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Bruised like a peach

by tmbfucks 17 Reviews

There's something not quite right about Kayla.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/07/30 - Updated: 2012/07/31 - 1023 words - Complete


  • Change of Path

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-07-31 07:48:59 AM

    Awesome chapter:) Update soon! :D

    Author's response

    Haha. I'm rewriting the whole chapter. A/N in a few seconds. XD xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 07:59:54 AM

    Aww, I didn't get to read it :( That makes me sad. I was at work all day, I miss so much because I'm greedy and work every day XO
    Congrats on getting a green chapter. May the future hold many green chapters for you.
    iPads are evil.

    Author's response

    Haha. I'm sorry :'( But, maybe you could audition! Hip hip hooray! XD xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 08:13:52 AM

    I like this story too much to audition XD I've told you of my curse, I'm sure.
    But I can't wait to read more! I hope you'll be able to rewrite the chapter soon. I don't know why but this story makes me incredibly inspired to write :D

    Author's response

    Haha. I'm glad I make you inspired to write, but that curse is going to get a beating very soon, because it knows you'd make an excellent character! :'( xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 08:41:26 AM

    oh! Sorry for spamming (I really don't mean to spam, but I'm in the middle of a forest and there's really nothing else to do...)
    I'm guessing the abusive boyfriend has something to do with the suicide, yes? :O

    Author's response

    Perhaps... XD Haha, why are you in the middle of a forest... unless you're in centre parcs. That's where I'm going in less than a week. XD xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 08:52:21 AM

    I KNEW it! I'm a genius. Okay, maybe not.
    I'm at a lakeside cabin, there's nothing but trees, mosquitoes and water here. Thank god for wifi :P
    I've no idea what centre parcs are :D

    Author's response

    Haha. You're a genius, yes. XD Centre parcs is basically a place in a forest with lots of stuff and it's amazing and everything. I can't explain it though, but it's heaven. You're not from England are you? XD xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 09:19:42 AM

    Well, you learn something new every day :D I think I know what you mean, but I'm probably wrong... I'm imagining rock climbing and those high swings you can use to jump into water... Am I totally off? :D
    And no, I am not from England, but I wish I was. I love England. All brits are wizards, right?

    Author's response

    It's kind of like that, but massive. Like, giant sized. XD And yes... yes we are! XD xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) S-C-A-R-E-C-R-O-W 2012-07-31 11:41:52 AM


    Author's response

    HAHA!!! She's part of the MCRmy and a ficwaddian. I think she's safe! Poppana, don't tell anyone else! :P xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 11:54:37 AM

    I am so ashamed of not attending Hogwarts like you guys... My letter is so late. Yet, hope lives on. I know I'm 19, but perhaps it is the way of the wizarding schools in my country. At least I hope so. I don't want to be a muggle :( I mean I don't support Voldie or anything, although I think he's really cool in an odd way, but wizards are so much cooler than muggles.

    Author's response

    Haha. Maybe you can become one, on the condition that you audition please?!?! (I swear to god, I have the story set out! I just need characters, and this could be your chance! XD) xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) S-C-A-R-E-C-R-O-W 2012-07-31 12:01:44 PM

    Hmmm. Okay. I shall Apparate to my night classes now. fwoom

    Author's response

    I'll come with! And I like that sound. FWOOM XD xx
  • Change of Path

    (#) Poppana 2012-07-31 12:06:05 PM

    LIARS! YOU CAN'T APPARATE IN HOGWARTS! Or have I been lied to once again? :O I feel so betrayed. Damn you, literature.

    Name: Rory
    Nickname: Nothing, just Rory
    Part: The abusive son of a bitch
    Hair: Dirty blonde, keeps it messy
    Eyes: Chocolate brown
    Anything else: Is an abusive son of a bitch :D Between jobs at the moment. He's not a bad person, but the alcohol abuse mixed with a hot temper is a bad combo. A very macho man, more brawn than brain.

    May I be a wizard now?

    Author's response

    WOOOO!!!!! Maybe in the non-movie version of Harry Potter, we can. ;) I pronounce you... WIZARD!!! Thank you so much. You got the part by the way. XD xx

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