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Chapter 26

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So this is the last one

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AN: I think we can all agree this story is shit. I have a new better one that knows what direction is it going in. Please read Something New. Something Old. its better and more put together. I just hope you'll forgive me for this shitty one and know this is the last chapter cause personally I want it to end as much as you do. I am a good writer but shit has gone down in my life while writing this and trust me If I could re-do this I would but Idk if I could. \Enjoy the last chapter and I hope its better then the others.


Do it.
Because you love him
Were not old enough.
Hand it to him in a way non propisitial.
Good Frank.

I woke up shaking.
Wait, thats my phone in my jean pockets.
I must have left it in the pocket.
I looked around me and saw I was in the living room surrounded by Bob and Cam.
The puppy was on the chair sleeping with the rest of them.
I looked up and saw Gerard sleeping behind me.
Then I realized I was laying on him.

I managed to get up, feed the dog and play 30 minutes of guitar before anyone woke up.
"Frank. Frankie is that you?" Gerard walked lazily up the stairs rubbing his eyes.
I placed the guitar on the bed and went to the stairs to help him.
"Gerard, babe your falling" I caught his arm as he stumbled back.
He was never good in the mornings.
I led him to the bedroom and pushed him on the bed.
"Frankie not now babe. Im tired"
"Thats why its better"
I straddled him and kissed his bare pale chest.
"Mom will be home soon. Frankie off.. ohhh"
He shuttered as I licked his chest.
"Here?" I smiled as I licked his waist.
"Mhm lower"
I licked right above his boxer line and he shivered under my toungue.
"Fuck you. Enough teasing. Do it already"
I smiled and took my teeth to his boxers.
"Morning blowjob?" I smiled at my own question.
He nodded pleasingly and I wrapped my moist lips around his already hard dick.
He moaned loudly and shuttered again.
"Frankie im gunna..."
Before he could finish I swallowed his load.
"What the fuck?" Cam and Bob were standing in the door way of my bedroom.
"Sex. Cant you tell?" I laughed at Gerard as he pulled up his boxers.
"THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING!?" Bob yelled out.
"Were waiting for mom to come home" Gerard yelled out again pulling on a clean pair of pj bottoms.

We went to the living room and cleaned up last nights disaster of popcorn, movie cases, and empty pop cans.
45 minutes later she walked through the door holding a "K Jewellery" bag.
I jumped up an smiled at her as my mother walked through the door.
I grabbed the bag from Donna and dragged them to the living room to show everyone.

I knelt down to Gerard and smiled.
"Your everything to me you know that?" He nodded a tear shedding from his beautiful eyes.
I wiped it away and continued.
"Im not purposing to you. This is a promise ring" I looked around the bag and smiled as I clasped the velvet box in my hand and pulled it out.
"This is your ring" I opened the box and he smiled from ear to ear.
"Were not getting married, but this is to say your mine. Im ready to deal with all your shit if you can handle mine. Please Gerard, I love you so much" He lent beside me and kissed my forehead.
"I will always love you Frankie, now gimme my ring" I Smiled as I opened the box to show the golden band rings. Engraved in them was 3 words.

I love you

He smiled as I placed the ring on his finger. He took mine and placed it on him.
It was 10am and I already had the ring I knew I was gunna wear for the rest of my life.
"Your mine forever Frankie boy"
He grabbed my hands and kissed me passionetly.

He was mine forever.

AN: Its done and dont expect anymore. lol Im glad its over but personally I really apologize for the bad story. I was hoping it was gunna be better. I love Frerard but like I said read my other one its so much btter.

Die with your mask on if you have too.
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