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Chapter 17

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of course I'm going to kill you

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hey guys, this story is coming to it's end! I just need to decide which of my two ideas I'm going to use! hope you enjoy :D

Frank’s POV

Why can’t I open my eyes? Or move my arms? My legs? Where am I? What is happening? It’s so cold here, I could feel the hard, flat, cold stone underneath me, metal chains and manacles holding my arms and legs in place, my neck hurt and I could feel a thin line of blood running down from the small cut there down to the stone table I was tied to, a blindfold covered my eyes. What was happening? Where was I? Why did I feel so weak? So lightheaded?

Vampires. They were real. Gerard. He had lied to me! Mikey. He was no better! Lizzie. I was quite sure she was a Vampire as well. Evie… She had kidnapped me… she bit me, she drank my blood, what was she going to do to me? Was she going to kill me?

The sound of footsteps startled me from my thoughts. Loud and sharp, like high heels hitting a stone floor. Someone was coming. Evie? I thought with a shiver of dread. The blindfold was pulled roughly off me. Light so bright it hurt my eyes flooded my vision, I blinked rapidly, trying to clear my blurred vision. A figure stood over me. A blood red cloak was drawn over their head, hiding their face in shadows.

“Wh-who are yuh-you?” I stuttered.
“You know me, for years I’ve had to put up with your pathetic whining, your weakness, all because of that stupid little twit Mikey, to think he ever actually thought I was in love with him. Ha! What a joke, I want him dead, him and his stupid big brother, they’re the only ones who could stop us from taking over the Vampire world! We’ve waited so long for this moment! Finally they have a weakness! You. They care about you, and soon, they’re going to be here, my sister is making sure of that,” said the hooded figure.
“Lizzie?” I asked, shocked, “why are you doing this? I thought you were my friend!”
“Didn’t you get it? You stupid, pathetic little human! I despise you. You’re weak, just like all humans, once my sister and I have control of the Vampires, we will enslave all humans! It is time for us to stop hiding in the shadows, and take our rightful place as rulers of the world!” she said, her voice rising as she spoke, her fists clenching and her eyes widening, filling with an almost insane look.
“Evie… She’s your sister…” I realised, but if they were the bad guys… I’d just run away from Gerard and Mikey… The two people who were trying to keep me alive.
“Oh the little baby finally got something right!” she said in a taunting voice.
“A-are you going to kill me?” I asked, fear making my voice quiver.
“Oh of course I am!” she laughed manically, “but not just yet, you’re the bait you see, if you’re dead, how will we get Gerard and Mikey in here?”

I was going to die, I realised with dread, my life had been so short, so few memories of happiness, yet so many terrible, frightening memories… and this, the most frightening of all, my death would most likely be slow, and painful, but first I would have to see Mikey, my only friend, die. And Gerard, who I was not exactly sure how I felt about, he would die as well… all because they were coming after me, after I had run away from them in fear, after I had run straight into the arms of those trying to hurt me… after I had unknowingly doomed us all… they still cared enough about me to try to rescue me.

The sound of screams and hurried footsteps filled my ears. I tried to lift my head to see what was going on, but my restraints made that almost impossible.
“They’re here,” said Lizzie with a little laugh.
Here we go.

so what did you think? please R&R, I'd really love some feedback :)
-Sarah xx
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