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Notice: Not a real chapter but a note for possible readers

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Umm.. just read and post some characters to add into my story please?

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Notice for Naruto the Next Generation: Life as gaara's Daughter.

I started to write out chapter 3 but I just didn't like it.. at all. So I am re-writing it in a different scenario, anyways I am also making some more characters because I can't just do the main characters, minor characters are important. -sighs loudly- I am also writing down all the jutsus used in Naruto because they are also important.


I guess if anyone wants they can make up a character or two that maybe I could possibly use in my story?? I would greatly appreciate it.
I need enemies. Genin from the other villages besides Suna and konoha to put in the chuunin exam. Not everyone survives so I need people who I can kill off. Thank you for your time and I will, hopefully, have my next chapter out soonly.

So ummm...
Post the name: (preferably japanese. First AND last name)
Village:(not from suna or Konoha)
Jutsu type:
If its ok to kill them:
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