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I walked through classes, not really there. My body felt numb. My mind was silent.

Remy was silent when she walked next to me. I saw the quick little glances she shot around herself, but all in all, she seemed pretty relaxed.

I wanted to ask why she kept doing that, but I wasn't sure if I should. She kept playing with the mid length sleeve on her arm, pulling it down and smoothing it over her pale skin.

A small patch of black and colors caught my eye before she moved it back down again. Her fingers had small scars along then, down her knuckles and a few along the lengths. "What happened there?" I asked softly.

"Huh?" She looked down at me, her eyes a little distant. I pointed to her hand. "Oh." She shrugged. "Some of em I don't even remember getting."

"Oh." I looked back at the floor. I showed her to her first class and went to mine.

I sat in my seat and promptly fell asleep. Nobody bothered to try to wake me up. I always fell asleep in this class.

It wasn't like I needed this class to graduate. I've taken it before and passed.

When the bell rang, I sat up, my hair hanging in my face. I pushed it back and grabbed my bag. The teacher frowned at me, her face creasing with her age.

Ignoring her, I went to my second hour. I took my spot with the other basses and sat down, crossing my legs.

A flash of blue caught my eye across the room. Remy sat laughing and chatting with a girl over in the sopranos, her bright blue hair moving and bouncing and gleaming.

I got ready to go over to her, but the door shut and our teacher took his stool. The pianist sat watching him, flipping in a book.

He motioned for us to stand. We rose and ran sped through warm ups.

After a moment, he sat us back down. He left the room, and chaos took over quickly. I looked over at Remy, who looked back and away just as fast.

I knew it. She decided to take my adivce. I slouched forward in my chair, putting my hhead in my hands with a sigh.

Arms closed around my waist, making me jump. "Frankie." She smiled down at me. I turned and smiled back.

Maybe she hadn't listened to me.

Bleh. My head hurts. New chap. R+R and all that jazz.

Hugs and Hetalia,
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