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Duke Geronimo’s Ball

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Ailee wakes up with a box and a letter waiting for her from her adorning older sister. Now Ailee gets to have some fun.

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“Darling girl, wake up. ‘Tis time to wake up to eat and dress.” Softly said a sweet old voice as long, slim and wrinkly fingers shaked me till I wake completely awake.
I rolling over to look at my favorite lady in waiting I whisper “Grandma Dulcis.” Dulcis wasn’t my grandmother but she has been taking care of me sense I was little, teaching me to read and write, playing with me when everyone was too busy and loving me like one of her children. She knew me as good as my mother and sister.
“Your sister has sent you something and a letter with it, most likely explaining what she has sent you. The box is pretty big so read the letter while I fix your bed and fetch your clothing for today.” Grandma said handing me a letter in a black envelope with a white wax seal on it while I climbed out of bed.
I went and sat in front of my mantle to open it. The letter read:
Dear sister,
I have sent you a dancing dress that should fit not only you but your taste as well. I have invited you to a ball with me that Duke Geronimo of Rimini is hosting for his eldest son. I sent a letter to mother telling her what is going on so have you dress on and meet me at the front entrance an hour after noon. I will be pulling up in my carriage and we will ride to my house to get you ready with everything, for I have a few more things to give you. Then we will leave and arrive at the Duke’s at 5. Love your sister, Asesino.
“Grandma you do not need to fetch clothes for me, Asesino sent me some. Bring the box please.”
“Yes darling girl”Grandma said while she walked past me, posing only so she could take my letter from me to read for herself. When she came back she opened the box for me and pulled out the dress. It was a ball gown that layered as it when down on the skirt in a criss cross fashion, first dark navy blue and then black. The upper half of the dress was very simples with the navy blue being the blouse and the black making a vest like look to the dress. There were black dancing shoes with the dress and everything fit me perfectly.
“I’d say your sister spoils you too much, sending you dresses all the time and making sure that exactly what you like. Don’t you know that darker colors are out of fashion? It would be best for you to get a man soon and how are you going to do that by always never paying attention to what is considered to be beautiful at that moment?” Grandma griped at me while I took of my night gown.
“By my charm of course! They will fall to their very knees and ask for my hand. I will be able to choose any who I want.” I said as grandma lead me to the bathing room and pushed me into a boiling tub of water.
“Ha! Charm, you say? Well I suppose you could if the men are impressed with the fact you wear such dark color when you grieve nothing.” She took out one of her favorite sponges, the one I hate the most for it hurts. She took it and started scrubbing my arm in a quick manor.
“Dark colors are not just for grieving. I love them. Can you please not scrub me so hard, it hurts.” I couldn’t help but slightly whimper that end of the sentence and I regretted it. The moment grandma hear that she got this look on her face and I knew this bath was going to very un fun for me and make her day for grandma.
~~~later that day~~~
I stepped out for the front entrance and saw my sister wearing a bright pink dress with black lace. She was beautiful with her straight dark brown hair braided up, her light green eyes like mama and a filled out body, she made the dress look better than I would ever manage in something so bright and curve fitting. I always wished to look like her, but now I couldn’t help but feel a bit grateful to be different than her as the sight of her reminded me everything that happened last night. “Asesino, I’ve missed you so!” I tried to say without letting her know everything I’m thinking of right now.
“Oh and how I’ve missed you too. Do you love your dress? I made sure it would fit you, and that it was the colors you like, and that it compliment your body, and I hope you love it!” By the time she finished saying that she had started to speak very quickly and hugging me in a tight grip. I laughed at the way she was. She always loved me and everyone could tell. When she moved away she send me letters nearly every other day but I have manage to convince her that once a week it’s enough if she can’t manage to see me in that week. Oh and the presents she sends me, she manages to spread her love to me even though she leaves nearly a half and two hours away! She’s almost like a happy puppy that happens to be human and have a little sister who she happens to love like a pet that she never gets tired of and loves to play with. Most of my dresses are from her after she got married.
“Why don’t we get on the ride now and we can talk on the way to your home. Shall we Asesino?” I said while stepping up into the carriage and pulling her along with. When we settled and the horses began to pull she started to smile like a fool, a very beautiful fool. “What?”
“I’m PREGNANT!!!!” she practically screamed while somehow managing to squeal the whole two words that just pasted through her lips.
If it wasn’t for the fact that those two words had just frozen me I would have wondered how she could do that and not look like a retard. I was frozen as I watched her face light up while she said it a few more times. “Okay, Okay I get it! You’re having a baby! This is great! It’s about time, you two have been together for two years!” I couldn’t help but smile. My sister what having a baby with a man she loved. Deep down I felt so bad for mama but I couldn’t think of that right now as Asesino talked to me about many things.
While we were pulling up to her house I saw Asesino husband, Lamar Patrizion, waiting for us. He was also smiling like a fool; I swear these two are a match made in heaven. Both can smile like fools and still look beautiful doing it. “Aimee, has Asesino told you? I’m going to be a father! And I see your dress looks lovely, I knew it would.” His voice was so smooth and light. He had reddish brown hair, deep black eyes and always seemed to have a slight smile on his face.
“Yes she has and I take it you helped pick out the dress again? I’m amazed at how good you are at this; do you also pick out Asesino’s dresses to?” I laughed
“Yes from time to time, I can’t help but enjoy it. My child shall be well dressed without a doubt. Here I want you to have this.” He said as he pulled out a small box and opened it in front of me and his wife.
I was laughing at the fact he picks out dresses when he caught me off guard with the necklace in the box. It was beautiful. A silver chain braided and one simple circle cut deep blue stone as the main piece hang of the beautiful chain. “What kind of stone is this?” I breathed as I touched the stone lightly.
“It’s tanzanite. I thought this would not only look stunning on you but go great with your dress.’ He said while he took the necklace out of the box and handed it to Asesino. She walked up behind me and put it on me gentaly.
“But why would you give this to me? I mean it’s so nice.”
“Hehehe. I love my adorable little sister and so does Lamar. We agreed you were worth this so take it without a word. Anyways it was given to us and the person said he wouldn’t mind at all if we gave it to you sense you are so important to me. I hope you love it. It’s time for us to leave to Lamar help us back into the carriage and we shall head to the ball.” Asosino said after kissing me on my cheek. My sister always amazed me in the fact someone could love me the way she does. She’s never gets bored of me at all and loves me for me, not what I can get her (which wouldn’t be much anyways). After we got settled and the horses were off again but this time to Duke Geronimo’s ball.
When that carriage arrived and pulled up to the Duke’s home Lamar suddenly asked “Ailee, did you know that Duke Daniele Luciano is coming? Apparently he’s very good friends with Duck Geronimo’s son, Marcell Geronimo.”
“No, I did not, his he important?”
“Oh I suppose he is. He’s a very smart boy going the best universe there is in Spain, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. I’ve talked with him a few times and have helped him a bit. He’s handsome to and very great to chat with, I think ill introduce you two to each other, how about that Amilee?” Lamar said will one of his foolish smiles again as he climbed out of the carriage and held a hand back out for me to help me out
“That’s very nice of you to offer, yes thank you very much Lamar.” I said as I took his hand a climbed out.
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