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Funny Thing About Love and Magic

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Brendon, Spencer, and Ryan all go to the beach for a swim, but something strange happens to Brendon. (RYDEN/RYDON!)

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You know the whole 'believing in magic' thing? Never thought I would believe it... until now.
"Can you believe Pete signed us?" Spencer exclaims.
"He was an idiot." I say.
"C'mon Ryan this is great! Kinda think we should have more celebrating!" Brendon says.
"A party?!" Spencer asks.
"Not really... I was thinking we could do a little night swimming at the beach here!"
I shrug, "Well, it sounds like a plan. What about swim trunks?"
"Forget swim trunks, dude!" Brendon says.
"But... I don't want to get my clothes wet-"
"Not what I meant." Brendon chimes in.
"He means strip down naked!" Spencer says... a bit too excitedly.
"Oh... well maybe I shouldn't then."
Brendon comes over and puts an arm around me, "C'mon! It'll be fun." He says, in my ear.
His hot breath almost sends me shivers.
"Seducing me won't do anything." I tell him.
He then does that obnoxious eyebrow thing.
"Ryan let's do it!!!! You've seen me naked before!" Spencer says.
"Yeah when you were way younger, with a snorkel."
"Yeah so maybe I grew up. C'mon dude!"
"Fine, fine." I finally say.
"Alright!!!" Brendon says a bit over enthusiastically.
When we get to the beach, I'm surprised by how fast they start to strip down.
"Are you sure there's no one around?" I ask.
"It's 1 in the morning, dude." Brendon says.
I take a deep breath. I really shouldn't, but I'm watching Brendon take off his clothes.
Okay... okay maybe it's a bad idea that I am somehow having feelings for him, but I can't help it. I mean seriously, just look at him. He's gorgeous. And I really need to stop staring, and, oh hey, good timing, Spence.
"Hey c'mon, man! You haven't even taken your shirt off yet."
"Yeah. I know." And it really doesn't bug me that he's butt naked right in front of me. We practically grew up together.
On the other hand there is Brendon... and he's finally naked too. I try very... very hard not to look.
"Ryan. It's called skinny dipping for a reason." Brendon says.
A nervous rush goes through me.
"Fine. I'll... I'll be right there."
"Alright. C'mon Spence!" Brendon says and Spencer comes running beside him into the water.
I stand there for a minute... or maybe a few. They seem to be having fun. I really don't think I should intrude.
Brendon's attention draws to me, and I know he is looking right into my eyes. I glance away.
He whistles then says, "Ryan, hurry up! The water is great!"
"Could you wait a minute?!" I shout to him.
"Me, wait to see you naked? Oh please."
"Brendon." I say, with a great amount of annoyance in my voice.
"Kidding. Just kidding, dude."
I swallow hard. You can do this, Ryan.
I slowly lift my shirt over my head and put it on the ground. The air is almost a bit nippy.
I take a slow steady breath as I undo my jeans and slide them down my legs. And then there were... my boxers.
I don't even hesitate as I slip them right off.
Maybe I'm a bit paranoid because I think I hear someone. Quickly, I run into the water to join the others.
"God, Ryan, you finally decided to join the party." Brendon says.
"Shut up."
"Anyway, it's really cool how the waves are all low. Maybe we should swim out a bit more!"
"Yeah!" Brendon exclaims and they start heading out. I go with them.
It's so pitch black that seeing is almost close to impossible.
"This water is so nice. I could swim in it forever." Brendon says.
"You might as well figure out how to pop a tail and live in some under water palace then."
"Is that sarcasm, Ryan?" He says.
"Caught me red handed." I say. Just to ignore his next comment I go under the water.
Even if I can't really see that well, I feel some plants sweep across my leg.
By the time I pop back up, I bump into Spencer.
"It's such a nice night out to be doing this, huh?" He says.
"I guess." I say.
So basically, it ends up being just me and Spencer for a while… a good; long while actually. Brendon isn’t even near us.
"Where's Brendon?" I ask.
"I don't know. If you really wanna know, you should go look for him. I was thinking about heading in soon."
"Alright." I say. I then try to make my way around to find Brendon.
It's a good 5 minutes, so I just start calling his name, "Brendon? Brendon. Brendon?!"
I feel 2 taps on my shoulder and somehow it scares the hell out of me. I turn around really fast to find him.
"Looking for me?"
"Uh, yeah. We didn't know where you were."
"Sorry, but I found this really awesome bunch of huge rocks and stuff over there." He points, "Wanna see it?"
He gives me a smile. Even in the dark, I can see it. He then takes my hand and I feel that rush, spark, or something. I’m crazy. Having feelings for him? But in the end I just couldn't help it.
We then finally make it to the rocks. He was right about them being big, so big you could actually sit on it.
Brendon then hops up a bit to get a seat on the rocks. That looks a bit painful.
"You sure you didn't tear a muscle in your glute?"
He laughs, “This rock is pretty damn smooth."
I then position myself to get up and sit next to him... and he could see me practically naked right now. Oh great.
"God it's such a lovely night." He says.
"Honestly, I thought this would be more awkward."
I get a bit confused and look at him, "How so?"
He looks at me, "Well, we're two dudes, butt naked, sitting on a rock together."
"Yeah... true."
"I know you looked."
"What?" I look away from him.
"Like what you see?"
My face turns hot, "You-you're stupid."
"Just kidding, dude."
"You're always kidding."
He gets out a small laugh, "Yeah, sometimes I guess."
A few minutes pass until... I feel his hand slowly grab mine. And I feel butterflies, a swarm of them.
He always does this: making moves and ending up kidding about it. I wasn't going to let him do that to me.
I take my hand from his and tell him straight up, "What's your deal?"
"What did I do?!"
"Friends don't hold each others hands when they're in a situation like this."
He sighs, "You don't get it, do you."
"Get... get what?"
"That I... I like you, more then a friend. Go all ape-shit status if you want on me, but it's true."
I look at him, completely shocked, "I-I.... I like you too."
He seems surprised, "Really?"
"Ryan, I, that's... awesome." And he's smiling like an idiot.
He moves in closer to me, inch by inch. Here come more butterflies. His smile fades and our lips are about to meet. My eyes slowly shut.
All of the sudden he lets out a small scream. I open my eyes quickly and he's gone. Holy shit. Something must have grabbed him because he wouldn't have taken this long for him to pop to the surface. Shit shit shit.
I go back in the water and swim around until I find him. I try going deep in the water to feel for his hands. Nothing.
I can hear Spencer from shore, "Ryan, Brendon, hey guys we should go."
But I was panicking because there was no way I would go to shore without Brendon.
"Brendon?! Brendon where are you?!" I shout as I look quickly in every direction.
I try going under again and still nothing. I know this isn’t a game because who knows how long he could hold his breath.
And then... I hear him.
"Ry, Ryan!" I turn around to see Brendon, he's panting like crazy.
"Holy shit, you're alive!" I say to him.
"Fuck, I know. I-I thought I was done. Something bit me."
"After it dragged you down?"
"Yeah... yeah can we just go to shore?"
I could see he’s exhausted, "Yeah, c'mon." I hold out my hand for him to take it and we head back to shore.
Brendon's left arm is around my neck as we head in. I let him go, as soon as we hit the sand, so he can get his clothes on as well as me.
"What the hell happened?" Spencer asks.
"I got dragged in the water and bitten by something." Brendon says.
Spencer laughs, "Something pulled you into the water? Last time I checked, fish never had opposable thumbs or any hands and fingers to do that."
"There's a thing called octopi." I tell him.
"Still, what animal would deliberately pull a human into water?"
"A shark?"
"Guys, I never got pulled in with teeth." Brendon says.
"Yeah, because you got bit after a while didn't you?" I ask.
"Exactly. Honestly... the thing that pulled me down... it felt like a human hand."
Spencer and I look at each other like Brendon is crazy.
Spencer tells Brendon, "I think you're crazy."
"Then what the fuck is this?" He points to his leg and a part of it is bleeding.
"You could have bumped into something."
"That really doesn't look too good." I say.
"It feels weird."
"I can clean you up at my place."
"Okay." Brendon says.
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