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Dude Looks Like A Lady

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The journey of how Gerard Way transitions into a woman. Literally.

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“So Gerard, what is your deepest desire that you have never told anyone?” The interviewer asked Gerard Way. Her name was Anne, she was a small girl with long raven black hair and ruby red lips, interviewing the band for their next article in Rolling Stone magazine.

“Like, a deep dark secret?” Frank asked the girl.

“Yes! Like that, but something Gerard has always wanted. It can be anything in the world.” she explained, shifting back to Gerard for the answer.

“Well…” he said, biting his lip and playing with the last button of his shirt. “I don’t even think my wife knows this….”

“Go on.” Anne encouraged him with a bright smile.

“I’ve always wanted to be a woman.” he said in a very serious, matter of fact tone.

Anne nearly dropped her microphone, Mikey choked on the coffee he had been drinking, Frank laughed but stopped suddenly when he realized Gerard wasn’t lying, and Ray’s jaw dropped.

~10 minutes later~

“Fuck Fuck Fuck!” Gerard cursed as the four men raced out of the buildings entrance to find a dozen paparazzi waiting, demanding questions about Gerard’s recent confession. Frank got to the limo first and opened the door, the other men piling in and the driver hitting the gas before Mikey had time to shut the door completely.

“What the hell was that?” Mikey threw his hands up, hitting the ceiling of the limo.

“A bunch of paparazzi.” Frank filled in casually.

“No!” he glared at Frank than looked to his brother. “Gerard? Were you serious, or was that just for shits and giggles?”

Gerard took out his phone and saw that it was blowing up with texts. Well, that’s what he got for admitting that on a live interview. “I was serious Mikes…”

Mikey’s eyes widened. “So this explains why you used to dress in drag for art school!”

Gerard just rolled his eyes. “That was one fucking time bro, one fucking time, just drop it.”

“How can I drop it, you want to be a woman! You know, with tits and a pussy?”

Gerard just laughed. “I think I’d look pretty damn good with a nice set of double D’s, don’t you think Frank?”

Frank just grinned. “Yeah man, double D’s, you just can’t go wrong, and with your size and height you could so pull it off!”

“Frank!” Mikey shouted.

Frank just shrugged. “What? If it’s something he wants, why not discuss it, he’s your own damn brother, you should be the one supporting him, don’t ya think?”

Mikey’s expression dropped and he sighed, crossing his arms across his chest. “Whatever.” he mumbled, and didn’t say a word the rest of the ride back to the studio, Infact no one did.

~That night~

Gerard walked in the night just after 6, having spent some time at the Studio with Ray after Frank and Mikey had left. He discussed the matter with Ray, and Ray was surprised but said he only wanted Gerard to be happy and not to be afraid to be honest. It all reminded him of why he and Ray were such good friends.

He found Lindsey and Bandit curled up in the sofa watching The Little Mermaid.

“Hey girls.” he smiled, sitting next to them.

“Daddy!” Bandit shouted and jumped into his lap, her little knees colliding into his crotch. He bit his lip to keep from cursing from the pain, Lindsey tried not to laugh as she pulled her daughter off of her husband.

“B, sweetie, what have we told you about jumping on daddy?” she asked the little girl.

Bandit thought for a moment. “Oh! Don’t do it?”

“That’s right.”

“It’s okay pumpkin.” Gerard said, having recovered enough and pulled Bandit onto his lap. “Daddy missed you and mommy today, did you have fun?”

“Yeah!” she grinned. “Mommy and me finger painted, and we had ice cream!”

Gerard smiled. “Sounds like a fun time.”

“And we saw you on the TV!” she said, putting to the large flat screen that hung on the wall.

“Oh really?” he said, looking to his wife now.

Lindsey nodded. “Yes…we did, which reminds me, we need to discuss something.”

Gerard nodded. “Fine with me babe, whenever you’re ready.”


Hey, it's vampyGee with another story I hope you will all like. I haven't seen this done before, so I hope it's a hit. Reviews are fantastic! Thank you so much for reading, it's not edited, so I apologize for any mistakes.
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