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Stall Me

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Self harm,pretty Patrick-centric.I feel so bad for writing things like this about him,but I do it anyway.

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Cutting.It's a monster you shouldn't have ever messed with.You're Patrick Vaughn Stump,you can't have something like this to deal with.It's too risky to be found out about,but it's too late to stop.You never do it deep enough to leave a dark scar that'll be noticeable.Nobody knows about your little addiction,not even Pete.The cuts on your hips and upper thighs,occasionally on your stomach and wrists,go unseen and are unexpected by everyone.Speaking of which,didn't he say that he wouldn't be back until tonight? That gives you a lot of time,plenty of time for cutting.You bite your lip and look at the alarm clock on your nightstand,fiddling with your sleeves."It is only half past twelve,maybe I could..." finally off yourself? Wouldn't that be a nice little surprise for Pete to come home to.Do it.Drive that blade deep into your skin and slice through that taunting vein in your wrist,both even.Don't stop ruining your flesh until you're too weak to move from blood loss.You stand up,body moving on its own accord as it walks to the bathroom across the room.The blade that you keep is hidden underneath a bunch of antiseptics that you know Pete would never look through.

You grab the blade,taking it out of its plastic case.Running your thumb along the edge,it's new;bought the pack just last week.You take in how sharp it is,how easy it'll be to cut through your thin skin.Rolling up the sleeves of your shirt you waste no time in pressing the blade into your skin,at the part where your forearm ends.Cutting a straight line down to your wrist,not too deep though.Not yet.You do the same to the other one,watching in amusement as the blood flows down your arms and onto the tiled floor.Suddenly the bedroom door flies open,Pete coming in.You never even heard him enter the house.You stand in shock with your back to him as he approaches you,"Hey,so the meeting was canceled..Patrick? You alright?" please don't come closer,please don't come closer in your mind you plead,but you can feel,even hear,him walk closer.Shit,I'm in so much trouble now! Pete walks into the bathroom and gasps,seeing the mess and damage you've made,he rushes to get a towel to wipe up your blood.Going on about why didn't you tell me you did this?! I knew I shouldn't have left.Patrick,please talk to me.

"I'm sorry..!" a sob rips from your throat and you collapse to the floor,Pete going down with you to keep a firm hold on your arms,trying to stop the bleeding.He kisses your temple,"It's alright Patrick,everything is going to be okay.You have bandages,right?" He asks,you nod your head and point to the cabinet as you try to stop crying,but with no luck.Pete gets up to look for the bandages and finds them,taking the bandages from their packaging he wraps them around your arms,taping them on."There." he looks up at your face and wipes your cheeks,frowning."How long have you done this?" he asks,"A while,years." You hear him sigh and guilt fills your body.Looking down you mess with the bandages around your arms,"I'm sorry Pete,I really am.I just..I can't help it." "I know you can't,Patrick.Nobody can help it if they have an addiction,they didn't mean for it to become as big as it is.It's just so good,you don't want to stop.You do in a way,but the need to feel the blade pierce your skin is greater.To see all of your troubles flow away through your blood is..well,it's a great feeling.Knowing that you can release all of the built up stress that you have,it's amazing."

You stop and look at him,shooting him a questioning look.He chuckles and shakes his head,"No,I haven't ever self harmed,I used to know people who did." "Oh,okay good." Pete rubs your shoulder and stands up,"I'm kind of hungry,wanna go out and get something to eat? You should change clothes though." his mouth flattens into a straight line as he examines your clothing,you nod and stand up."Yeah,I'd like that." he smiles,"Good.I'll go wait out in the living room,k?" "Alright." you watch him walk out of the bathroom and leave the room,sighing as you walk over to your closet,looking through it you grab an old black Clandestine hoodie (most likely Pete's) and pull it on over your head.You look around the room for your phone and spot it on your dresser,walking over to it and picking it up and putting it in your pocket you go out into the living room where Pete is sitting down on the couch.He looks up as you enter the room and stands,"Ready?" he asks,you nod,"Yeah,let's go." He shoots you that infectious,blinding grin,and you can't help but smile.Things are going to be okay now,I know that they are.Pete's my savior from this monster,it's all over.
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