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So Bad After All

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Gerard moves to a new school and shares a room with Frank.

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Gerard waited at the other side of the road with his little brother Mikey who was wearing a The Smashing Pumpkins hoodie and black skinnies. Gerard was wearing almost the same thing except his hoodie was plan black and his skinnies where a lot tighter than his brothers.
The cars rushed by them not even stopping for them as they stood there awkwardly. Eventually the cars came to a halt and they slowly made their way to the other side of the road. When they got there they came to a halt when they say a huge structure that toward above them. This is our new school? Fuck, we don’t fit in here...or anywhere. Gerard thought to himself as he pulled Mikey closer to him.

They slowly approached the building dragging their bags with them. There was a big metal gate welcoming anyone who wanted to come into the school but it looked more like the gateway to hell to the boys. A crowd of students rushed past them as they slowly stepped through the doors to the reception. There was a lady with her glassed propped up at the end of her nose sitting there on her computer. When she saw us she smiled a smile that was meant to say ‘Welcome to you new home’…..instead it said ‘Welcome to hell where everyone hates you.’

“You must be the way brothers.” She said in a high pitched tone. “Here are you timetables. And here is the key to your dorms.” She handed them both a different key and there time tables. Gerard had a key that said 2B on it but Mikey had one that said 7S on it.

“Um…excuse me miss. Is there any way we can be in the same room?” Gerard managed to get the words out of his shut mouth. She just looked at him like he had just killed a person.

“No No. I’m sorry boys but these are the only 2 rooms that have a place in. Now, I am very busy so can you please leave.” Then just as she had seen them they had seemed to disappear.
They slowly mad their way to their new rooms. Gerard walked Mikey to his room and soon as he went in Gerard turned around and started looking for his.

It took him about 10 minutes to find it but when he did he was too scared to get out his key. He built up the courage to knock on the door but after a few second there was no answer. He turn around to walk away he heard a click and then the door open.

Gerard’s P.O.V.

I turned around to find a small boy standing in the doorway. His hair covered half of his face and stopped just below his ear. He was wearing a black hoodie and baggy jeans that where ripped at the knees.

“Um can I help you?” Said they boy in front of me.

“Um…yeah…I-I just….well I-It’s J-Just….” I don’t know why but I just could seem to get the words out of my mouth but thankfully the boy new he was getting a new roommate and just grabbed be by the arm and pulled me into his room or my room…er….our room. He pointed to the spare bed and I collapsed on it straight way.

“I’m Frank.” Frank said as he sat down on his bed witch was right across from mine.

“Gerard” I couldn’t help but stare at Frank. He had the most beautiful eye. I think he noticed that I was staring at him but he didn’t seem to care.

“Ok well you seem to be nervous about coming into the school so let’s get to know each other. I am going to ask you some questions if that’s ok” He grinned at me wait for my answer so I just nodded my head.

“Age?” He said looking around the room


“Cool I’m 16. Full name?”

“Gerard Arthur Way”
“Sexuality?” I suddenly froze at the question. I didn’t know what to say. What is he was homophobic and made my life a living hell. I looked down from his big hazel eyes and just stared at the floor.

“You gay or something? I’m not homophobic or anything so you don’t have to worry if you are. I am actually gay ya know.” I looked up and suddenly he sat up straight taking great pride in it. I just smiled at him and he giggled the cutest giggle ever. He was the cutest thing ever. I just wanted to jump onto him and kiss him and never let go. I realised I was staring at him again so I quickly looked away and fell back onto my pillow. Maybe this school wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Franks P.O.V.
I opened the door to find I was looking at the back of someone’s head. Their hair was jet black and just at the shoulders. I looked him up and down as I scanned every detail of the back of him. He had a great ass. He suddenly turned around so I quickly diverted my eyes from his ass so he wouldn’t notice I was staring at it.

“Um can I help you?” I already knew why he was here but it’s still something to ask.

“Um…yeah…I-I just….well I-It’s J-Just….” He looked like he was about to break down and cry so I just grabbed his arm and pulled him in the room shutting the door behind his. I pointed to the spare bed that he would be sleeping in and I took a seat on mine.

“I’m Frank”

“Gerard” I noticed he started staring at me but I didn’t care because his eyes were the most beautiful I have ever seen. He still looked nervous but I wanted to know who is Gerard.

“Ok well you seem to be nervous about coming into the school so let’s get to know each other. I am going to ask you some questions if that’s ok” I smiled at him waiting for his reply he just nodded so I thought I should start.

“Age?” I started to get distracted by my many posters around the room but quickly looked back at Gerard when he answered.


“Cool I’m 16. Full name?”

“Gerard Arthur Way”

“Sexuality?” I know it’s weird to ask but I just had to know if the most sexy person in school would be available for me to get my hands on. He suddenly went silent and stared at the floor. He looked terrified so I knew he had to be gay but just to be sure…

“You gay or something? I’m not homophobic or anything so you don’t have to worry if you are. I am actually gay ya know.” He looked at me so I sat up straight. I was proud that I’m gay I wasn’t afraid to show it. He then looked away and lay back on his pillow. Maybe having a new roommate isn’t gonna be so bad after all.
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