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Pride Bitches!!!

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Frank has never really paid attention to the Way family in church. All he knew was they sat next to him and his mother every Sunday and that the sons names were Gerard and Mikey. (Frikey)

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The boy next to me, Mikey, kept fidgeting. His leg bumped mine, making me jump.

His mother put her hands on his knee. He jerked away from her.

I didn't really focus on them until there was an ass in my face. Jumping back, I watched the tall boy walk out.

After the surmon, we all filed out. The boy stood in the shade of one of the big trees, his dress clothes all looking trashy.

His shirt was untucked, his pants lower, his jacket over a branch, his hair ruffled and his tie hanging loosely around his neck. The pale skin was exposed as he'd unbuttoned it just past his collarbone.

"Micheal Way!" His mother snapped as I stared at him. His brother had a look of indifference as he waited by their car. They exchanged hissed words before she stormed to the car.

I wonder if it gets any weirder?


Mikey wouldn't even look at his mother. His body was angled toward me, his arms crossed over his arms. I was paying more attention to him than the surmon.

About thirty minutes in, he huffed and slammed his hands down on the top of the pew in front of us. Silence echoed in the room as everyone looked at him.

"I AM A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL!" He shouted. I stared up at him in shock. "Excuse me." He breathed as he pushed past me and my mother's knees.

His mother was gaping like a fish. His brother was smiling hugely as he stood up and followed his brother.

"Frank, go make sure the little homo doesn't slash our tires please." I've never heard my mother so harsh. I nodded and slipped out unnoticed.

The brothers were under a tree, the same tree. My hands curled into fists as my mind went blank.

I walked over to them. They looked at me, matching green eyes muted in the shadows.

Without telling my body to, I put my arms around Mikey. He froze, his muscles tensing.

I pulled back. "Why?" He asked, his face red.

"So you know not everyone in there gates gay people." He grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me.

I staggered against him, putting my hands on his waist. It felt good.

After the surprise wore off, I felt the shock sink in. I was kissing a boy. It felt good. I'm not gay.

Am I? Mikey pulled away from me, his hands still on my shoulders, mine still on his hips. "I-" he let go of me like I'd burned him. "S-sorry." He stuttered and looked away, his face bright red.

I smiled and pulled him back. "I'm not." I kissed him, not caring if it was right or not. It felt good. Great.

Amazing. "So, uh, I'm gonna go." Gerard said, clearly not expecting an answer.

Got the idea after my friend told me she'd actually done thatvat her church. I love her lol. She's great Xp

I just wish I woulda seen it. Oh well lol R+R and all that.

Hugs and Elephants,
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