me to the sink and rinsed of my hand with water.
"Alissa, could you pleas walk Jacob down to the nurse?" She said looking up from the sink.
She looked up from her carving, and smiled when she saw me.
"Of course I will." She said placing aside her carving.
So her name was Alissa. I was in such a hurry, before I hardly had a chance to ask her what her name was.
We walked out of the Art Room, making our way towards the office.
"So, how bad is that cut?" She asked out of curiosity.
I took of the towel and revealed my cut.
"Oh man, that must hurt."
"It does." I said.
I glanced down at my cut, it was still bleeding pretty badly, but something was odd. The pain was being masked by a stomach churning sensation, it felt...well...somewhat good.
Just the feeling of blood trickling down my skin, it was indescribable.
"Um, hello? You there?" Alissa said snapping me out of my little state of mind.
"Oh, sorry. I kinda zoned out."
"I can see that."
We arrived at the office, and I went into a room labeled nurse on it.
The nurse was a anteater with some strange tiny glasses right in front of her eyes.
"Excuse me?" I said peaking into her office.
"Yes? Do you need something?" She asked.
I showed her my hand.
"Oh Dear." She said leading me inside her office.
"How did that happen?"
"I cut myself in Art Class."
She wrapped my hand in bandages.
"If the bleeding doesn't stop bleeding by lunch time, go see a doctor." She instructed
She handed me a late pass and sent me off.
The bell rang before I made it back to class, and all the students piled into the halls.
I stopped by the Art Room and grabbed my things before I went to my next destination.
I looked at my schedule and saw I had A lunch next, so I went down to the lunchroom.
The School lunches weren't so great but I grabbed a plate of food and went off to find a seat.
I looked around and saw Alissa and Larry sitting at a table alone.
I went over and sat down next to them, I didn't eat much, but I did stare at my bandaged hand.
"Man, that's a big cut, can you still move your hand?" Alissa asked.
"Yeah, I can still write and all that but, I'll probably bleed some more."
I could see the blood piling up under the bandages.
Suddenly that Peacock kid sat down in front of me with a sack lunch.
"What, your not gonna try the school food?" Larry asked.
"Are you mad? Do you have any idea what they put in those things?" He replied.
"You're always so fussy, James, lighten up." Alissa said.
"Look I want to watch my weight and you don't know how many empty calories could be in that food?"
"Whatever." Alissa said rolling her eyes.
The looked over at me. I was still fascinated by the blood in my hand.
"You know staring at that thing isn't gonna make it heal faster." James said.
I looked up.
"I know, I'm just board."
"You haven't even touched that." Larry said pointing at my plate.
"I'm not hungry." I said.
Then the bell rang.
I tossed out my uneaten food and went off to my next class.
On the way out I peeked into the kitchen and saw one of the lunch ladies behead and pluck a duck.
Blood sprayed everywhere, it makes you wonder how they keep the kitchen clean.
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