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Chapter 7: I'm not O-F*cking-kay.

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-Bloodi Detonator

"No I'm not"
"Are you sure about that?"
"Ungrateful bastard"
A hit came to my face, my breath was speeding up and getting heavy. I couldn't believe what was happening.
"Pathetic emo asshole is all you are"
"No" I feel the tears roll down my face.
"Believe it Iero. Cause no one is ever gunna love you"
"You did at one point. Didn't you?"

"Frank?" The screams came. I woke up to a start. My heart was beating so fast. I could feel it ripping out of my chest.
"Frank? Frankie? Baby get up" He was shaking me from the nightmare. I felt Gerard hold me close to his chest as he he rubbed my back and stroked my head.
"Frank its ok, Babe I got you. Stop shaking" I looked into his eyes to see he was tearing up.
"You hit me" He looked at me so puzzled.
"What? When did I ever hit you?" He had my hands in his so gently.
"In-in my dr-dream. You-You said you never lov-loved me. I-I cant let you le-leave me Ge-Gerard"
I was crying so hard. I couldn't get out one sentence.
"Oh my God. NO! I would never hit you. Never Frank. EVER" He kissed me gently and I cried into his shoulders. I laid there on his shoulder and cried for 15 minutes. He whispered loving words into my ear. I didn't wanna leave but I knew I had to get up and ready for school. He helped me into the bathroom cause I was still shaking from the nightmare. He took off my shirt while I took out my lip ring, I hated to shower with it in. I felt his cold hands on my warm, shaking chest.
"Your beautiful" he ran his thumb over a scar on my chest, over my heart.
"Beautiful? Im hideous" pushed his hands away an started to undo my belt. I slept in my jeans most of the time. I undid the button as he took my head into his hands.
"I made you like this. I made you this gorgeous"
"You made me stronger?"
"Yes. I'm sorry I had to do it that way Frank. I'm so sorry" He kissed me as he wrapped his cold hands over my waist. He slid my jeans down. I kicked him out of the bathroom laughing as he ran his thumb over my boxer line. I heard him through the door.
"But Frankie"
"Gerard. No"
"Okay" He giggled and I could hear him skip away to my room. I stood in the shower for 10 minutes, I was to lazy to allow myself to throw shampoo threw my hair. I let the warm water wash over my body before I stepped out into the cold air. I threw a blue towel around my waist and walked into the hallway. I walked into the room to see Gerard sitting on my bed, playing with my red tie. He threw black skinnies, a white dress top and the tie in my face. Along with my Batman boxers.
"Get dressed"
"Oh so now you choose my clothes?"
"Yes" He stood up and walked out the door. He shut it behind him but I could tell he was right outside the door. Probably eavesdropping. But on what exactly?
I threw on the clothes and opened the door. Gerard came crashing threw the door and landed on his face. I burst out laughing as he glared at me. Still laughing I took his hand and helped him to his feet.
"Asshole" He laughed as we raced down the stairs. I threw on my blue converse and we walked out the door.

We decided we would walk, hand in hand down the street. We passed several cheerleaders and recieved the chorus "AWWEEE's" The jocks didn't care anymore. I was smiling the entire time.

We walked to form and took the seats at the back. I could hear Gerard let a growl out of his throat. I giggled but stopped when I saw he was growling at Bob. I stopped and just glared at him.
"What midget?" He spat at me.
"Thanks for burning down the shed. We got you on video by the way" I walked to Gerard and laughed as I saw Bob stand up and walk to Alicia. They whispered something and then left the room. I high-fived Gerard and we sat and waited for the teacher.

The first half of school was silent. Mikey was home sick with food poisoning. Gerard and I headed into the cafe for lunch.
"Lets go" we got our lunch and he grabbed my hand and led me to the football table. The boys nodded and patted the 2 chairs.
"come on Gerard, just cause your off the foot ball team doesn't mean you ain't our friend" one boy said smiling.
"Seriously?" I asked as Gerard slid into the chair.
"Come on Frank" another boy hit the chair again and I sat down nervously.
"Oh my God Frank, will you chill out. We aren't all jackasses. Only Danny and his friends, we're lacrosse players. A few of us are gay" 3 boys raised their hands to say they were the gay ones.
"Lacorsse team? ugh yah ok" I sat up straight. Most boys on the lacrosse team are gay? Awesome, so popular's can have there own minds.


Gerard and I sat with the lacrosse team yesterday too. They welcomed us with open arms. Turns out a guy they call Jinxx was dating someone they called CC. The boys were awesome. They didn't care if we kissed. They laughed at us when we did. They were becoming real friends. Mikey wasn't back at school yet. He ate bad sushi Sunday night and got bad food poisoning. I wasn't allowed to see him cause he said he wasn't taking chances by puking on his friend.

Gerard drove me to therapy after school.
"Aren't you coming in?" I asked as I stepped out of the car. We had therapy Wednesdays and Fridays. We always had them together. He always went after me. Always.
"Not today babe" He kissed my hand and shut the door for me.
"Umm ok?" I kissed his cheek and started walking towards the building, but he grabbed my hand and tugged me back, pulling me into a hug.
"I love you, ok?"
"I know Gerard"
"As long as you never forget that"
"I won't"
He let go of my hand an climbed back into the car.
"I'll come get you in half an hour, after your session ok?"
I nodded and watched as he drove away. I headed into the building to see the nurse. She smiled and handed me the sign sheet.
"So I see it all worked out?"
I nodded giggling a little and walked into the therapy room as she unlocked the door.

"Frank, good afternoon. Have a seat" I sat down on the couch. He took out the pad and I began.
"You know that boy Gerard i'm always on about?"
"Yes Frank?"
"I'm dating him now" He glanced up from the note pad smiling.
I explained the lacrosse team gays, and the popular girls giggling when they saw us. He nodded at what I was saying. Then he got into the important stuff.
"Frank, how are you feeling about Kyle these days?"
"I've forgotten about him, Gerard is helping me these days. He says he loves me, isn't he so sweet. He's there for me when I need someone to talk to"
"Im proud you found someone. so this is our last session together. Well, not really, you will see me once a month for the next year. After that no more sessions. You are improving remarkably well"
"So, we're done soon"
"You've seen me twice a week for atleast 8 years. Your mind has forgotten about the Kyle and the hurt he caused. The bruises aren't there. God Frank you fell inlove with your school bully and he loves you back. Im proud of you. Now get out of my office, i'll see you next month"
I laughed, said my thanks and left the office. I waited for Gerard to pick me up outside the building.

He pulled up in the car I loved. It smelled like his cigarettes and his hair spray.
"Hey GeeGee" I slid into the passenger seat.
"Someones mad, what happened babe?" I leaned over the seat and kissed his cheek. He winced as his hair fell across his face again. I pulled back his hair and gasped.

His eye was black, his lip was covered in stale blood and his cheek had a bruise on it.
"Gerard? Baby what happened"
"Nothing" he snapped and he drove out of the driveway.
"Seriously, what the fuck happened"
"Nothing Frankie don't worry about it"
"My boyfriend just picked me up and he got the shit beat out of him by someone. What the fuck im going to worry about you Gerard, why wont you tell me. Please. Fuck, what ha-" he cut me off.
"DANNY OK? Fucking Danny" He started to cry. I made him pull over and I brought him into a hug so he could cry on my shoulder.
"Gerard. Baby i'm sorry. I-I didn't know. Oh god why did he do this?"
"Why do you think?" I gasped.
"This is my fault" I Whispered. We were driving down the main road, so close to my house. But I didnt wanna leave him like this. All beaten and bloody. He pulled into my driveway.
"I didn't mean that Frank. I just, I just dont know"
"About what?"
"Uhm. Us?"
"Your breaking up with me?"
"What. Oh my god Frankie"
"Say it. Come on, Tell me that the oh-so-awesome Gerard Way is leaving the pathetic me. I knew you were to good to be true" I shed a tear and stepped out of the car.
"Frankie. Wait" He stepped out of the car.
"Why, so I can hear how pathetic I am. What am I? your charity child? Just-just go Gerard. I understand im useless, I get that im not you. I dont beat the shit out of kids for a laugh. You never loved me cause if you did then Danny wouldn't have been able to get inside your head"
He stood there. Crying. I wanted to run to him and comfort him. Apologize for everything. But I couldn't bring myself to do it.
"Frankie. I said I wasn't sure. I want you to make me sure that we are together. You act like were nothing, you kiss me. Ok, fun. You never told me you loved me. Ever. Do you not love me?"
"OF COURSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU! You incompetent fuck-tart. I've loved you forever. I dont say it cause i'm not risking losing you"
"You love me?"
"Always" He stepped towards me and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back. I could smell the cigarettes and hair spray. I lost my self in that smell until I felt him looking at me. I stopped taking in that amazing smell and looked into his peircing beautiful eyes.
"Are we still together?"
"Im so sorry Frank"
"dont what?"
"dont call me Frank" He looked at me puzzled but I kissed his lips smiling from ear to ear.
"It Frankie to you" He giggled an walked me to my door.
"I love you" he kissed my lips and I went inside.
I could hear him through the door.

"Yah, your my Frankie" I smiled knowing he couldn't see me through the oak door. But I didn't care.

A/N: Was that to confusing? I can change it at parts just tell me where. I can think of something and ya know make tweeks. Anyways R&R and tell me what ya think. I'll update soon.

-Bloodi Detonator
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