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She's Got Me Twisted In Love

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I walk into the doors of Sprouts Market to get his organic shampoo that made my hair feel and smell amazing. I walk to the hygiene isle to find it, but it seems I forgot the name, and the packaging. What a guy move. I needed Sarah,but I can't just call her.

Ironically enough I see her walking across the store, and I call her name. "Sarah!" I say as I awkwardly speed walk towards her. "hey." she says not making eye contact. "look, I was a big jerk, I understand that. I wanted to call you, but I didn't think you would answer. I think you hate me. Absolutely despise me. But I can't blame you. Look, I just want to say I love you. I love you Sarah, and I always have. Call me?" I say and walk away, leaving Sarah standing there in shock. Shit. My shampoo. Oh well, at least I got to see her.

I get into my car, and turn the keys into the ignition. Right away Nearly Witches plays on the radio. "and that one regret was youuuuu" I hear myself sing on the radio. Ryan texts me.he was that one regret. "Meet me at Paradise Cove in an hour?" the text from Ryan reads. I drive 20minutes to get there and by the time I'm there, I see Ryan with a picnic set up in the cove. Fuck. Time to be romantic.

Ryan is dressed up tonight in a cute Bowtie, and a vest. He looked so damn sexy in his tight vests. I scan Ryan head to toe, and jump into his arms, and give him a kiss. "woah Bren,that was a shock." ryan says with the biggest smile on his face. I loved when he smiled. The picnic was nice, but all i kept thinking about was that lyric and how similar it was to what the man in the moon said. "And that one regret was you."
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