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Love doesn't break your heart

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This man was a strange man he confused me a great deal, but most words he said were true ir seemed to have no real meaning he meant a lot to my heart he had many words to be said one i will always ...

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Hello, this is my newest frerard fan fiction, i got the idea from the song: After the storm, by Mumford and sons. well enjoy, my fellow killjoys. 
Gerard's POV: 

He held my hand like there was no tomorrow, just me and him  standing on this hill, tall. This young man next to me told me once 'love doesn't break your heart, but dismisses your fears' This boy, taught me a lot, we cried and laughed through sun and storms. I clinged to his hand, so i knew this was true. He told me a lot more things another what lingered in my mind 'you may die alone, you maybe left alone, you should just go home, death is full with a man so small. You'll be scared of whats behind, just hold on strong'  I never worked out the meaning to these words, they just seemed right, and you could think what you liked of these words, but neither one would be true, unless they where true to you. He confused me a great deal, but somehow he's words, were full of meaning and they seemed somewhat, real, he knew to much for his own good, his mind was a rather marvellous like a invention, made by a mad scientist maybe, or just changed from the small happy mind into this,   confusing mind of wonder, hope and sadness. Not the innocent, little boy he was but, a scared old man, hiding in his soul, to nervous to become alive. I saw this man come alive, he tried but failed to stay alive, he drifted away just not at the right time, he became a monster a light of evil. This man was Frank Anthony Iero Jr.   
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