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Balanced Emotions

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Lindsey smiled widely at Gerard and kissed his lips softly. "Wait, i know you," Gerard said.

"Oh yes you do, i go to your school," Lindsey laughed and smiled.

' She has a beautiful smile,' Gerard thought. "I know you do," Gerard smiled stroking her cheek and then his phone buzzed.

Back with Andy, Dani was panicking. He couldn't die!! She called his name again, beating hard on his chest. "NO!" She screamed. But his eyes were cold and empty, there was no spark.
Soon enough the ambulance arrived and they loaded him in, trying to resuscitate him. Dani tried to phone Louise but it kept saying she was busy. "What is she doing?" Dani asked herself as the ambulance reached the hospital.

Dani suddently felt alone and scared. They whisked Andy through the doors and into a room where they kept performing CPR. She sat down in the waiting room and that was when the tears escaped. Once she started crying she couldn't stop.

Andy had cheated on her and now he was dead. Louise wouldn't answer her phone. Dani tried to phone her one last time and then called Ashley. He could barely understand her, he could only make out that she was at the hospital.

"Who text you?" Lindsey asked.

"Umm," Gerard's heart was in his mouth, Louise had text him wondering where he had ended up.

"No-one," He whispered, setting his phone down on the bedside table.

"Hello?" Louise asked. Dani had finally gotten in contact with her, Louise was still tired and she had stayed in Alicia's house.

Dani tried to tell her what had happened but Louise couldn't understand her. Dani was sobbing hysterically as she kept thinking about holding Andy's cold hands and his dead eyes.
Ashley eventually took the phone from Dani and told Louise to come to the hospital, Louise was a little worried and elft Alicia's and caught the bus to the hospital. Ashley quickly explained to Louise what happened when she arrived.

Louise hugged Dani tight and rocked her back and forth as she cried. Ashley kissed the top of her head and stroked her cheek. The doctor then approached them.

"I need to talk to you about Andy," His tone was serious. Ashley nodded standing up and Dani and Louise followed suit. "Andy is alive,"

Dani's knees sagged in relief as Ashley held her up. "But he is seriously ill. The combination of drugs we has given were extremly harmful. He could have brain damage." The look the doctor gave them was too much for Dani and she collapsed. Ashley catching her just before her head collided with the ground.

Louise's hands covered her mouth. "Oh my," She managed. She was shocked and expressionless. Dani woke up crying once again.

Ashley tried to soothe Dani. He stroked her hair and when she calmed down enough he carried her out to the car. "He cheated on me," Dani choked out.

"What?" Ashley said thinking he misheard her.

"When," She took a deep breath. "When i found him, he was tied up and naked, but i found another girl's pants beside his hands. He clearly enjoyed himself.. he had love scratches and everything.." She sobbed. Ashley was incredibly speechless.

- The next day -

Louise walked to Starbucks with Mikey. "Any sign of Gerard?" She asked taking her De-caf as Mikey was served his latte.

"Nope," Mikey sighed. Louise gritted her teeth, Gerard was in for one hell of a shit talking when he turned up.

School had dragged in. Unfortunatly Louise had not seen Gerard all day and Dani kept worrying about Andy as he had to stay in hospital.

At lunch everyone sat at the table having their usual conversations. Frank and Ray was standing leaned against the window, they both looked at the other sidde of the canteen and their faces turned to shock.

"What?" Louise and Dani asked clearly confused, their backs were to the other side of the canteen. Ray and Frank simply pointed behind the two girls.

Louise and Dani turned around and Gerard was holding hands with Lindsey and kissing her. Louise dropped her fork and it clattered to the ground.
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