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Chapter 15

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Sorry it took so long, but here it is!

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this is a short one again, but at least it's something? please enjoy

“Frankie? What is it?” asked Mikey, looking at me with concerned eyes. How could he not be human? The one person I had always felt safe around had lied to me for years, was Lizzie a Vampire too? Who else was? Could he trust anyone in this fucked up world? Obviously not…

Mikey took a step towards me, his hand reaching out, to grab me? Or to comfort me? I didn’t know, and I wasn’t planning on sticking around to find out. I flinched away from his touch.
“Frank? What’s wrong?” he asked, confusion clouding his face, and what was that? A small flicker of panic? Rage boiled up inside of me.
“I know what you are,” I hissed, “I know you’ve been lying to me all this time!”
“What are you talking about?” he asked, his voice and expression of shock and panic betraying him, he knew exactly what I was talking about.
“Vampire!” I spat. It was then I realised how bad of an idea it was to piss off someone who could kill me as easily as I could kill a fly with no wings, so before he even reacted, I spun around quickly and ran as fast as I could.

I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had no money, no food, no water, no one to turn to, no one I could trust… I was alone, I was completely defenceless, and as I looked around to see where was, I realised I was lost…

Tall dark leaved tree’s surrounded me, masses of fallen leaf litter and braches covered to forest floor beneath me, most likely concealing millions of creepy crawlies, bugs, spiders, snakes, who knew what else. But oddly enough, I felt safe there, like I was so far away from the world, which I know knew to be full of monsters and magic, nothing could hurt me here. How wrong I was…

Leaves crunched underfoot as I walked through the forest, not particularly concerned with getting lost. What does it matter? My life is a wreck, I have nowhere to go and I’m likely to die of starvation, dehydration or exposure, that is if the Vampires don’t get me first, I thought before my foot got tangled in a tree root and I crashed to the ground. Ow. My face was covered in dirt, my clothes had leaves and twigs sticking to them, I was cold, tired and hungry, my throat was parched. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could have gotten up. I curled up in a ball on the ground, hugging me knees to my chest in a pathetic attempt to keep warm and drifted into an uncomfortable, haunted sleep.

When I awoke the morning light was being filtered through the dense foliage of the forest canopy, my clothes were damp with morning dew and I was shivering from the cold. I tall figure stood in front of me, her messy blue hair seemed to shine because of the sunlight hitting it from behind her.
“Why hello there sugar,” she said in her sickly sweet voice as she grabbed me by the back of my shirt and pulled me roughly to my feet as if I weighed nothing, “isn’t this a lovely surprise.” I struggled in vain to get away from her, but she was too strong.

Soft lips against my neck. Something cold pressing against my skin. Pain, she’s bitten me. Bliss, why does this feel so good? Darkness, I pass out.

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