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Envy and Pride - Two of the Seven Sins

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Ashley, Stefan and Dru encounter some problems with the group. Jealousy and pride try to take over, will they succeed?

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It had been two years since I had started a comedy band with my friends. It was just a piss-about at first, nothing too special; just a bit of fun. To be quite honest, I didn’t even want to be in it, I was a pretty good actor and throwing all that away for some band shit didn’t seem worthwhile. I guess I made the right decision in the end, we’d got so far on just a parody, and all of this was incredible. The Midnight Beast now had their own T.V show, it couldn’t get any better.


It was the auditions for the T.V show. We needed some girls, 18-24, to dance in the videos. Unlike usual I was earlier than the rest, taking my place. It seemed weird, for me to finally being the one judging people. I’d seen so many talent shows, so many people trying their hardest. It’d feel horrid to tell people they weren’t through. We only needed five girls, and looking at the sheet in front of me, there was way more than that.
“Morning dude,” Dru walked into the room, taking his place beside me, “It’s not like you to be early” he chuckled.
“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep; I thought I might as well get ready.” I replied softly. It was still really early, and I wasn’t as chirpy as Dru.
“Fair enough. I brought you a coffee,” he smiled, pushing a cup across the table, clearly noticing my lack of energy.
“Thanks bro.”

Dru and I were silent from then on, looking through our scripts and the information the company had printed out for us on how the auditions would work. I took a sip of the coffee Dru had handed me before, feeling the warmth of the liquid slide down my throat, and then drank some more, still concentrating on the sheets before me.
“Do you know where Stefan is?” Dru asked, concern tinting his voice. We both looked at the clock – 9:49 a.m. The auditions started in ten minutes, and Stefan had yet to read through his script.
“I have no idea," I replied, looking 'round the room.

Just as if he had been waiting to hear us ask about him, Stefan entered the room, looking as rough as fuck. He clambered to his chair at the oppisite end to me, and sank down into it. Bags covered the bottom of his eyes, and his face was paler than usual. His once poofy afro, now drooped, and the cap he wore looked on the verge of falling onto the floor.
"Are you alright?" Dru chimned in, it seemed he was going to be the cheery one today. Stefan just simply nodded in return, his eye-lids closing over his eyes, for what was longer than a blink. He seemed to be focusing on something, but taking in none of it. Dru seemed to understand, and left him alone, turning back to his sheets. I stared at Stefan for a little longer, his head flopped to the side, before shooting straight back up, as if to realise where he was. It wasn't usual for him. It wasn't usual that he would be like this.
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