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Black and Red

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Random oneshot

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Black and red. Two colors I never really liked. They always made me think of the Devil.

The Devil's colors. At least, that's what I thought for the longest time. Up until I met them.

My junior year of high school. Everything was going great. I had straight As, my best friends Gee and Mikey sat with me every day at lunch and nobody messed with us like they had the years before.

The first time we'd seen them....I'll never forget it. We were sitting at our usual table against the wall, Gee and I on one side and Mikey on the other.

And then they walked in. The twins. One with blazing red hair, the other with black. Their outfits were opposit from the other's.

The black haired on wore a red shirt and black pants. Her sister wore a black shirt and red pants. As they made their way to the line, Mikey had turned to see what Gee and I were staring at.

They'd silenced the whole crowded room. My heart was racing. I couldn't tell if it was in fear or excitement.

Those girls were...different. A good different. Trays in hand, they looked around the room.

Their eyes seemed to land directly on us. Mikey spun back around, his mouth hanging open. "Ohmigod they're coming over here." He breathed.

I felt like I was about to pass out. He was right, of course. Gee was silent, his face as pale and calm as usual. "Guys, chill. They'e just girls." He whispered.

"Hi." We looked up at the twin greeting. "Mind of we sit with you?" Mikey shook his head and scooted over. They sat next to.him.

"Hi. I'm Gerard. This is Frank and Mikey, my best friend and brother." We let Gee talk for us.

"I'm Carol." The red haired twin said.

"I'm Cynthia. But everyone calls me Cat." The blacked haired twin murmured softly.

I was staring at their eyes. The only part of them that wasn't black or red.

They were both a hazy, icy blue. Nearly a silvery white. "Pretty." I breathed. The eyes set on me.

My face burned as I looked away quickly. From the corner of my eye, their deep red mouths spread in grins. "So are yours." A hand curled under my cjin, lifting my face back up. "Really pretty, actually." Carol smiled at me.

Gid kill me now! I bit my lip as her fingers slipped away, leaving my skin tingling. "T-thanks." I stuttered. Cat whispered something to Carol, making her laugh.

"Oh like how before you-ow!" She laughed as Cat punched her in the arm. "I was just gonna say before you cut your hair." She rubbed her arm and punched her sister back.

"Ow! I'm telling Dad!" Cat whined.

"No I'm telling Dad!" Carol shot back.

"You tell one I tell the other!"

"Oh yeah!" They settled down. We were staring in confusion. "We have two dads." Carol explained softly.

"That's cool." Mikey said a bit too quickly. I heard Gee kick him under the table.

"So, any other siblings?" Gee asked, looking at the girls. They shook their heads, Carol stabbing sat her brown salad.

"Nope. Dad accepted his gayness after us and married our other dad. We still see our mom every now and then. She remarried and moved to Nebraska. So dad and dad decided to move too." Cat said sweetly.

"We're from Kansas, actually. Our grandma lives just outside of town here, so dad decided to be close to her just in case..." Sje dropped her fork. "I hate school food. Remember when I found a roach in my salad in Kansas? At least there the leafs were green."

"Told ya you should have gotten this." Cat smiled and handed her sister the rest of her yogurt cup. "At least here you don't have to buy fruit for two dollars."

"I know right? I thing Kansas just hates vegetarians." Carol smiled softly and tasted the yogurt. "Better then this." She glared at her choice.

Gee poked my side, making me gasp and wiggle. "Dude, Carol is like you with boobs!" He breathed into my ear. I elbowed him away.

"So is there any good music shops in town? We haven't explored much yet." Carol asked as Cat peeled an orange.

"Depends on what you're looking for." Mikey sighed. "Nobody around here has any really good amps. And if they are, they're either really expensive or they blow out in like a week."

"I just need to restring my guitar. One snapped the other day." Carol held up her hand. A long cut stood red and swollen on her palm.

"Ouch." I held up my scarred hands. "If you hold ice for a minute it takes down the swelling. Then ya just gotta keep it clean." Mikey nodded.

"That's what he told me when a string on my bass snapped. Diwdn't cut as deep though." He turned Carol's hand over. "But Jimmy's is only about six blocks away. They're like heaven for strings. Jimmy even restrings for free if you have the strings already."

"Thanks." Carol smiled. "I'll try the ice thing when we go home." I watched Gee look back and.forth between me and Carol. Cat was doing the same, her blue eyes bright.

"I-" I tried to ask Carol if she wanted to hang out and have a jam session some time, but the bell ringing cut me off.

"Bye guys! We gotta go. See ya later." They said at the same time and left, tossing their trash on the way out.

I groaned and stood, throwing my trash away. Gee and I made our.way to choir slowly. Mikey ran up the stairs to English to go drool over his - truthfully sexy - teacher.

We picked up our music at the door and set our bags under our chairs. Mr. Davis was no where in sight, so Gee leaned closer to me. "Dude, she likes you!" He smiled brightly.

"Shut up." I murmured, my face burning.

"She does! She was looking at you like Mikey looks at coffee."

"Well, that's not comforting. Mikey looks at coffee like he wants to rape it." I rolled my eyes.

"You know what I mean." He shoved me slightly. "It's perfect! You both play guitar, you're both into that veggie thing, and you both have." He snickered. "Pretty eyes." I slapped his hand.

Mr. Davis came in theough his office, Cat behind him. "Everyone, this is Cat. She'll be joining our class."

Everyone greeted her and Mr. Davis showed her where the sopranos sat. "Well, look at that." Hee said matter-of-factly.

We ran through warm ups and our contest songs, only stopping a few times. A new record for Mr. Davis, actually. Ten times. Usually it's about eighteen to twenty.

Cat came over to us when he let us break for the last ten minutes of the period. "Is he always like that?" She asked, fear in her eyes.

"Usually. It gets worse when we have a concert or something coming up." Gee smiled. I leaned against the wall, digging in my pocket for my music.

I put the buds in my ears, too bored to care about what Gee would say when I couldn't hear him. Blasting my music, I relaxed and watched the clock.

It took weeks for me to get the balls to ask Carol out, no matter howbhard Gee and Cat pushed us together. They'd ended up dating, once Carol and I got together.

And Mikey.....well, Mikey had his coffee. I just hope he never got a burnt dick....

Randomness. School starts tomorrow! Can't wait! And, for the Hetalia Day update, we are doing it at OJ Watson Park here in the South side next month. We DO NOT have a date set yet, however.

We still need more people to get together on fb to get a group discussion on it and a majority on the date. It will most likely be a Saturday though.

Anyway, I gotta go. Stuffs to do and all that.

Hugs and Ducks,
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