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Chapter 12: It's your f*cking nightmare.

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Okay. Last chapters were short and personally, really confusing. Well the last one anyways. So I'm trying to explain everything in this one. Make it a little longer. Ya know? anyways, schools starts next Tuesday. This'll be my 12th school, I'm only going into Grade 8. FML majorly. Anyways, onto the story.

"YOU CHEATING BASTARD" I yelled from the upstairs guest bedroom.
"FUCK YOU IERO!" He yelled back.
"FUCK YOU TO GERARD. I HATE YOU!" I yelled with a smile on my face. His mother ran up the stairs.
"BOYS! What the FUCK IS GOING ON!?" She yelled and Gerard and I burst out in laughter. She didn't look impressed so we stopped, or tried to atleast. I released a few giggles and went on to explain.
"GERARD CHEATED AT MARIO" I yelled. She rolled her eyes and headed back downstairs.
"YOU DID SO, YOU NEVER WIN. YOU CHEATED BIG TIME" Mikey's door opened to show a little, scrawny, brown haired kid with a straightner in one hand and the Nerf gun in the other.
"You have a date?" Gerard asked leaning on my shoulder. I shrugged him off and he went flying into the door frame. He gave me a dirty look but I continued talking to Mikes.
"First day on the new feet there Gee?" I giggled at Mikey's humor but he turned to me.
"Yes, I have a date. I'm picking her up in an hour" He smiled from ear to ear. I walked into his bedroom. He faced me looking so confused. I tore off his white v-neck and threw it into the messy closet.
"Not looking like that your not" I tore off his belt and replaced it with a black and silver studded one to shine against the black skinnies he was wearing. I forced on a white shirt and added some dark, black eyeliner to his eyes. We touched up his perfect hair. The only thing he could never fuck up, and we sent him down the stairs.
"Okay. Now drive safe and don't ask her for sex to quickly" Gerard giggled as he handed him the keys to HIS car. He wouldn't let Mikey make an impression on a girl with a car that looked like it was used in World War 1. So Gerard lent him the black car.

He pulled on his black Docs, slipped his wallet into his back pocket and headed upstairs.
"Where are you going?" Gerard asked following him. I chased after the two as we neared Bob's door.
"Mikes? what are you-" He raised a hand to shut me up and slowly knocked on the bedroom door.

Bob opened the door to reveal a stunning girl behind him.
"Ladies and Frank, May I introduce the great, made-over ALICIA" He moved into the hallway to stand by Gerard and revealed an absolutely stunning girl.
Alicia was wearing short-shorts. A black Misfits tank-top and had dark eyeliner on, her lipstick was a light black, and her eyes had stunning silver eyeshadow. Her legs showed off the knee high converse she was wearing. She walked into the hall-way, grabbed Mikey's hand and smiled.
"Yo-You look amazing Alicia" he stuttered.
"You to Mikes. Are we gunna go downstairs or would the 4 of you like to continue staring at my boobs?" Gerard's head snapped up at the word 'boobs'. I giggled and shoved Mikey in closer to her.
"Y-yah lets go" He lead her down the stairs and they were in the car in a matter of minutes.

"What the hell happened to Alicia, where are the slacks, the baggy band shirts, the converse" Gerard flopped on his bed and Bob joined in the action as I grabbed a spot on Gerard's lap.
"I gave her a make-over. She didn't want to wear that stuff out with Mikey, so I helped. We went shopping earlier and we came back here so I could get her ready" Bob smiled.
"You did a good job bro. She looks AMAZING!" I laughed.
"Aren't you suppose to be gay? Dating me maybe?" Gerard asked crossing his arms. I kissed his cheek.
"Shut up you. I love you but even you couldn't stop staring at her tits. We're gay, not blind" I giggled out as Bob just sat there looking so lost.
"Oh. That's the padding, right now she's like a 38C, on her date currently she's in a push-up making them look like 'D's" Bob smiled like this was something we really needed to know.
"Ugh thanks for the info Bob" Gerard giggled as I crawled onto his chest and kissed his jawline.
"Okay, I'm out" Bob got up and left, closing the door behind him.

"BOYS!" We heard my mother call up the stairs. We all ran to the top railing an peered over.
"I'm going out, your on your own for dinner" We all exchanged confused looks as she exited the front door.
"Wh-what? Do you guys know how to cook?" Gerard asked. Bob and I shook our heads.
"Any pizza money?" I asked. Gerard shook his head, followed by Bob.

We spent the next 2 hours curled up in the living room, TV off, no radio. Just silence.
It all started when we tried to talk about what to do for food.
"We are truly pathetic, ya know that" Bob giggled out.
"We're 3 17 year old boys and we can't even make food" I spoke silently. Gerard leaned over the couch arm and picked up the phone.
We heard the phone ring a few times before he put it on speaker.
2 more rings.


He gagged a little.
"DRY CLEAN IT YOU BITCH. You have been out long enough, we need you home now. It's important"

"Lemme guess, Mom left to go out with Dad, and you need someone to come home and make you fuck-tarts food. Right?"

I glared at the phone wondering how he knew.

"Iero, stop looking at the phone like it's some kind of time machine. Mom told me to expect your call"

"Are you physic dude?"

"No, I just know my best friend well. We're on our way. Apparently Alicia wants to make you food"

I yelled into the phone.

"I'd kill you too. You really need to see her face. She is NOT impressed"

Mikey hung up before we could protest. They would be home any minute to make food. We sat in silence til they arrived 10 minutes later.

Alicia walked in, slapped Gerard over the back of the head so hard the noise rang across the living room. She then slapped his mouth as hard so he couldn't scream in pain.
"HEY! I need that mouth" I yelled. She glared into my soul with her eyes.
"Your cock can wait a few days" I looked at her in shock as she went into the kitchen.
"She's pissed" Bob piped up. We all turned to glare at him as his eyes widened and he sunk into the couch.

How do you know Alicia is cooking? The smoke alarm doesn't go off multiple times (Gerard), The pan isn't thrown into the backyard because it was set on fire (Frank) and the air doesn't smell like burnt dog shit (Mikey). She exited the kitchen holding a big bowl of something that smelled like garlic and other herbs. She set the steaming bowl in between us along with 5 plates, 5 cups, and forks. She then left and returned with bread, butter and 5 cans of Root beer.

Gerard leaned over to open the lid to the bowl but received a smack on the hand.
"Fucking sit down. NOW!" She yelled. He got scared and immediately retreated to the spot on the floor. We moved the table and chairs for us all to sit on the floor circling the food. Gerard reached for the pot many times, but received a hit to the hand MANY times.
"Now. In this bowl is the food I made. You don't like it, I will sleep in your bed tonight and lock you in the tree house outside. It's suppose to thunderstorm tonight. Frank and Bob, your on clean-up tonight. Gerard and Mikey you are going to put the walls and roof on the tree house tonight so maybe we could all sleep out there tonight. It's 8:30 and we wanna be done by atleast 11" She demanded her words. You could here her tone, she wasn't impressed that we couldn't cook and that we ruined her date with Mikey.
We all nodded our heads in fright her strong, small hands would rip them off with all her anger. She opened the pot lid and immediately the room filled with the sweet, garlicky smells of the spaghetti.

We devoured the sweet pasta and bread in a matter of minutes. We all thanked Alicia, apologized about the date and all went on to the demands we were given. Mikey and Gerard headed into the backyard as I washed and Bob dried. In 20 minutes Bob and I finished and exited the kitchen directly into the backyard where we saw Gerard leaning against one wall to hold it up and Mikey hammering in the nails. Alicia was under the tree house nailing the actual wall boards together. We helped her pass the next one up to Gerard. The walls were tall, and each one had a window. We placed 2 rows of wood so they would last, and Gerard and I hung shower curtains. We thought if we bought clear shower curtains then we could sit in here and watch as rain fell, and even if we weren't it would still look cool. Bob finished cutting the last curtain as I hung it up. Alicia and Mikey were busy adding a lock to the door. Mikey handed each of us a key. We strung them onto our house/car keys and smiled.

"So floors, walls, door with locks, the windows cant be climbed into and there's even a deck" Gerard smiled contently to himself as we all sat in the blue and black bean bags we bought. Mikey somehow found a portable TV, we turned it on and just sat and watched the screen. We covered the back in a blue tarp so rain couldn't hit it. We hung pictures of all of us together around the walls, Gerard even painted the one wall with Chalkboard paint so we could draw what we wanted.

The tree house was almost complete. We all watched as Alicia ran to the beat up old pick-up that sat in the driveway. Her car. She pulled out 5 fold up chairs and a box of bolts. She grabbed my hand as we climbed the small stairs we nailed into the other tree part so we could easily sit on the roof. We bolted in the 5 chairs to the flat roof for when we wanted to sit and stare out through the trees, the leafs gave enough cover so we could easily sit out in the rain too.

It looked amazing, didn't even take that long with 5 people working. The rain hit as we all sat on the roof. Just watching the drizzle come off the leafs. When we heard lighting and thunder we decided to head into the house part. We pulled the TV antenna in behind the curtain and pulled the curtains shut so no rain could get in. We pulled in the 'welcome' mat and hung it by the boot rack we found at the dollar store. It looked like a little house with everything we had in it. It was amazing, we all had keys and the parents even said to hang out in it as we please.

We all ran into the house careful not to be hit by the rain. It was atleast midnight by the time my parents got home to find us talking in the living room.
"Frank" Donna called.
"No, I'm telling you Bob, Captain America was asleep forever and just woke in the future"
"Frank" she tried. I didn't really hear her.
"FRANK" she yelled over my Captain America protest. I shook at her voice.
"Sorry, what's up Ms.W?" She shook her head smiling.
"Your parents want you here over the next few days, their painting their bedroom so you need to be here, you'll come home with the boys after school til next Friday okay?" I nodded as they went upstairs an we continued the conversation.

"Guys, it's 2am, I need to get going" Alicia stood up.
"What no, you can't your da-" She glared at Bob who immediately stopped.
"What about your dad?" Mikey asked dragging her back down to the floor holding her tightly.
"Nothing, just I need to go" she went to stand up but he kissed her shoulder so she sat back down quickly.
"Babe, Tell me anything. You know that" He whispered.
"He-He beats me guys. Not a lot, but if I'm late he will. He's an alcoholic and he doesn't know how to control the anger" Mikey shed a tear and pulled her in for a hug. He refused to let go, so she got comfy and hugged back. Gerard looked at my horrified face. He knew what I was thinking, He knew I was thinking of Kevin again.

We turned on some weird show and we all fell asleep where we wanted. Mikey and Alicia went up stairs around 3pm so they could sleep in his bed, after we convinced her to call and say she was staying the night. Bob crawled onto the couch and slept an I laid on Gerard's chest as he slept. I couldn't bring myself to sleep. I was thinking to much of Kevin. Then that night floated into my head. That dreadful night.

I heard the door open from downstairs, I knew she left for work.
I knew he would be in any second.
I ran to hide underneath the bed, But I was to slow. He grabbed my ankle and threw me out from under the protection.
He whipped me onto the bed. I sat up and looked into those eyes. Those murderous eyes.
He looked at me with hatred as he hit me once, twice, three times and your out. I lay on the bed knocked out cold from the brutal force he loved to use.
I woke to my mother on top of me screaming my name. I looked over to see those eyes again, he cracked his knuckles and glared at me to say about keeping my mouth shut. I did.
I always did.
She held me into the hug for what seemed like hours. I smelt the cool apple shampoo still lingering on her hair. He must have called her when I blacked out to come home now so that it didn't seem suspicious. She let go and dragged HIM into the hallway. I heard yelling.
"HOW DID TH-" My brain didn't wanna listen properly. I heard parts and pieces of the words she called from her lipstick stained lips.
"I Don't- not my fault- tripped- head went to the ground" I seemed to understand his words, but I could hear the sound of the lies flowing freely.
I heard something hit the wall, I tried to run to my mother to see if she was hurt. I fell but got back up when I thought of him hurting her. I ran out into the beige hallway where she held the remains of the glass jar, the rest was on the floor in shatters. His head ley bloody, unconscious beneath my feet.
That's when I knew they were done. He was gone.
Kevin was gone.

So. Guys, hopefully that helped a little. Sadly this is almost over. But I will update soon so keep checking in. R&R people. Thanks

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