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New life

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Our house was only a couple blocks from the school, so I would be riding my bike to and from each day. But, for the first three days, I was unpacking boxes in my new room.

Though moving sucks, my room is much bigger. All the rooms were at least three times bigger than our old house.

And there was a certain...charm about this house that made me love it instantly. The first night was the hardest.

I hardly got any sleep. And when I did, I dreamed of that dancing girl.

On Monday, I wore a knee length white skirt and a yellow blouse, my silver cross gleaming against it. Pulling on my white ballet flats, I took a deep breath.

I left my long chestnut hair down to sway at my waist. A minute before I left my room, I sent a silent prayer to God, asking for strength.

Mom hugged me at the door. Daddy was already gone at work. I walked down the steps and turned to the corner where my bike sat.

I climbed on and hung my back pack on the handles before I took off. In a free hour I'd had after church yesterday, I'd walked to the school and had found the bike racks.

So, finding my way there was easy. I climbed off and grabbed my bag. From it, I took my bike lock and the key.

I shuffled my bike into the rack and locked it up, slipping the key into my bra for safe keeping. The bike next to mine made my mouth fall.

It was slender and black, green vines painted along the body. The wheels were about five inches taller than mine.

But what I was frightened by was the snake locking it to the rack. I wanted to touch it to see if it was real, but I was too scared.

If it was real, I'd be risking loosing my finger. Maybe even my life.

I noticed there were no other bikes on the same rack, let alone next to it. How weird.

Chapter two!! R+R and all that. I have to do stuffs now!

Hugs and Scones,
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