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18- Things Are Shaping Up To Be Pretty Odd.

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“Forever and a day.”

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(Party’s POV)
She looked like she’d seen a ghost. In a way, she had. She’d thought I was dead. Understandably so, in my mind. I’d not been able to send word I was alive, in case the wrong people found out and ACTUALLY killed me. Instead of just putting me into a coma.

I approach her carefully; sit on the side of the bed she’d obviously just be transferred to. “Sunnie?” I say carefully, looking at her face. Her mouth was open in a small ‘o’ her eyes were big and round. They looked just like mine, actually. Her hair was jet black, skin pale as paper, cheeks flushed. “Neon?” I ask. “It’s me.”

“No.” She says, voice shaking. “you’re dead.” Well, she had a point. I was really tired. I’d drove for several hours nonstop (not even for a bathroom break) with no coffee, just to get back to my Sun.

“Yeah, coma’s can look like that.” I say with a small chuckle. She holds our children closer to herself. She doesn’t believe me.

“I had my head on your chest. There wasn’t a heartbeat.” She answers me. “I sat there. They told me you were dead while I was there.” She’s crying now. I feel horrible. I thought she’d be excited. “We… we buried you.”

I chuckle a bit, from the back of my throat. “Yeah, well, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” I say with a smile. I reach carefully for the blue swaddled baby. “May I hold him?” I ask. She nods. “If I can hold him, I’m obviously real. Violet saw me, she passed out. Infernal thought she hallucinated. Kicked me just to check. I swear, I’m here, Sun…” She shuffles the babies around, and hands me my baby boy. For somebody who thought I was dead, she was willing to hand over her babies quite easily. I guess she thought she was dead, so there was no harm. Maybe this was what her heaven was like, in her mind. Her kids and I, all of us in one place, happily together. “Was he first?” I’m holding my son in my arms, cradling him tight to myself. I’d naturally wanted to hold him first. It wasn’t a huge secret every guy wanted a son of his own. And I had a son of my own. And he wsa perfect with his little black and white whisps of hair and those big green eyes.

She looks at me in awe, speaking as she watches me hold and rock our son. “No. She was.” She nods towards one of the pink bundles. “Her name is Fia. Is that okay?” She asks, looking nervous. “I liked it.”

“I think it’s perfect. Just like her and her siblings.” I say, rocking my baby boy. He looks up at me. “He has my coloring. My mother’s eyes, though.” She smiles at me. “Believe I’m real now?”

She nods carefully. “I haven’t named this baby yet.” She says, nodding to the dark haired girl with coloring just like mine. “Would you like to? Stella?”

“No…” I tell her with a small smile. “I like Helena. Named after my grandmother.” I say carefully. I hand her Ari, and take the newly named Helena in my arms. “She has my eyes…” I say happily, smiling at her. She gurgles, reaches a hand towards my face. I give her my finger to clutch, and she giggles happily. “I’m daddy. Daddy is here for you.” I look back up at Sun, once I’m finally able to take my eyes off my youngest daughter. “She was last, then?”

Sun laughs a bit, obviously believing more and more that I was here, real, alive and well. “Yeah. The easiest to have come out.” She smiles, while I exchange Helena for Fia. She holds my son and youngest daughter close to herself. I’m looking at my little blonde daughter, her nearly white hair a stark contrast to the other two children’s dark hair and paled skin. She was the black sheep of the children, as ironic as it was, considering her blonde hair, big eyes, and tanned skin. She was like Sun. Just like her. More of my features were reflected in te oter two children, but this one was dominated by Sun’s features.Se looked delicate and breakable, due to te fact se was a newborn, and due to the part her mother ad the same features.

“And Fia?” I ask, sliding into the bed Sun was resting in. She seemed more comfortable with me, or her idea of me being here. I was here. I knew it. She seemed like she was starting to believe it. “Fia…” I mumble, and the girl’s eyes open, and I could swear she winked at me. Even as a newborn. Just like her mother, always playful and happy to see somebody.

“She put up a thirteen and a half hour fight.” She tells me, laughing the laugh I’ve missed for the past nine months. “But she came eventually. I think she got edged out by Helena and Ari.” Helena starts crying, and I take Ari. Sun blushes while se opens up the shirt she was in and let’s Helea start suckling on her. Funny, we could do the deed necessary to make a baby (or three, it would seem), but nursing said child in front of me obviously embaresssed her. Maybe it was because she’d not seen me in so long. OR let anybody see her that exposed in so long. It was the little things about her I’d missed most while I was hiding in the towns. I watch, even though it makes her blush. She was nursing our child, and I’d been lucky enough to be here to see it. I could hear her screams as I drove here, so I knew she was having her baby’s, or hopefully was.

After many minutes of watching Helena going to town on her, sucking happily, Sun looks at me and speaks a quiet question. “How did you… how did you survive?” Her voice was that of somebody who was still in sock, but trying to play it off into curiosity and exhaustion.

“They leave air holes in the coffins. Easier to ship. They shipped me to some persons house, and when they went to bury the casket, I made a ruckus. Scared the hell out of somebody, but, you know, got me out.” I chuckle a little, as Helena lifts off, looking sleepy and content. I take her in my arms, rocking her, while Ari goes in for his turn to nurse. “They’ll sleep tonight, I hope. I plan on cuddling you to death.” I admit with a small smile. She only blushes a brighter red. I look about for a crib, and find one rather large one painted black, which I lower my baby girl into, after putting a diaper on her the way I’d learned somewhere along the way in life, and putting her into a onsie that was dark pink in color, with a little frog stitched on to it’s front. Thank god we hadn’t had three identical girls or three identical boys. That’d be confusing… I place a kiss on Helena’s head, lay her to sleep carefully. She takes her place on the right side of the crib. “Did you know we were having triplets?”

“Not until the doctor told me I was, about two minutes after I got to hold Fia.” Sun has fed Ari, and I give him the same treatment as Helena, putting him down in the same crib. He’s fast asleep by the time I get back to see Sun with Fia. She’s holding her close, smiling with the stupid grin happy mothers have with their new babies. “It’s like a mini-me.” She says with that stupid smile on her face. She looks at me, letting Fia finish up quickly. Well, she ate fast, like me. One similarity between my daughter and I. “I… I’m still in shock. You can’t be real…” She finishes feeding Fia, dresses her for bed, and lays her in the crib. I wheel the crib out the door, and to a room I used to use before I built the blocks. I put the crib in the corner of the room, and strip my shirt off. Sun, having followed me, blushes and looks away.

“I’m here. I swear.” I say, still facing her, shirtless and in my skinny jeans. Which really needed a wash.

She tenses up, instincts flpping on. Both maternal and tose hardwired into her. She wanted to be sure. “How do I know you aren’t some Drac made to look like my Party Poison?” She interrogates. “How do I know you aren’t here to kill my children and I? Take them and me to te labs?” Her muscles are already tensed, ready to attack. The glowing mother is gone, the killing machine is here.

I make no sudden movements. “You have a beauty mark on your lower right hip.” I say, smiling. She tenses up even more.

“They’d have seen that during examinations.” She says, back to the door. I can basically hear her heart pounding, she’s very afraid, and looking at her babies, already planning an escape to keep them safe. The maternal instincts were attempting to override her hardwired ones and they were very nearly succeeding in doing so.

I stop and think, finally reacing a fact very few oter people would know. Okay, so one. And tat one was NOT Korse. Thank God. “Your eyes always turn the most beautiful shade of pink before I get laid.” I say bluntly to her. I’d been hoping I wouldn’t have had to go there, but I did, it seems. It makes us both blush. Sun’s mouth is hanging slack jawed. Her black hair morphs back to her usual blonde with colors, eyes go back to that lovely purple and gold I’ve missed so much. Before I can prepare myself, she flies into my arms. The sheer force she tackles me with knocks me off my feet and onto the bed. I just got rushed by my girlfriend. Like, legitimately tackled and rushed. Not punced on, not jumped on. TACKLED. By a girl who just had not one, not two, but THREE babies.

“Party!” She squeals, hugging me tight and kissing me all over, tears in her eyes. “Oh my god… I thought you were dead… I thought you were gone forever…” She lets me put my arms around her and kiss her, having flipped her on to her back. She’s crying into it, and I lift my lips from hers, no matter how bad I wanted to keep kissing her forever. “I missed you so damn much…” She says to me, still crying quietly. I pet her hair carefully, kissing the tears as they feel down her face. No, she’d never cry over me again. “The baby… she said you talked to her… I guess it was my idea of what the baby was going to look like.” She thinks. “I didn’t know I was having triplets...” She repeats. I smile, nuzzle my nose against hers, just happy to be close to her again. Nearly seven months was a long time to be away from her. “I guess I was seeing Fia…”

“And I saw Helena. Everytime I slept, she told me you missed and needed me. And that you needed to come home because yours tomach was getting boring. ” I reply to her, kissing all over her face and shoulders. “Let’s get you into something else. No hospital gowns.” I say. I move to get up and she uses her strength to hold me down, keeping me against her. “or not….” I trail off with a small chuckle.

“I don’t want you to get up quite yet.” She says, moving in for another long kiss. Her arms are wound around me, hands in my hair, tugging the way she used to. “Don’t ever leave me, Party… I missed you so much. I imagined you were in my room every night… I visit your grave all the time….” She’s rambling now.

“I got buried?” I ask with a stupid smile.

“Didn’t you see the lanterns?”

“Is that what those were for?” I ask, finally understanding why the sky had looked so bright a few months ago. I’d never thought Sun would have a memorial for me. But, it was my Sunnie. Mine. Of course she’d mourn me somehow. It was in her nature to be highly emotional. Not in the mood-swing way, but just that she tried to not suppress them, unless she had other, more important things to worry about. But hey, I was important enough not just for an empty-coffin burial, but for a MEMORIAL. Fuck yeah.

“Yeah, silly moo.” She says, kissing my forehead and nose. I rub noses with her happily at that. “I missed you so fucking much.” She says, and I slide my arms around her. Her belly has morphed into flatness. Just like the Sun before the labs. My sunnie. Flat tummy, nice figure, blonde hair. The picture of health and happiness.

“I’m so sorry I missed their births. Who did the cord?”

“Violet did Fia’s. She wanted to. Infernal did Ari’s. I let Cyanide do Helena’s for you.”

“Cyanide is here?!?” I ask excitedly. Sun had told me about him quite a bit when we’d first started dating. “Do I get to meet him soon?” Oh, I wanted to meet him soon. He was basically Sun’s big brother.

“Maybe.” She says with a sly smile on her face. “What happened to cuddling me to death?”

“Oh,” I say with a smirk I knew she loved. “I plan on not letting you out of my arms until the baby needs it’s mother. And what a beautiful mother you are, my darling.” I say with a cute smile. She blushes and smiles. The glow was back. I liked that glow.

She laughs quietly. I look for her necklace, with the charms. “Where’s my mask?”

“I haven’t gotten it back on. I haven’t slept in my block or yours for months…” She says quietly.

“Where, then?” I ask, already dreading the answer. She mumbles. “Sunnie, where?” I try to keep my voice steady and even, not a growl. I’d never raise my voice to her again, not after where it got me last time. I couldn’t risk our last words being angry ones.

My time in the labs and walking across the desert had taught me that time is precious, and that every moment counts. I had this one shot to live, I didn’t get another re-do. I was lucky to come out of the coma the beating and torture had put me into. Very lucky. I was lucky to be able to see my Sun again, as she was holding our children. So, I try to calm down, wait for her reply.

“Ghoul’s.” She replies, already drawing away a bit, waiting for my reaction.

“Lovely. Just flippin’ lovely.” I sigh unhappily, and see her face twinge with the slightest show of being hurt. “Sunnie, do I have to win you back from him yet again? Once was hard enough, twice, well, that’s just exhausting!” I try to make the mood less dark, considering she’d just given birth to our children. She was exhausted, I could tell that much from how cloudy her eyes were. She needed sleep. But I’d not let her have it. “But I’ll win you back.” Something told me I wouldn’t have to.

“He’s going to be upset. He was already saying he’d be the baby’s dad.”

“Like HELL he will!” I say, anger showing in my voice. “I’m back; I will be the daughters’and my sons’ rightful father. And damnit, if he, or any man, even tries to stop me, I’ll kill them!” So maybe I’d developed some more… “protective” instincts over the past few months. I feel my cheeks turn a bright red with a blush of shame for acting out like that, looking at Suns slightly terrified face. “Sorry. I just want us to be a family, you know?”

“Yes, well, Frank only offered because we all thought you were dead.” She pauses, looks up at me, while I kiss all over her face. Before I can get back to her lips, she speaks. “How come you didn’t come back as soon as you could?” I notice tears forming in the beautiful eyes I’d missed so much, making my heart sink. I’d never have her shed another tear over me. Not a sad tear, atleast.

“This was as soon as I could.” I explain. “They sent me to the farthest Zone. I didn’t have a car or any money half the way. I started singing on the streets for enough money to hitch a ride. And sometimes, the rides were rather expensive. It took me forever, and findng my way back to the Academy was nearly impossible. I ran into some friends, and they told me BLI was in the area conducting raids. So, I assumed a fake identity, threw some hair dye in, hid my clothes, and joined a workforce.” I explain that much to her. “Which is why the girls will not want for anything, nor will their brother. I have money made. I can spend it in the towns, not just on the black market. No more trading for things. We’ll have diapers, medicine when we need it…” I smile a bit, give her a small kiss on the lips. Still as full and soft as I remembered. “I’m going to be a father to these children, Sun. A proper father.”

Sun beams her appreciation. “So… promise me there won’t be any more disappearing and any more comas?” She asks me with a playful smile. I nod, kiss her once more, and then let her up out of my embrace. “Go, get some pajamas on.” I instruct her happily. She walks to her dresser. “Something comfortable. I’m going to keep you in bed all week long, if I must.” She smirks at me in a suggestive way. I lazily and playfully throw a pillow at her. “Not for that!” I say with a laugh. I’m sure we’d have our week. But I’m also sure I’d have to use protection this time. We saw where my ‘timing’ had gotten us. “Just to spend time with you again, Sun. I’ve missed you so much.” Before I know it, she’s back in the King sized bed, tucked happily into my embrace in some underwear and an old, long tanktop of mine. Something she can get on and off easily to let the babies nurse. “I’ll get up with you, when the kids wake us up.”

“It’s your fault we have three.” She says with a smile I can sorta see what with her head tucked into my chest happily. I could see her trying to inhale my scent, just to see if it was me. It was, and I could basically hear her joy when she recognized the smell of me.

“Hey, I’ve just got good timing!” I say, arms around her once again, laughing at my joke. “God I’ve missed sleeping with you. Not even sexually, you know? Just… together.” I pull the comforter up around us. “In one bed.” I snuggle her closer, her little blonde head happily on my chest. “Under a nice warm blanket.” I say, and pull her as close as she can be. “Not that you need it. Me being your human radiator, afterall.” She smiles and nods at my joke. I check the lock from across the room. Locked nice and tight. Thank god. I didn’t want anybody taking her attention away from me for a single moment. She was mine, and I was hers. Once again, we were together. And she was happy, falling asleep in my arms.

“Hey angel?” I ask her, as she drifts to sleep. She’d snuggled even closer, blonde curls hanging down perfectly. Just the way I remembered them.

“Mm?” She groggily asks. She was already half asleep.

“I love you.” I say, and she smiles, kissing my chest happily.

“And I love you, Party.” She says, before I curl my arms tighter around her, letting us both fall asleep as I run a hand through her hair, soothing us both into a sleep we both needed.

(The next day, about 8 am)

I wake up to see Sun, sitting in a rocking chair in the corner of the room, nursing Ari. I could see through the bars of the crib that Helena and FIa were both asleep still. So, the boy would wakeup up, while the girls slept in. Seems the girls took after their mother and me, but Ari was a breed of his own. They’d not woken either of us during the night, which I know Sun was thankful for. She was awake now though, happily letting Ari get his food from her. She was rocking carefully as he did so.

“Good morning beautiful.” I say to her with a big smile, comforter down on my hip bones, hair all mussed. I run a hand through it and lay back down on the fluffy, soft pillows. “Come back to bed when you’re done?”

“I’ll be back when Ari is done. Much like you, he takes forever to eat. Big appetite.” She says with a small smile. I smile back at her, pose my self on the bed in a way that implied she be the little spoon to my big one. I’d had time to workout while I‘d been away. My insomnia had never been worse, when I knew I was going to miss Sun’s birthday. And our anniversary’s…. One year was coming up, I needed to plan something special…

“Sunnie?” I ask her carefully. She lifts her head and makes eyecontact, in recognition of my question. “Your birthday was yesterday, right?”

She looks surprised. “Oh!” She says with a smile. “It was!” She laughs. “It was also Valentines Day.”

“Did Frank set anything up?” I ask carefully, trying to not growl out the question.

She shrugs her shoulders as much as she can. “I dunno. Baby came, so that all went out the window, I guess.” She smiles at me. “Besides… Valentines Day for him means getting laid, and I was in no condition to do that, even when I didn’t think the baby, well, all three, were coming. I wsa fat and icky looking.” Ari is done, so Sun lays him back in the crib, redresses herself, and lays back down with me.

“Well,” I say with a sly smile. “You’re 20 now.” I say happily. “I’m no longer dating a teenager.”

“We’re dating again?” She asks quietly, already back in my arms.

“Well, if you want us to be, I guess. If you’re happy with Frank, stay with him. If you want there to be a Sun Poisioning again… then I’m fully ready for that.” I clear my throat. “I’d really like there to be an us again. You gave me a second chance, remember?”

She nods quietly. “I remember. After our fight.”

“I really feel horrid about that, still. I do love you, afterall.”

“And I love you.”

The door jiggles. I hold Sun tight. Somebody bangs their fist on the door. “Sun! Let me in!” Ah, Violet. Good to know. I get up after kissing Sun. I open the door, making sure I run a hand through my still mussed hair. Violet’s eyes go wide. I pull her inside before she can say a word. I slap a hand over her mouth. Her eyes are huge, wider than plates. When I finally release my hand from its place over her mouth, she sighs.

“Hey Vi!” Sun says cheerily. “Can you be a bit quitter next time? The babies are sleeping.” Sun mentions. Violet nods. She then looks to me.

“Party?” Violet asks. “Sun, I think the two of us are group hallucinating with Infernal.” I smile and roll my eyes, crawl back in bed with Sun, kiss the nape of her neck, and pull her close to me. Violet’s eyes widen even more.

I chuckle even more at that. “Nope. I’m the real deal.”

Sun laughs. “He’s really back, Violet. My Party Poison came back.” She moves in closer to my body, the happiest smile I’ve ever seen on her face proudly for Violet to see. I gladly hold her, pulling the blanket up over her. Not completely, but enough to keep her perfectly warm.

Violet smiles at the sight of Sun beaming and glowing, nuzzled into my chest, while I plant a few soft kisses on her head and face. “A hallucination couldn’t make her that happy.” She reasons with herself. “So you have to be real. We thought you were dead.” She states what I already know

“And yet, here I am, cuddling my girlfriend.” I reply with a small smirk directed at Violet Rage. Sun giggles aagainst my chest. I’d missed that giggle so much…

“Have you seen your children?” Violet says, taking a seat in the rocking chair where Sun had been earlier, feeding my son.

“Yah. All three of them are just… they’re so perfect.” I say with a happy sigh, pulling Sun closer to me. “Not a huge surprise… considering their mother is just the most perfect being to walk the earth…” I say with a smile that Sun can hear in my voice.

“The birth was amazing… Sun did so well…” Violet says. My girlfriend curls deep into my arms, I can feel her blush. “Fia was so hard on her. But she got through it perfectly.”

“I bet she did. The mother of my children is perfect…” I coo to Sun, she turns to face me, giving me her lips to kiss softly. I wrap my arms around her, hear Violet cough. I flip the bird in her general direction, then continue kissing Neon Sun. I’d missed that kiss a lot. I’d not had anybody else to kiss (or do anything else with, for that matter) since I’d been gone from the Academy. When you’re used to a lot more than kisses on a daily or every other day basis…. Well… you go through withdraws. And now I could feed those cravings as much as I liked.

“Okkay, you two… how about you get up, get dressed, come out to the living room, have some breakfast…” Violet trails, once I pull my lips from Suns’. We both nod, Violet exits, and Sun gets out of bed, going to her drawers and pulling out some underwear and a bra. She changes into a loose tanktop she can easily remove to feed the babies. She yanks on some skinny jeans. My eyes wander to her butt when she’s wiggling into them. She laughs, though I have no idea why. I’m much too busy oogling.

“I saw that, horn dog.”

“It’s a nice sight. Hard to forget, but I’ve remembered it enough times. Just wanted to see you again.” I mumble, realizing she’d been looking over her shoulder. She tugs on her bomber vest, making sure all the pins and patches are in place. It was Feburary, afterall. She was cold. Sun always was. I was the warm one. She moves to put her necklace on, the peacock one. I get out of bed silently, seeing her fumbling with it and the others she was trying to put on. With quick fingers, I clasp them securely, then lay her hair back down over them, after kissing her neck in the sweetest way I could. She smiles, turns to me and hugs me tight, crying into my chest softly.

That scares me. I pray these were happy tears… maybe post-preganancy tears? Is that a thing? Like, leftover hormones? She hugs me tighter and I squeeze her hard to me, holding her tight against my chest, kissing the top of her head and the center of her forehead. “What’s wrong, angel?”

“I just” She sobs, carrying the words out throughout them quietly, to keep the babies asleep. “I just missed you and now you’re here!” She laughs quietly. “Don’t leave again. Stay with me. Promise.”

“Forever and a day.”

She smiles. I let her go, and pull an old ratty black shirt of mine out. The sleeves have been cut off, and the arm holes extended quite a bit. It was ratty, but it was clean. I add my jacket, some red skinny jeans, my socks and boots, I’m good to go, after brushing my hair after Sun just zaps hers into being neatness. She exits while I try fixing my hair. I needed a dye job, and bad. My roots were about two inches overgrown. I comb it a different way, trying to hide those roots as much as I could. I just kind of muss my hair, and pray nobody’s wearing heels or is tall enough to look at me.

“Morning all!” I hear Sun chirp happily. Very much the new mother.

“WHERE ARE MY GODCHILDREN?!?” I hear a very… excited gay man say. Must be Cyanide? I hoped it was him, unless Jet Star or Bob finally came out… it was a matter of time. They “bunked” together for a reason. We all knew it. “WHERE WHERE WHERE I WANNA SEE EM ALL PRETTIED UP!”

“Chill, Cyanide!” Sun laughs. “Can’t a girl get a bite to eat before she brings out her babies from their peaceful sleeping?” Cyanide quiets down. I continue fixing myself up, picking up the room. Right when I’m making the bed is when I hear a question that makes me rush out to Sun.

“Where are my kids?”

I storm from my room. “I’m sorry, I’m pretty sure those are MY children you’re referring to.” I say blunty, arms crossed, leaning against the door frame. Sun is on the couch, smiling at me, more of a smirk, actually. Her pretty face is still glowing. New mother glow. Much like pregnancy glow. I smile fondly at her, and then look at everyone.

A blur rushes at me and tackles me to the ground quickly. “Bro!” My kid brother says excitedly. He’d been sitting next to who I assumed was Cyanide Killer on the couch, from the way the man I assumed to be Cyanide was fawning over Sun’s hair being back to normal. Ray was too. “BRO! YOU’RE ALIVE AND STUFF!”

“Yeah.” I chuckle. “I’m alive. And stuff.” I laugh even harder, playfully cuff him on the shoulder, and knock him off me gently, stand up, brush myself off calmly.

Fun Ghoul is staring with wide open eyes and and his jaw hanging slack. “Party…” He looks confused. Rightfully so.

“Welcome back to you too!” I chuckle harshly. “Now, what children did you have? Did I miss another pregnancy? And here I was, assuming I just had three baby gifts to buy!” Sun is up and by my side. To soothe me, I figured. Me killing Fun Ghoul really would be bad for the babies to be around, even if they were asleep.

“I thought you were dead. I was going to give your kids a father. Because they need one. Just trying to be a friend.” Frank says calmly. He’s had time to compose himself, thanks to Neon Sun putting her hand in mine to hold. It calmed me, which she knew it would. Leave it to her, to try to diffuse a tense situation.

“Frank, thank you for the gesture. It’s no longer needed.”

He chuckles, always my friend. It makes me calm down and smile. “Yeah. It’s good to have you back, man.” He stands up, does the standard bro hug with me. “We all missed you.” The hug was tense, not our usual hello. It was obvious he knew things would be tense now that I had Sun again. They obviously hadn’t spoken yet, hadn’t had time for Sun to break it to him that she would be back with me.

Ray and Bob are next, squealing and hugging me happily (respectively) with many Welcome Home greetings. Infernal nods her notice of me, acknowledging I’m not a hallucination. The boy that had been occupying the seat between my brother and my girlfriend walks up. “heyyyyy, I’m Cyanide Killer!” He says in what has to be the most steryotypical flamboyantly gay man’s voice I’ve ever heard. He tones it down after Sun gives him a look. “And I’m Sun’s big brother, basically.”

I chuckle at his eager smile. “Nice to meet you, Cyanide Killer. You know who I am.” I look at Sun, who is beeming at me still, very much the girl in love. He shakes my free hand, and then bounces back to the couch, next to my brother. I see Mikey give Cyanide a look that I can almost place. But not quite…

A baby cries from somewhere. Sun leaves my side suddenly, dashing off to grab our child. Or two. Possibly all three of my new children. I couldn’t tell if it was Fia, Helena, or Ari that was crying for its mothers’ attention. Sun can be heard cooing to a baby, then I hear her footsteps.

“Can I get some help?” Sun asks, carrying a small pink bundle in her arms. “The other girl wants her Daddy.” She smiles down at the baby, then at me. Cyanide squeals. I move to get my other baby girl, hoping Ari slept still. It was eight thirty in the morning, the day after my children had been born. Sun was still glowing, I was home. As I exit the living room, open the door that let me enter the room where my remaining two children were in their crib, I heard a cooing, coming from a small thing in purple. I pick up the purple clothed child, holding her close to me.

“Good morning Fia, my baby girl… Daddy’s here…” I make sure to support her head, her being a newborn and all. I exit, while she cries and squawks for something. I check her diaper once I’m sitting down in the chair, and nothing’s been done that could be causing that. Maybe she was hungry. For now, I rock my baby girl, cooing to her to please stop crying, Daddy’s here.

(Cyanide’s POV)

Sun was sitting next to me, rocking a small child with pale skin, big eyes, and jet black waves for hair. She also had her father’s eyes. A beautiful pair of big, innocent, hazel colored eyes. Sun had never looked happier than she did while she let her baby grab her finger with her tiny hand.

“So who is this?” I ask quietly, still staring at the child, who was too immersed in looking at Sun to care about me.

“This is Helena.” Sun says softly, while the baby starts sucking on one of Sun’s nails, which she automatically sparkles away the polish on, so the baby wouldn’t be sick. Helena suckles happily on a finger.

“Can I hold her?” My voice is still shaky and quiet.

“Of course you can. You’re her godfather, Cyanide. Just make sure you support her head, and if she pulls on you or anything, be gentle… please, just be careful with her.” Sun says, carefully handing me the baby girl in a pink onsie.

I hold her awkwardly, while Sun teaches me how to properly hold her in my arms. I cradle the child close, nearly die from how soft and warm she is. The innocence a baby has can basically be felt radiating off of it in waves. I look up for just a moment from the baby girl, who calmed down when I held her and spoke her name for the first time, squawks and squeals, asking for my attention the only way she knew how. In that glimpse I took away from the raven haired child, I saw Party handing a blonde haired girl to Sun, who was trying to calm her.

“She’s probably hungry.” Infernal says. “Go on and feed her in the room, if you don’t want to do it out here.” Sun exits, while Party sits here. Baby Helena and I have locked eyes again, making her squeal her approval of me. I bend down to look at her closer; she grabs my shirt and tugs. “Silly Helena, Ryan doesn’t have boobs!” She says when Helena starts trying to get through my shirt. I stand up with her, moving to go to Sun. Party jumps up and holds his arms out for his baby girl. “Here you go!” I tell him, handing her off happily. I loved babies, but I was nervous holding something so fragile and new.

My boyfriend (well, SECRET boyfriend) coughs. His brother looks at him. “Can I hold one of my nieces?” He asks quietly. Party Poision walks over, carefully hands off the baby. The baby puts her hand up; Mikey gives Helena his finger to hold. She smiles the best a baby can, gurgles, and holds his finger in a death grip. Well, the best deathgrip her new fingers can manage.

He promptly starts crying. Party runs over. “Mikey what’s wrong?” he asks.

“She’s just so beautiful… it’s just so… it’s so weird. She just looks at me with those big eyes and they’re innocent, wondering where she is…” He starts crying a little bit more, Helena squeezing his finger tighter. He chuckles a watery laugh, calming himself. “I’m sorry, Helena… I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Helena reaches for her dad, who takes her to Sun. I sit down next to my boyfriend, hold his hand covertly. Dancing Spark busts in the door. “Where’s my sister?!?” She asks, sounding nervous. She looks at Party Poision, who’s holding his daughter. “When the hell did you show up?!?”

“Last night. Nice to see you too.” Party Poison says with a chuckle, never taking his eyes off the girl in his arms. “Sun’s nursing Fia. She was hungry.” He nods in the genral direction, than walks that way with the other baby that’s squalling for attention from its mother for food.

(Sun’s POV)
I was just finishing up feeding Fia, when my sister and Party poison walked in the room. Helena is crying, which draws Fia away from my chest to look at her sister. Party takes her to burp her carefully, while I let Helena have her breakfast. My sister smiles, watching, crying a bit.

“What’s wrong Spark?” I ask.

“It’s just… I saw a birth last night… it was amazing and now you’re a mom…” She says with a small smile, wiping her eyes carefully, so she didn’t smear the makeup she’d put on. “Can we…?” She trails. I nod my understanding.

“We can.” I answer, while Party Poison shoots me a confused look. “After I’ve got all the babies fed.” My sister claps her hands excitedly. Party is putting Fia in a little chair for babies to sit in, with lots of head support. “We’ll tell everybody. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.”

Spark nods. I’m still feeding Helena, but she doesn’t seem super hungry, so she finishes quickly enough. Fia’s finished, party has changed her diaper and clothes. She was now wearing a little zebra printed onsie, with pink instead of black. Helena gets her new diaper, a burping, and a new outfit. Her’s is the usual zebra print, black and white. She looks quite pleased by it.

I grab Ari, change him, re dress him, hand him to his father. Party sits on the bed, just holding him close to his body.

“C-can I… can I have a minute alone with him?” Party asks. I nod, have Helena stay safe in my sisters arms, while I take Fia, who gladly plays with my hair, the colored bits exciting her greatly. She tugged on them and made adorable baby noises in what I assumed was pure joy and excitement. We exit the room, while Party sits on the bed with his son, leaning himself against the pillows, feet on the bed, holding Ari.

“hey guys?” I ask. Violet’s in the kitchen but rushes out to see if I needed help. “I need to talk to all of you. Party’s having a father-son moment with Ari right now. Then you can hold Ari, Cyanide.” I answer the question before he can even open his mouth to utter the first syllable of his impending and obvious question.

For now, I sit down in a chair and wait, let Ray and Bob coo over Fia and Helena, hold them. Ray says something about her being Auntie Ray’s little girl, which makes me laugh. I was so happy I had this huge support system around me, all madly in love with my babies. They all were enamored by the big eyes, little hands and feet, even littler toes and fingers, and soft skin and hair. Fia had some cute curls going on; Helena had been born with a near full head of wavy jet black hair.

(Party Poision’s POV)
I just reclined on the bed, propped up on some pillows, holding my baby boy. I had let a few tears go the first time I held him, but now, I was letting a lot of silent ones out. He reaches up, grabs ahold of my index finger, which I had out just so I could gently trace the lines of his face. An artist never forgets a line, once he touches it. I was going to draw my children, first chance I got. Which hopefully would be around the same time I had Sun’s late birthday party all figured out. Not to mention our one year anniversary…

But holding my son for the first tme, alone… I lost it. I had helped to make a living, breathing human being. A living, breathing, cooing, holding-my-finger-in-a-baby-death-grip, human being that I almost didn’t get to meet. But now, here was my son. He looked like me, that one piece of shockingly white hair in stark contrast to the onyx hair that was so black, in the light it almost had a blue tinge to it.

“Ari… I know you don’t understand me… but I love you so much. You have a big sister by a few minutes, a nd a little sister too. You three are the best thing sin my life, well, part of the best four. We’re going to be a little family, I promise you. You’ll grow up to be big and strong… talented for sure. You’re already so perfect, you’ll have girls or boys crawling all over you. I’ll love you no matter what parts you like, no matter what you say or do. Daddy loves you very much, baby Ari. You’re already the best son I could ask for.” He coos his acknowledgment, and I place a kiss on his forehead. “You’re so light…” I say, standing up with him, and exiting the room I wsa in to go see what Sun’s big announcement was. She sat on the couch, next to her sister. They each held a baby girl. Cyanide Killer saw Ari for the first time, or maybe just his hair, and flat lost it. He qquickly starts drying tears from his face with his banadanna, smiling.

“Can I hold him?” Cyanide asks me. I nod, hand him my son carefully. “So… you’re the baby boy. Oh, will Auntie Ray and I have fun teaching you a few things….” He says with a small chuckle that everybody shares. I take my place next to Neon Sun, looping an arm around her shoulder. “Now,” Cyanide says, eyes still on my son. “What’s the big news?”

“And why is Sparky here for it?” Frank asks quietly. He looked a bit hurt over my arm being around Sun. She still hadn’t told him, obviously.

“Well… I know we were all talking about my newly birthed family, and well…” Sun gulps a bit. She digs in her shirt, pulls out her pendant. Dancing Spark does the same. “She is family.”

“Uh…. What…?” Violet asks, sounding more than a little confused. “She’s a KIT”

“No, she’s family.”

“I know we call all our students at the Academy family, but… Sun that’s taking it a bit to far…” Infernal says.

“I mean she’s my sister.” Neon Sun says bluntly, rolling her eyes at all of us. “As in, we share parents. And DNA. And stuff.” She looks down at the daughter in her arms, rocking her and cooing her to be quiet carefully. She’d been swqualling a bit, so Sun had to try to calm her.

Everybody is either freaking out, or dead silent. Cyanide’s jaw has dropped, Ray and Bob have confusd looks on their faces, Violet is freaking out, loudly exclaiming in a number of different languages (all the words she was spouting off were obviously expletives or dirty phrases) and Infernal was… indifferent. My brother and Fun Ghoul were both dead silent.

“For real?” Mikey finally asks. “Like, she’s your little sister?”

“How do you think I learned how to hold a baby?” Sun asks with a smile. “That’s not really born into women. That’s something you learn. Our necklaces match up and everything. She’s my sister. And now you know why I’m so protective of her, and work her so hard. It’s favoritism, but only because she’s my little sister. Which means if ANY of the straight men in this room attempt to sleep with her, I’ll knock your head clean off your shoulders.”

We all nod. I knew I’d never touch Sun’s sister like that, but, I knew there were boys who liked them young. Especially around camp, the older boys picked impressionable, easy to please and even easier to deceive girls to ‘date’. If you could call sloppy makeout sessions and some cuddling ‘dating’.

“Now… I’m dead tired, but the babies are awake…” Sun says, standing. Frank stands too, as do I. Oh, the awkward train just rolled in to town, at full speed… “Frank,” Sun says confidently, seemingly more awake. “We need to go have a talk.” She passes the baby in her arms to me, who I start rocking carefully. She walks outside, as does Fun Ghoul.

(Sun’s POV)
So this wasn’t going to be fun. No, this was going to hurt. It wsa going to hurt us BOTH, not just me, not just him. In some ways, I wish it would just not have to happen. I wish both could co-exist, realized I loved them both.

“So.” Frank says, as we walk around the back of the building, near the big ice holder that we now just used to store dry goods that wouldn’t spoil in the heat. “I think I know where this is going already. And I don’t like it, neon. Not one bit.” He says, voice already strained. We’re both sitting on the lid of the ice chest.

And here come the tears, racing down my cheeks, as I try to hold it together. “Frankie, you know he’s-”

“The guy that beat you. Who you thought was dead.” He retorts before I even give him anything concrete to retort to.

“Frank, you know how I feel about him. You’ve always known. You said that yourself.”

“Yeah, well… maybe a guy can hope.” He says quietly, not looking at me. I wipe a few tears away, trying to steady myself. “You aren’t even giving me a chance.”

“He is the father of my children, Frank. There is NO denying that.” I say. He scoffs. “Frank, don’t you dare say they couldn’t be. I’ll slap you all the way to Battery City. The only logical conclusion is that they are his. Helena looks just like him! Ari has his coloring!” I’m angry now, no longer crying.

“I’m just saying, I could be just as good a dad.”

“no.” I state bluntly. “You couldn’t. Frank, we just aren’t meant to be together, and we keep fighting that. The universe is telling us something.”

He gets angry now. Blatantly. He’s off the ice chest lid with me, yelling, hands thrown up in exasperation. “Sun, if I hadn’t made one damn mistake, those would be MY kids you’re nursing! We would’ve been happily married! I mean, jesus, you had a dress and everything! We were a week out, and you ran STRAIGHT into his arms!”

“Yeah, because you fell RIGHT in to bed with some slut!” I say, up from my spot and angry with him even more so than before. I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me. “This is not my fault!” I scream. He gets angrier. We both hated fighting, but had short tempers. I’d been working on mine, knowing I’d need to make my fuse longer if I was going to have a baby running around the house, then a toddler, a small child with lots of questions, then a teenager.

Frank’s voice takes me from my thoughts of teenaged kids. “You know what, you just refuse to let this work! You ran right back to Party Poison once you found out you had a baby. How many times did you tell ME that I knocked you up? HOW MANY?!? IS THAT NONE?!? YEAH, IT IS.” He’s blatantly yelling now, we’ve moved closer together. It’s getting intense.




He’s right in my face now, we’re forehead to forehead, almost. He’s not screaming anymore. We’re both flushed, sweating. “Fine.” He says. I get slammed against the back of the Diner, and Frank latches his body to mine. I scream out from the shock of hitting the wall, though it didn’t hurt much. I hit my head on the wall though, that did in fact hurt quite a bit. I hear foot steps, before Frank grips my face in his hand and slams his mouth on to mine, body pressed against mine. I try to pull back but there’s no where to go.

So I dod the next best thing.

With one good punch, I do what needed to be done.

I knock his ass OUT.
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